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GALACBD offers you an extensive variety of CBD products for your loving pets. Here you can find products with different strengths suitable for pets of different sizes.

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CBD is a beneficial compound that can successfully improve people’s health. However, it has been proven to be helpful for pets, too. Treat your pets with high-quality CBD and watch them enjoy all the benefits that this compound has to offer. Pet CBD, just like CBD used by people, derives from the same effective hemp extract. The difference between these two types of CBD is that CBD for pets contains additional ingredients that pets adore.

We offer numerous CBD pet treats with a wide range of flavors, including chicken, bacon, and salmon. At GALA CBD, you can find treats for both picky pets and pets that will eat anything you give them. Our main goal is to offer our customers and their pets the CBD products with the highest quality on the market. Here you can find the greatest number of options to choose from, and all of our products are offered at reasonable prices. If you want to treat your pet with a tasty CBD product made of the ingredients of the highest quality, then you definitely need to check the products offered at GALA CBD.

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What Is CBD?

CBD is a compound that is extracted either from hemp or from marijuana. The process of extraction is very easy, and this compound has proven to be extremely beneficial for the health of both people and pets. CBD can be found in very different forms, such as oils, pills, treats, and chews. Usually, CBD forms that are given orally are CBD oils and CBD soft chews, but there are several other forms available online as well, including capsules and biscuits. Unlike THC, the cannabinoid that can get you or your pet high, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects.

Pet owners decide to give CBD products to their pets for many different medical and behavioral problems, such as different forms of anxiety, cancer pain, seizures, obsession, irritable mood, arthritis, digestive disorders, past traumas, neurological disorders, and social withdrawal. CBD can also make the pet get along better with other animals.

If your pet is recovering from surgery or illness, CBD can effectively help speed up the healing process and stimulate the appetite.

What Are the CBD Effects on Pets?

There are several different situations when our pets show symptoms of anxiety. Pet anxiety appears when you move into a new house or apartment, during tense situations, and when there is something loud going on, such as fireworks, and it affects everyone. A lot of our customers claim that their pets' symptoms of anxiety are significantly reduced when they treat them with hemp extract. It is a fact that the anxious behavior of your pet negatively affects you, as its owner, too. Now you can relax because CBD can powerfully calm your little buddy.

Pet owners usually reach for CBD in order to manage pet anxiety. However, whenever your pet needs some help, there are countless ways to use CBD to help it. Large-breed dogs usually have fragile joint health, and it might be difficult to see your dog struggling with pain. Numerous pet owners choose to give CBD products to their dogs in order to reduce their joint or hip pain.

You probably know all the beneficial effects hemp extracts have on you. Well, CBD has the same effects on animals as well. Dogs and cats have ECS (endocannabinoid system) just like humans, and that is the main reason why CBD is equally beneficial to them as it is to us. If you are wondering what effects CBD has on your little furry friend, simply think of all the effects CBD has on people. That way, you will get a pretty clear answer to your question.

How Does CBD Help Pets?

People usually use CBD oil to manage different symptoms, such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, and neurological issues. According to numerous pet owners, CBD oil has proven to be helpful for their cats and dogs when it comes to issues such as inflammation, seizures, and cardiac health. CBD can also have the role of an appetite stimulant for your pets.

Moreover, CBD oil probably affects dogs similarly as it affects humans. Dogs and cats, just like humans and all other mammals, have an ECS (endocannabinoid system). This system controls numerous processes and mechanisms in the body. CBD creates its anxiolytic and relaxing effects by interacting with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

CBD For Dogs

The CBD industry is constantly progressing and developing, and a lot of people are willing to use CBD products for soothing the symptoms of numerous illnesses, conditions, and disabilities. Cannabidiol is a completely natural way of managing all of the abovementioned issues, and it significantly improves overall health.

CBD is as helpful, beneficial, and efficient for dogs as it is for people. Most importantly, for many pets, it does not have any negative side effects.

