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A whole idea of vaping depends upon how good the item is heated. When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, convection and conduction are the types that accommodate the heating process. The vaping experience is dependent on the choice of heating method you choose. Conduction vaporizers are more popular since they have been available in the market for quite a long time. Conduction methods make use of traditional methods to heat the content. On the other hand, convection method is new. This modern method provides a unique vaping experience that has no equal.


Convection vs Conduction Vaporizers

These two styles of heating methods have a lot of say in how good the content is heated. Both are equally efficient in bringing the best flavour. However, there are a few differences that cannot be ignored. Yes, conduction vaporizers came out before vapes that make use of convection heating methods.

Conduction vapes are the top most favourite item by traditional cannabis enthusiasts. Convection vapes might not be old, but their new style is providing room for various options.

How Convection Works?

In convection heat is provided to the content in the form of waves. A source of heat production is used which heats the air around it. As the hot air rises, it moves around the content to heat it. Even of the concentrates or the herb does not come in direct contact with the heating element, the heating vapors will provide an equal and even distribution of heat.

This mechanism requires little room. Vaporizers that work on this mechanism require more than one compartments. One compartment is where the content is placed while the other is located at a distance which contains the heating elements. Heat vapors move to the herbs or the e-liquid through a tube. This is why vaporizers that require convection are larger in size than conduction vaporizers.

There are many reasons which support the purchase of convection vaporizers. One major reason is that there is no combustion. The risk of uncontrolled heat is minimum. Moreover, the heat is evenly distributed which helps heat the content to provide adequate flavour. No herbs are burnt in this process. This means users are free from any smoke chemicals. The flavour of the herbs is well regulated.

One major concern that comes with convection vaporizers is that they are a little slow. The speed of these vapors is less than conduction vapors, so users have to give it some time.

Pros and Cons of Convection Vaporizers

  • More Expensive

Many people who are unable to buy convection vaporizers is because they are costly. Since vaping has become a trend the price of convection vaporizers has been the same. They are more expensive than any other vape available. Let's talk about a famous convection vaporizer, The Storz & Bickel Volcano. This price of this vape is about $600 even after numerous years of being in the market. There are numerous convection vaporizers that cost less than this, but they are also no way less.

  • More Complete Usage of Material

The best thing about convection vaporizers is that they provide an even distribution of heat which makes sure all of the content is consumed. They are much more efficient and convenient than direct physical contact. They provide a consistent result which is ideal. These vapes do not require stirring the herbs as the heated air will channel through and around the herbs to produce flavour. They also consume less amount and make sure all of the content is consumed and nothing goes to waste.

  • Easier Packing

The thing about other vapes is that to cater to the task of physical contact, the chamber must be filled with the herbs and tightly packed. This is not the case with convection vapes. Users are not troubled with this additional piece of work since the hot air flow through and around the herbs without coming direct in contact.

  • Larger and Less Portable

With numerous advantages of convection vapes, one thing that might be a turn off is that they are larger. They weigh more which makes them hard to be carried around. Conduction vaporizers are small and compact. The elements used in conduction vapes are less in number. A convection vaporizer on the other hand requires a lot of space since the heated air has to channel through a tube to the herb. Moreover, convection vaporizers also require a ventilation channel that helps move the air from the oven to the designated place. This is how the complexity of this vape increases. Due to numerous tasks being carried out in this vape, the size and weight increases.

  • Best Flavour Experience

You cannot enjoy the flavour if it comes with smoke. To enjoy the delicate flavour notes you require convection vaporizers which do not burn the content. They provide an even distribution of heat by providing hot air from the oven inward. The heat waved are constantly being produced which provides an even and well sorted air movement giving off the flavour in the best way there can be.

How conduction works

Conduction is where the item that must be heated comes in direct contact with the heating element. The mechanism is not like convection where heat vapors channel through the content to heat it.

There is not a very complex mechanism taking place inside a conduction vaporizer. They are simple and straightforward. The burning coil obtains energy from the battery which heats the ceramic or the metallic compartment in return. This in result causes the walls of the compartment to heat up allowing heat to surround the item.

Pros and Cons of Conduction Vaporizers

  • Low Cost

The first major reason why numerous people especially those who are new to vaping purchase conduction vaporizers is because they are not too expensive. They provide more control on the temperature which regulates the intensity of flavour you receive. With the availability of conduction vaporizers, users are able maintain a balance between the intensities they use with their vape.

  • Small Design

As mentioned before convection vaporizers have a complex mechanism. They need numerous items to perform various tasks. This is not the case with conduction vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers are straightforward. If you want your vape to be small and compact, these are exactly for you. The tiny and simple, DaVinci MIQRO is quite fashionable. It works on the principle of conduction to provide even heating. Dry herb vaporizers have gone more compact which makes them easier to use and carry around.

  • Uneven Vape

Conduction vaporizers make use of the process where the content comes in direct contact with the heating element. This is how the content that is closer to the heating element becomes hot more quickly than the content in the centre. This results into a foul taste. The herbs get an uneven heat which takes some time to adjust before you start getting the ideal flavour.

  • Difficult Packing

As conduction process requires the content to be in direct content with the heating element, users are required to fill the chamber with herbs tightly. This is additional work that users need to carry out in order to cater to this heating mechanism. If the chamber is loosely packed, the heating process will not work effectively.

Summing Up

How we obtain the flavour from vapes depends upon the heating process. The two heating methods, conduction and convection both hold their significance. Each has its own set of rules which bring out the best flavour there is. With advancement in technology the two heating methods are gaining popularity and are being extensively used today. The choice you make with the vaporizer depends upon your personal experience. There have been numerous reasons mentioned above which highlight both the advantageous and disadvantages linked with the two heating methods.

Yes, keeping conduction vaporizers clean is an additional task that has to be done after every 5 hits, the end result is quite good. Users are able to get a strong hit that is filled with flavour. The hits are bigger than what convection vaporizers can provide. Moreover, a common issue that people using conduction vaporizers have highlighted is that the model gets super-hot. This makes it hard to hold since it hurts the skin. Conduction vapes are difficult to control when it comes to their temperature. However, if the material of the conduction vape is adequately chosen this issue can be solved.

How the concentrates are used in these two is also something vape users need to be aware of. If you are buying a conduction vape then you need to make sure your herbs are properly grinded. They must be available in the form of fine particles so that they are easier to heat. On the other hand, when it comes to convection vaporizers users do not have to worry about how fine the herb is. The heat is evenly distributed through the tube to their chamber. The hot air surrounds the herbs causing adequate and even heat.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a conduction vape. Conduction vapes are less complex. They are easier to maintain and also require an easy cleaning mechanism. If you have been in the vaping business for numerous years, then it's about time to purchase your very won convection vaporizer. It might be a little complex, but it is nothing that you cannot handle.

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