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The format and size for dry herb vaporizers often changes throughout a modernization of the technology. Some of the most popular brands today include Yocan, Airistech, Dakavape, Teslacigs and Vapmod. There are many styles of vaporizer that continue to stay popular over time whereas others are designed for a more stylistic approach, which are vaporizing experiences that you can have discreetly on your own or products that are also designed for use with your friends. No matter what type of vaporizer is best for your needs, a major manufacturer can likely produce a product that can deliver on them.


Dry Herb Vaporizers & Weed Vape Pens

What does a Dry Herb Vaporizer mean?

A dry herb vaporizer differs from a traditional E juice vaporizer because it is made for use with a dry flower or herb. These models are often in-compatable with liquid cartridges.

Dry herb vaporizers are often called herbal vaporizers. These products are often considered to be very small, convenient and easy to carry/use wherever you are. With a highly compact unit like this one you can enjoy a quality vape while having very little maintenance. Unlike other types of vaporizers that require ongoing atomizer changes and potential mods, these are often products that only require a quick battery change.

A dry herb vaporizer often comes with a simple function of a one button activation. The simple push button can also be upgraded with the help of a temperature control system on some advanced units. Dry Herb vaporizers are continuing to grow in popularity today. Larger desktop versions and hand held battery operated systems are considered some of the most accessible right now.

Whether you are selecting a larger desktop version or a handheld solution, these dry herb vaporizers are a healthier solution because they do not produce smoke. The vapor in a dry herb vaporizer is not produced using a combustion system so this produces no smoke. In a dry herb vaporizer you will not be subject to the same toxins or carcinogenic compounds that are found in a smoke based system. A vaporizer is always a safer choice. You can receive all the herbal benefits of the medication in a potent vapor and without ingesting any toxins.

Maximum Yield explains Dry Herb Vaporizer:

Dry Herbal Vaporizers are widely considered to be one of the best alternatives to smoking. A dry herbal vaporizer does not produce any combustion and therefore no smoke. Without any smoke flowing into the lungs there are no extra toxins or carcinogens that can place the user at risk. A dry herbal vaporizer heat the materials to a point just below combustion that will extract the effects, scents, flavors and more out of the herbs or flowers used in the vape.

Through the use of advancements in the field, these devices are only growing more portable and also improving the efficiency of their heating systems. The latest dry herb vaporizers will use hot air rather than a hot surface atomizer and that can only work to deliver an even better version of combustion free vapor. The newest devices also have improved battery life with advanced temperature control function.

Having these temperature functions can ensure that the user can get optimal flavors and adjust the device to each type of dry herb or wax. Having a temperature adjustment can create a small and highly potent hit or improve the chance that a user could take a longer and more mild dry.

A desktop vaporizer is often a much larger unit that can be far less portable but often far more efficient with producing vapor. These desktop devices often come with a plug in power source. This can lead to a faster heating temperature and a number of temperature adjustment options that will lead to improvements with flavor.

A typical vaporizer often has a metal heating chamber or ceramic heating chamber. Vaporizers will often contain a fine screen or filter to reduce fine particles from getting into the vapor too. Portable units rely on a battery whereas a desktop version will use a plug in source. Earlier portable vaporizers would use a butane supply. The internal heating coils must reach a specific temperature to vaporizer the chemicals rather than combust them. It is this vaporization process that produces the clear hit of the flavor without any of the harmful substances in smoke.

How Dry herb Vaporizers Work?

A dry herb vaporizer will heat up an herb like Marijuana and never actually light the leaves on fire. There is no smoke produced by the device and none of the harmful chemicals from smoke would reach the lungs. The mist or vapor that you inhale only provides the flavors and benefits.

A dry herb vaporizer contains an energy source, heating chamber and a filter. The heating element is usually powered by an energy source like butane or an electric battery. The element can vaporize the cannabinoids without full combustion.

The vapor can pass through the vaporizer and the user can then inhale and expel the vapor receiving only the chemical flavors and benefits from the vapor. As smoking the same herbs would also produce tar and a variety of other toxic additives, choosing a vaporizer is a healthier choice. Vaporizers will consistently bring out a better flavor in cannabis and it will also not produce any kind of irritated lungs or painful burn in the throat.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer?