That is the main reason why various reliable CBD brands from around the world have decided to specifically create CBD products for dogs.

The Best Way for A Dog to Consume CBD

The form of CBD that is most often used is CBD oil. CBD oils are packed in a bottle with a dropper that makes measuring the right dose pretty simple and easy. You can add CBD oil to your dog's food or treats, or you can give it to the dog directly in its mouth.

Different oils have different potencies, and they contain different amounts of terpenes. If you want an oil that contains the greatest amount of natural compounds deriving from the hemp plant that makes the oil very powerful and effective, then you should choose broad spectrum CBD oil.

If your dog is picky and not very keen on the grassy taste that some oils have, then you can try CBD-infused Coconut Oil. Just like other CBD oils, you can add this oil to your dog's food or treats, or you can administer it orally. Most dogs adore the taste of CBD-infused Coconut Oil. Moreover, you can apply this oil directly to the skin in the dog's ears, and the CBD will be absorbed transdermally.

CBD treats are a very convenient form of CBD, and your dog will probably adore them. However, you might find them expensive if you intend to use them for a longer period of time, or if you have a large dog.

Can My Dog Consume CBD Along with Other Medications?

The two strains of cannabis, hemp and marijuana, are very different. The CBD, used for producing CBD products for pets, is extracted from industrial hemp plants, which contain high levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and almost no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). On the other hand, marijuana contains high levels of THC (that is why it has psychoactive effects) and low levels of CBD. This is the main reason why marijuana is a regulated substance, even in states where it is legal to use it for recreational and medical purposes. CBD that derives from industrial hemp plants is legal in all fifty states.

The information regarding the differences between the two strains of cannabis is important because THC can be harmful and toxic for your dog, while CBD is completely safe. Try to always give your pets CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC. These hemp CBD products will have calming effects on your dog, and it will not get high because they contain insignificant traces of THC.

In case you give your dog some other medications for managing anxiety or other conditions, then it is recommended to consult your veterinarian before giving the dog CBD oil. Integrative and holistic veterinarians have the most info about CBD, and they might give you the best advice.

If you want your dog to be happier and healthier without using any medications, hemp CBD is a perfect choice. Let your dog experience all the benefits CBD has to offer and lead a better and more relaxed life.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Recently, the popularity of CBD oil has increased a lot. This product has become the main therapy for dogs, which manages pain, seizures, anxiety, and many other issues. CBD offers countless benefits for your four-legged friend. This substance can effectively improve the quality of your dog's life and its holistic well-being.

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD oil is a multipurpose product that will make you and your dog happy. It can improve your dog's overall health, and it is conducive to a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

What Does CBD Oil Do for Dogs?

CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

Many dog owners decide to give CBD to their pets in order to manage seizures.

It is never a good sight to watch your dog experiencing a seizure. Seizures might be subtle, and they can be accompanied by heavy breathing, staring, jerkiness, unusual REM (rapid eye movement), whining, confusion, or twitching. However, seizures may be severe as well, and they can cause tremors, uncontrollable fits, and loss of consciousness.

Seizures are usually caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled function of the neurons in the brain. It is recommended to visit your veterinarian to determine the cause if your dog has seizures.

If you give your dog medications for its seizures, but you want to add something natural to the treatment, then CBD oil is a perfect choice. CBD (cannabidiol) is a safe and non-psychotropic compound of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can effectively prevent or reduce the severity of seizures since it has powerful anticonvulsant properties. CBD, which is used for the production of CBD products for pets, is extracted from hemp (not from marijuana), and that is why it is legal in all American states.

How to Use CBD for Treating Your Dog's Seizures?

In order to effectively lower the severity and repetition of your dog's seizures, you need to give it CBD on a regular basis. The best results can be achieved if you give CBD to your dog twice a day. The dosage and the frequency of usage depend on the specific situation. You might need to experiment a bit to determine the right dose. Do not forget that your dog cannot overdose with CBD and that CBD is not toxic.

