Guarantee and Return Procedure

Guarantee Policy

  1. Return

Circumstances in which returns are acceptable: death upon arrival or DOA, regrets of buyers, incorrect goods, wrong delivery address or some issues in the items.

The return fee will be paid by our store wherein the return will be via USPS priority mail or USPS class 1 mail.

In case your reasons for returning the goods are one of the above, you have 72 hours for contacting us once you receive the package. It would be futile to reach out to us after 72 hours since the order will then be closed.

  1. Warranty

The reasons for return considered acceptable: death upon arrival, delivery of incorrect goods, wrong delivery address or the items having some compatibility between them.

Under the above mentioned circumstances, the store will pay the return fee via the USPS priority mail or the USPS Class 1 mail service.

It your reason fits in any of the criterion mentioned, it is prudent to reach out to us within 72 hours after you receive the package. Beyond this period, the order is considered closed.

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