Understanding how to use a new vaporizer can make sure that you will be ready when it is heated up and ready for you to draw from. These devices are only growing in their popularity and manufacturers are making them easier to use than ever before.

The newest models even make modding and maintenance an easy process. There are many different types of vapes, but for the most part they all have a very standard procedure for using them. For the best results using a dry herb vape, you will always want to start with freshly ground dry herbs. Using an herbal grinder is a great start.

  • Turn on your vaporizer:

To turn on a vaporizer you will need to find the power button and make sure that it is properly charged if it is battery operated. Some vaporizers require the user to hit the power button 3-5 times to activate the heating coil. A power light will generally turn on when the vaporizer is heating and it may change when it is ready for use.

  • Heating and loading the chamber:

Add the ground flowers or herbs into the chamber. To open the chamber remove the mouthpiece and fill the open chamber around ? of the way to full with material. Set up the temperature that you would like to vaporize herbs at. Different strains of material may require you to adjust the temperature. If you have medical marijuana at a certain moisture content, you may want a vaporizer capable of temperatures between 356°-390 F.

  • Take a draw slowly:

Once the vaporizer has reached its set temperature and vaporized the herbs you can take a slow hit. To get the best results it is a good idea to inhale very slowly and then exhale slowly too. Vaping can be a much different process over smoking.

Different types of Dry Herb vaporizers:

If you are deciding on the right type of vaporizer for using dry herbs, you will discover quickly that you have several options to choose from. The most common type that you can pick up for dry herbs is with a portable vaporizer. These are discreet units that you can bring with you anywhere.

Portable vaporizers can come in a number of sizes and shapes. They are perfect for home use or they can come with you in your pocket.

If you primarily vape at home, you may want to consider a larger desktop vaporizer. These are units which plug into the wall commonly and they are usually a bit more expensive. The advantages to using a larger desktop model is a better quality of vapor, improved heating times and more options for upgrades. Although desktop versions are much larger in size they are also often built with parts of a higher quality.

Dry Herb vaporizer pens are also a popular choice but they come with the lowest quality of vapor. They are often the easiest to acquire and the least expensive vaporizers. Vaporizer pens are the most portable type of vaporizer and they resemble the look of an E- Cigarette. These units often come with a small dry herb heating chamber with a miniature heating coil. This type of heating coil is less exact than other models and it often results in the dry herbs combusting.

It remains quite important to do the research ahead of time to make sure you are getting a vaporizer that is capable of producing a good quality of vapor without the smoke.

Some of the most important things to look for when buying a dry herb vaporizer include:

  • A vaporizer that produces vapor over smoke. Some of the cheaper vaporizers may actually combust material.
  • A unit that produces good quality vapor. The thickness of the vapor or the feeling is going to be different from smoke. Vaping feels different, especially if you are used to cigarettes or a pipe.
  • A vaporizer that can produce potent vapor. The effects are potent especially when you fresh grind herbs and insert them into the device. Dropping a full sized bud into the device will only clog it and lead to poor results.
  • A vape that is capable of a high heating temperature. The most popular temperature for dry herbs is around 375 degrees and a device should have settings capable of going that high. Many dry Herb vapes are locked for their temperature but others have multiple settings with full temperature control. You can eventually find your own personal preference on what works for your favorite strains.
  • Having customizable temperature settings can have you running it at a lower temperature to produce less vapor while enjoying a softer taste. This can be enjoyable when you want heavier effects.

Benefits of a dry herb vaporizer

Dry Herb vaporizers are known to be a healthy alternative to smoking. In user satisfaction surveys conducted in 2016, it was shown that users who vape marijuana also felt positively about the way they felt about their health. Most widely consider them to be safer than smoking.

Dry Herb vaporizers are designed to help users inhale the effects of an e juice, wax or dry herb without the ill effects caused by combusting the same materials. Without harmful smoke reaching the lungs this can prevent the chance for harmful toxins and carcinogens from entering the body.

Research conducted on vaping has supported that it does indeed produce fewer harmful/ carcinogenic compounds than smoking. Burning marijuana over 100+ compounds hazardous to human health. These compounds include Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are responsible for a number of negative health effects.