You can find several different forms of CBD for pets. CBD extracts are packed in bottles with a dropper, and they can be added to food and treats, given orally, rubbed in the ears or directly on bare skin, or placed on the dog's paw so that it can lick it off. Other CBD products include CBD biscuits, topical hemp CBD products, hemp CBD capsules, and CBD-infused honey. Always check whether the CBD products you have chosen for your pet are lab tested. This way, you will be sure that your dog uses high-quality and safe products that will make its life much better.

CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety

There are countless reasons for dog anxiety, such as moving and adapting to a new house, adjusting to other animals and people, fireworks, rescue dogs suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), visiting the vet, or traveling. If you do not want to give your dog anti-anxiety drugs because they have negative side effects, try CBD. CBD is the natural and effective solution for your pet's issues.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog for Anxiety?

The right dose of CBD depends on the specific situation and on the dog itself. You might need to experiment a bit in order to determine the ideal dose for your pet. Usually, 1-5mg of CBD is recommended for 10lbs of body weight. CBD has not proven to be toxic so far.

Choose a dose in the middle of the recommended range, and monitor the relaxing and calming effects that will appear in one hour. If you do not notice any effects, you might give it a higher dose (of course, within the recommended range). After you determine the right dose for your dog, it will be significantly calmer with less whining, pacing, and panting. CBD will not make your dog lethargic, though.

CBD Oil for Dog Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common health issues that our pets face, despite all the care and support we provide them. Some types of dog cancer include bone cancer, melanoma, mammary cancer, lymphoma, mast cell tumors, and hemangiosarcoma.

CBD is not a cure for dog cancer, but it can be a powerful supplement for cancer treatments. CBD is not powerful enough to destroy and remove a cancerous tumor, but it might slow down the growth of cancer cells. That is why it works perfectly along with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Moreover, if your dog is struggling with cancer, CBD can improve its quality of life.

Dogs with cancer might experience seizures, pain, nausea, inflammation, and anxiety. And CBD can effectively reduce all of these symptoms. CBD can also act as an appetite stimulant since invasive treatment is not always suitable for older dogs. The best alternative in these cases is CBD.

How Is CBD Used for Treating Dog Cancer?

Giving CBD on a regular basis can lower the negative side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Usually, the best results can be achieved if CBD is given twice a day. The recommended dose is 1-5mg of CBD for a 10-pound dog twice a day. However, dosage depends on the specific situation. You might need to experiment a bit in order to determine the perfect dose and how often to give CBD to your dog.

How Much CBD Oil for Dogs?

Usually, brands provide guidelines for calculating the ideal dose for your dog. In most cases, it is needed to determine the size and weight of your dog first. Various brands have different sizing options for the oils they sell. The doses of CBD vary from other products' doses. For instance, when buying chips, you can choose whether you need a snack-sized package, or a family-sized one, which means more chips packed in a bigger bag. Unlike snacks, larger doses of CBD oil mean higher potencies.

Simply put, if a bottle of CBD oil has more milligrams of CBD, that means the CBD oil is more highly concentrated. Knowing this is very important when choosing CBD oil. CBD oils with lower potencies are usually ideal for smaller breeds, such as Pugs, Dachshunds, or Pomeranians.

CBD oils with higher potencies are specifically formulated for larger breeds, such as Chau Chaus or Great Danes. If you give smaller breeds CBD oil with higher potency, it might be very dangerous, and they might overdose.

There is not a universal dose recommended. However, it is widely accepted that the perfect dose for dogs is 1mg for 2.2 – 4.5 kg of body weight, i.e., 5 – 10lbs.

In case this is confusing, you should not worry! Most of the brands will provide you with their own guidelines for calculating and administering the right dose to your dog. Usually, you will have to buy CBD oil with a potency level that is suitable for your dog's weight. Then, all you have to do is measure the dose with the dropper and give it to your dog. Whether you will need to give the entire dropper or less depends on the effects that you desire for your dog and whether the dog tries CBD oil for the first time or not.

