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Teslacigs is a company that came in to being in 2013. Their mission is to provide their clients with profound quality items which revolve around electronic cigarettes. They want to highlight the significance of high-quality products that the consumers can use for years. Shenzhen KINGZONE technology Co. Ltd. is a trading enterprise that excels in various aspects in vaping such as research, sales and development.


Teslacigs Review

Being an industrial and trading enterprise, the Shenzhen KINGZONE technology Co. Ltd., Specializes in the various aspects of vaping and e-cigarettes including research, production, development, sales, and packaging along with transportation.

Established back in the year of 2013, this company has worked hard to ensure that consumers are provided with a profound quality of products related to electronic cigarettes. They make sure that every product maintains high quality and is something that consumers can value and rely on.

They focus on R&D to upgrade their products and technology so that the customers can get a better experience. The company has vast experience in the industry which they use to develop the technology of e-cigarette.

Catering to the rising demand of e-cigarettes, the company endeavors to ensure that it provides people what they are looking for via innovations in technology and their research and development. Their attempts have received immense praise from all over.

The company has launched a lot of products in the market, all of which have been highly successful. The Two Sub Mod and the Nano 100BW box mod by Teslacigs is evidence of the fact that we intend to offer vapers with the ultimate experience in vaping. Some of their highly popular devices include the, the M Series line, Teslacigs VW devices and the Sidewinder series. Their invader collection, as well as the spider Series products, also enjoys a high level of popularity.

Since they upgrade their technology continuously, they manage to offer a profound quality of devices to their customers.

At GALACBD, you can get the Mini duo kit and tank for wax and CBD, and the Mini Duo Mod.

  1. Teslacigs Mini DUO Kit (CBD)/Teslacigs Mini DUO Kit (Wax)

This is just the kit you need if you want something light and portable that would allow you to vape wax and CBD oil. This dual vaporizer is powered by a 500mAh battery and features the function of preheating. It is provided with adjustable voltage settings. You can select any one of the three levels offered as per your requirement. It features an innovative magnetic connection that you will have no trouble connecting to the atomizer. The wax tank features double quartz rods coil with a resistance of 1ohm. A ceramic coil along with a ceramic mouthpiece is used by the CBD tank allowing for the production of pure flavor. Your safety would not be compromised with this unit. This device is capable of offering you a unique vaping experience like no other.

  1. Teslacigs Mini DUO Mod

Provided with a built-in 500mah battery, this device features a preheat function. It also has adjustable voltage settings, giving you three levels to choose from. A magnetic connection forms part of it that you can connect to the atomizer with ease. It can be used for vaping both, CBD and wax.

  1. Teslacigs Mini DUO Tank CBD/Teslacigs Mini DUO Tank Wax

The capacity of the tank for CBD is about 0.5ml. It offers pure flavors by using ceramic coils for the purpose. The wax tank comprises the dual quartz coil with a resistance of 1.0ohm. This tank has been designed to be compatible with the Mini Duo Mod by Teslacigs.

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