Vaporizing produces lesser respiratory effects than smoking and this is why more users are beginning to switch over to a dry herb vaporizer.

Using a dry herb vaporizer vs Smoking:

For individuals that are irritated by smoke or that have past respiratory issues. Using a dry herb vaporizer can deliver a more clear headed high as well as a reduction in the irritation they regularly experience.

Blood/THC levels with vaping and smoking are at an even level but the amount of carbon monoxide found in a person's blood is greatly reduced in participants that vape. Individuals that do not regularly use marijuana will prefer the use of dry herb vaporizers. The use of these devices is preferred by occasional users because they can produce a more controlled high with a short inhalation. The process can also be much more discreet than smoking with the less potent smell.

What is a weed vape pen?

Weed vape pens are a style of vaporizer that has become more popular quite recently. This is a much more discreet method for using recreational and medical marijuana. The technology on board has been taken from e juice vape pens and adjusted into a format that can be used with dry herbs.

A standard weed vape pen can produce a discreet vapor hit without combustion.

Here are the 3 main sections and the purpose of each:

  • Battery/mod: The battery is the power source for the device and it can come with a temperature mod that can give the user control over the power going into the heating chamber. More control over the power ensures that the user can burn their dry herb at a different temperature to balance flavor and the moisture content in the strain they are vaping.
  • Heating chamber: A heating chamber is connected through a wire to the battery. The heating chamber holds onto the dry herb during vaporizing and this provides a safe and secure method for heating the herb. The heating chamber contains a coil and a plate/mesh to protect it from the herb. A ceramic dish sits on top of this to hold the herb. When the device is in use the battery/mod will heat the coil which will in turn heat the base of the ceramic. This all quickly heats up the dry herb allowing it to release its effects without combustion.
  • Mouthpiece/tip: You will find the mouthpiece at the top of the device. It does not often come with a special feature but it does provide a calculated distance between your lips and the heating chamber to ensure that the vapor is concentrated and no too hot.

What to look for when buying a dry herb vape pen:

  • There are a number of varieties in dry herb vape pens that you can purchase. Before you make a purchase on one of these vaporizers you may need to have some experience with vaping in general. Understanding how these are designed to work with dry herbs can be important. You may also want to decide if you would like a device that has the versatility of use with wax or e-juice too. There are many of these devices that can be compatible with each material.
  • After you decide what you may need, it is important to decide on the heating method you would want to go with. There are two main types; convection and conduction vaporizers.
  • Vape pens that use conduction use a heating element that will directly contact the herbs. This can create a larger vapor and more efficiently heat the vapor too. Convection portable vaporizers often take a bit more time. Conduction can be a more convenient option and they are also much more economical. The only drawback to these devices is they can produce vapor that is less smooth and of a lesser purity than what a convection vape can produce.
  • A portable vaporizer that uses convection will not directly contact your dry herbs. A convection vape pen heats up the air inside the chamber and gradually warms the herbs until the vapor is produce. Convection vaporizers are responsible for a purer form of vapor. They do produce less vapor than you can get out of a conduction vape pen. If you are interested in the smoothest results, convection is the best type of portable vaporizer for you.
  • Once you start to understand the heating methods, you will need to consider the specifics from each vape pen type. The less important details like the additional features, the battery size and the heating chamber type can deliver some advantages to each purchase.
  • A vape pens battery will determine the total amount of power that can be delivered to the heating element. A larger battery will also ensure that you can go longer between charges.
  • The material that is used in a portable vaporizer heating chamber is often a detail overlooked by many owners. Ceramic is considered the best material to use for the purity of the vapor it produces. Stainless steel can be more durable but it can often lead to some changes in flavor.
  • Many of the top modern dry herb vape pens do contain a wide range of features. One of the most popular features is a temperature control. Portable vaporizers that come with a temperature control will have features that will help someone adjust the heat for optimal flavors. When there is a temperature control, the user can produce more or less flavor or vapor. Additional features you may find include locking and unlocking functions for the device, Adjustable airflow, memory settings for temperature, spring loaded connections and OLED screens for mods.