How Many Times A Day Should I Give My Dog A Dose?

When it comes to regular use, some brands recommend once or twice a day. This is very good for dog owners who give CBD to their pets for improving their health, for preventing seizures, and for improving the skin and coat. Daily doses of CBD will also be beneficial for dogs that have mild or significant pain and discomfort because it helps effectively reduce these sensations.

Some owners give CBD oil to their pets occasionally. If a dog has constant and severe anxiety, then regular use of CBD oil is recommended. But, if the dog only shows anxiety symptoms in certain situations (for example, during car rides), or it does not have any other serious problems or conditions, then giving it CBD oil on a daily basis is not necessary.

Will CBD Oil Get My Dog High?

Hemp and marijuana (the two strains of cannabis) differ a lot. CBD oils for pets are made with CBD extracted from industrial hemp plants, which contain large quantities of CBD (cannabidiol), and they have insignificant traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that is the reason for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. On the other hand, marijuana contains low levels of CBD and high levels of THC (that is why it can get you high). CBD that derives from industrial hemp plants is legal in all fifty states. Marijuana is a regulated psychoactive drug, even in states where it is legal to use it for recreational and medical purposes.

This is very important because THC can be harmful and toxic for your dog. CBD is safe and beneficial, so make sure that you buy CBD products for your pet that contain less than 0.3% THC. CBD that derives from hemp will have calming effects on your dog. It contains almost no THC, so you do not have to worry about your dog getting high. Hemp CBD will mildly relax your dog.

CBD products for dogs are specifically created to contain as little THC as possible. So, most of the CBD products either contain 0.1% THC.

CBD Dog Treats

The CBD Dog Treats offered at GALA CBD are the most delicious and ideal treats for your dog.

The greatest benefit from CBD products specifically created for pets is that your furry friend will simultaneously enjoy all the benefits that CBD offers and enjoy a delicious snack. There is a wide range of different and delicious flavors of CBD dog treats. At GALA CBD, you can find all kinds of flavors, including chicken and bacon flavored CBD treats.

It will make you happy to see your dog enjoying something delicious and flavorful and at the same time reaping all the health benefits CBD has to offer. The wide range of flavors that we offer will make your dog love the daily servings of CBD. CBD is not toxic, so you do not have to worry if your pet finds the treats and eats them all. However, since they are very tasty, make sure to hide them well.

CBD For Cats

Our cats can easily become nervous in several different situations, such as traveling, moving to a new place, meeting and adapting to new people or cats, or vet appointments. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a safe and powerful compound for cats that can effectively reduce anxiety without any negative side effects.

CBD Oil for Cats

It is a well-known fact that cats are not always willing to consume supplements. However, there are numerous different products to choose from. CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD products for cats. It comes in a bottle with a dropper, which makes measuring the specific dose very easy. If you think that your cat would not mind the grassy taste (most of the cats do not like this taste), then give them full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids, and it is very effective due to the combined benefits of all these natural ingredients. If your cat is picky, then add flavorless CBD isolate oil to its treats or food.

CBD-infused coconut oil is a good alternative for bottled CBD oil. This is a multi-purpose product that can be placed either on the cat's paws so that they can lick it, or applied behind the ear or directly to the skin in order to be absorbed in the bloodstream through the skin. If your cat adores the coconut flavor, then add it to its food or treats.

CBD Oil for Cats Anxiety Dosage

There is not a universal dose of CBD suitable for all cats. The right dose depends on the cat and the situation. In order to find the right dose for your cat, you might need to experiment a bit. Usually, 1-5mg of CBD is recommended for a 10-pound cat.

Choose a dose that is in the middle of the recommended range, and monitor the relaxing and calming effects that will take place in one hour. If you do not notice any effects, you might give it a higher dose (of course, within the recommended range). After you determine the right dose for your cat, it will be significantly calmer. CBD will not make your cat lethargic, though.

