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Vapor Source is the company that has been working since 2009 to get rid of traditional tobacco. It is the company that started working as a single small shop. With the years that passed by and the progression of work continued, it has now spread over to the Southern Colorado working in exactly eight locations. Their staff is passionate in getting rid of the tobacco consumption. It was founded in 2009 and since then they have been working tirelessly to lessen the usage of traditional tobacco. They want to create awareness regarding the use of electronic cigarette.


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Established in the year 2009, the Vapor source aims to bring about a change for tobacco users throughout the world via an electronic cigarette. The mission of this company is to offer people with quality and be of their assistance.

The company, which started with a single small shop, has now spread to southern Colorado with eight locations. Their staff assists the customers every day who are looking to get rid of their habit of consuming traditional tobacco. The company owns the VaporSource Laboratories which is the place where their team comes together for the manufacture profound quality of e-liquid. Certified by ISO7 Lab, this laboratory is the hub of quality and flavor. They also endeavor to offer the customers with the latest and innovative hardware at reasonable rates.

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  1. Vapor Source DRP Kit

Provided with a design of the metal shell, this kit has the body similar to pen-style. Equipped with a built-in 650mah battery, the unit also features a system of temperature control. Thus, you can select whether you want the temperature to be high or low. It also has a ceramic chamber for pure taste.

  1. Vapor Source Mini Titan Kit

Provided with design of the metal shell and a slim body, this portable device offers you a premium feel on touch. Operating it is quite simple since it functions via a single button. The temperature can be adjusted with three settings available. It is also provided with a ceramic chamber to produce pure and healthy vapor.

  1. Vapor Source SK001 Mod

Compatible with CBD atomizer, this unit is powered by a 650mah battery. The voltage is adjustable with three levels of output. It is also provided with the features of pass-through function and the function of pre-heat. You can get a profound experience of vaping with this device.

  1. Vapor Source VS7 Kit

Powered via the 18650 battery, you can charge this unit through USB cable. The unit is given a stylish and easy to use design, making vaping quite convenient. A ceramic heating chamber forms part of it to offer a pure taste. A glass mouthpiece also forms part of it. The device has four settings of temperature control to cater to your vaping requirements.

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