Benefits of a weed vape pen for marijuana:

  • No Smoke:

These pens produce 0 smoke and it will not combust herbs. This can help to reduce throat irritation and negative health effects. Medical Marijuana patients can switch from smoking to vaping to see a number of health benefits.

  • Healthier lungs:

Vaping can eliminate the toxins and carcinogens produced in smoking. 95% of toxins and chemicals that are delivered from smoking will be removed just by vaping.

  • Flavor:

One of the reasons why people switch over to vaping is for the taste. Vaporizing can preserve the flavor in your herbs and this means more robust flavor than smoking.

  • Conserving your supply:

Burning your herbs at over 1000 degrees will quickly eliminate it. Vaping can conserve herbal materials only heating their surface. The lower temperature ensures you can vape several times with the same material and get an effect. Dry herbs you vape once can also be used to create edibles.

  • Discreet:

Having a highly discreet method for consuming cannabis can help marijuana users that want to do it in peace. There is still a stigma associated with cannabis use and using a dry herb vaporizer pen can cut down on the smell. The smaller amount of vapor can make sure that you can quickly take a hit wherever you are.

  • Convenient:

Having a small dry herb vape nearby can be a great way that you can take your medicine in a portable way. If you need to quickly take a draw while you are out in public you can, you can also vape discreetly without having to smell like you just smoked marijuana.

  • Improved control:

Having temperature control and the ability to better control your dose can help you to manage the level of affects you receive from the marijuana.

Dry Herb Vaping tips:

  • Battery quality:

Making sure you have a quality battery is important. Dry herb vaporizers that are battery powered should have at least 2000 mAh of power. This can make sure you don't have to keep charging your device and that you can efficiently heat it too.

  • A good grinder:

You will need access to a good herb grinder so that your herbs can get a better heat distribution. Fresh grinding your herbs can make sure that the heat gets to every part of your material. If you throw a full sized nugget into the chamber of a vape it will clog easily and never heat the inside. Properly ground materials will improve the vapor quality and flavor. It will also prevent a burnt taste.

  • Cleaning:

You will need to regularly clean your dry vape pen. This can prolong the lifespan of your device. Regular cleaning will also improve the flavor that it produces. When you vape using any herb it will start to form a residue inside the chamber of the device and the longer that the residue builds up, the harder that the device will be to clean. As residue really builds up this can form a blockage in the mouthpiece which can affect the draw from your device. If you want to get a clear and long draw each time, regular cleaning is important.

  • Warranty:

Some of the best vaporizer producers will offer a warranty for their product. Most units will come with at least a 6 month warranty. There are some products that can even offer a 10 year warranty which is considered a lifetime warranty.

  • Don't mix up the materials:

If you plan on using wax or e-juice as well as dry herbs you need to make sure you are picking up a triple use vape or a dual use vaporizer. Concentrates will only clog a vape designed for use with herbs. Wax pens commonly use a different coil which is designed for improved efficiency. Weed vapes will malfunction when used with E-liquid.

Discreet dry herb vaping:

If you want to have a more discreet vaping experience a portable dry herb vaporizer is definitely the way to go. Using one of these vapes can make sure you can vape with very little smell or in a non-smoking area. Be sure to follow some of these tips and to be respectful of local laws:

  • Deep inhalation:

Taking a very deep inhalation can be one fo the best ways to reduce the smell of the vapor. Taking a large initial inhale and making sure the vapor clears from your throat into your lungs will help you remove the smell from the vapor when you exhale.

  • Keeping the vapor in longer:

Holding the vapor in your lungs for a longer amount of time will help to dissipate the vapor in your longs. The long hold can help with swallowing your vapor. You can inhale as you hold your breath in for a much more discreet experience.

  • Exhaling into a shirt:

Exhling into material can help to dissipate the remaining vapor. This can also hide the thin amount of vapor that you may be exhaling if you are in a public place or a restricted area.

  • Reduce your vape temperature:

One of the best tips for keeping your vaping discreet is by reducing the temperature that your dry herbs are being heated. With a higher temperature, you will produce a vapor that is closer to the smell of combustible herbs. Smoking is a way that the smell will be more noticeable and pungent. Reducing the temperature and using herbs that can vape well at a lower temperature can help you stay hidden.

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