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

Due to the fact that the endocannabinoid system of humans and dogs is similar, there is a great possibility that the effects of CBD are similar for both humans and dogs, as well. CBD offers numerous benefits for pets, including:

Relieves Pain

CBD oil decreases the pain signals in the nervous system and reduces inflammation, thus successfully relieving pain. A great part of the conventional medicine for pain relief contains either opiates or steroids. These types of medicine successfully eliminate pain, but they have a lot of negative side effects, such as skin issues, vomiting, weakness, and constipation.

On the other hand, CBD does not cause any of the abovementioned negative side effects. CBD is usually used to control and eliminate the pain that derives from physical trauma, arthritis, and different neurological conditions.

CBD is also used for soothing various symptoms related to chronic pain, such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, insomnia, and irritability.

Managing and Calming Anxiety

CBD oil is an anxiolytic compound, i.e., a compound that can effectively reduce anxiety. CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike other medications used for managing anxiety, CBD oil is not addictive. In case your pets get nervous around other pets and people, then you can manage their anxiety by giving them CBD.

CBD oil effectively manages situational anxiety and behaviors related to anxiety disorders. Some pets that have been separated from their prior owners have separation anxiety, while others show anxiety symptoms due to past abuse. CBD oil can successfully help reduce these forms of anxiety and manage different illnesses caused by anxiety.

Healing Wounds

CBD might speed up the process of healing open wounds because it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. According to several studies carried out on rats, besides speeding up the healing process of wounds, CBD also reduces the inflammation around the injured body parts.

Studies have shown that CBD has antibacterial properties, as well. For example, a study carried out at the University of Queensland, Australia, proves that CBD is as effective as conventional antibiotics when it comes to killing bacteria. According to this study, CBD effectively kills strains of different bacteria, including staphylococcus and streptococcus.

CBD Oil for Cancer

It cannot be said that CBD is a cure for cancer. However, it can be very beneficial for managing symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatments. Some of the side effects of cancer treatments and anticancer drugs are pain, inflammation, vomiting and nausea. CBD oil is conducive to reduce these symptoms.

Limited research has been carried out in this specific area, but the results suggest that CBD might have anti-tumorigenic properties. Mike Barnes, a professor of neurological rehabilitation at the University of Newcastle, carried out a study that proved that CBD is powerful enough to kill certain types of cancer cells, such as prostate cancer cells and brain tumors.

Is CBD Good for Pets?

Some of the food that pets eat can be unpleasant. For example, you can see dogs drinking water from the toilet, and eating from trash cans, while cats enjoy eating insects and rodents. CBD is not unpleasant, though. CBD oil is one of the cleanest and safest foods that your cat or dog will definitely adore.

CBD manufacturers need to do the same tests on CBD products for pets as the ones they do on CBD products for humans. Every single pet CBD product offered at GALA CBD has been subjected to extremely detailed and strict tests carried out by recognized third-party labs. The result shows that hemp extract is completely safe and non-toxic, even in large amounts. That means that you do not have to worry about anything when you are experimenting with different doses, trying to find the ideal one for your pet. CBD is one of the cleanest, safest, and most powerful compounds.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets?

CBD oil is safe for pets. As it was mentioned before, the maximum amount of THC is being removed from the CBD oil via distillation and purification. Most of the abovementioned products do not contain and THC, i.e., they do not have any psychotropic effects. This is one of the main reasons why you need to select CBD oil of the highest quality for your dog or cat.

Even though the term cannabis covers both hemp and marijuana, they are actually different. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC – the compound that gets you high. On the other hand, hemp plants contain high amounts of the beneficial compound CBD and contain insignificant traces of THC. CBD that derives from hemp plants does not have any negative side effects or psychoactive effects. That is why hemp plants are not controlled by the government. The THC amount in hemp products is lower than 0.3%, and they are legal in all American states.

CBD will definitely not get you dog or cat high. CBD has a lot of positive effects, including pain relief, eliminating inflammation, and managing anxiety. You can also give CBD to your pet in order to help it sleep better at night. If CBD products are combined with other therapies, they can significantly improve the quality of your pet's life. Compared to Catnip, Prozac, and other drugs that are harmful to your pets, CBD is safe and effective.

The Best CBD for My Pet

CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, or Full Spectrum CBD

When selecting the perfect CBD product for your cat or dog, do not forget that different types of CBD offer different benefits. If you want your pet to enjoy the maximum benefits that CBD has to offer, then treat it with full spectrum CBD products. These products are not as purified as the others, and they contain almost all terpenes and cannabinoids that can be found in the hemp plant. CBD works together with these compounds, and they create the entourage effect, which increases the effectiveness of the product. Some pets might find full spectrum CBD products unpleasant because they do not have a grassy flavor.

Unlike full spectrum CBD, CBD isolate is the most refined and purified form of CBD. CBD isolate is actually the purest CBD that you can find. It is flavorless because there is no plant matter in it, and pets adore it.

Broad spectrum CBD is a type of CBD that is somewhere between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. It does not contain all the terpenes and cannabinoids, but it has enough for the entourage support. The taste of broad spectrum CBD is mild.

Different pets react differently to CBD products. Some pets simply enjoy the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes present in full spectrum CBD, while others prefer the compounds that broad spectrum CBD contains. You might also notice that your pet does not prefer the presence of THC at all and enjoys pure CBD.

If your pets do not like products containing THC, even those that have less than 0.3%, you will have to treat them CBD isolate products for pets. This way, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of pure CBD. These products contain 99.9% pure CBD. There are not any terpenes or THC in CBD isolate products for pets. Our recommendation for pets that prefer pure CBD is organic CBD isolate treats.

Organic CBD Oil for Pets

Your pets deserve the best because they are always by your side. Even though cats are not considered to be as loyal as dogs, they are always next to you when you need them. You have probably heard the stories about dogs saving their owners from drowning or entering into burning buildings in order to save their lives. Maybe your pet has not done something heroic so far, but since it has always been by your side, it definitely deserves the best.

If you want to enable your pet to enjoy all the benefits that natural compounds have to offer, then you should treat them with organic hemp extract with the highest quality. A high-quality organic treat is beneficial for both dogs that eat everything they want to and dogs that are given healthy food. If you treat your pets with CBD regularly, they will most likely reap all the benefits this compound has to offer.

Choose the Best CBD for Your Pets

It is advisable to be careful when choosing the best hemp-extracted CBD for your pets. The advertisements and product labels might be confusing, and they might contain unsupported information. When looking for the best CBD products, make sure they do not contain any pesticides or heavy metals. More importantly, choose the one where the CBD content is clearly written. Also, buy from transparent manufacturers that make the lab test results available for their customers.

Always ask for help or advice from the veterinarian before administering CBD to your dog. That is the safest approach because you will avoid any negative effects and interactions between the CBD and some medications that your pet is taking.

Once you decide to give CBD to your dog, it is wise to follow the general advice given by veterinarians – to start with small amounts. Give your pet a low dose for a certain period of time, and then gradually increase it if needed.

Generally speaking, CBD products are safe products. The safest products are the ones sold by trustworthy companies that conduct rigorous tests before selling their products. These companies test their products for:


Testing the potency of the products is required in order to confirm that it contains the right dosage amounts of CBD. Being informed about the potency of different products is relevant for a safe and effective usage by your pets.


CBD in CBD products derives from the hemp plant. Just like other crops, the hemp plant has to be cultivated and harvested. The safest products for your dog are 100% organic products because no pesticides were used during the cultivation of the cannabis plant.

Residual Solvents

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant via a CO2 extraction process. Using carbon dioxide for extracting CBD is not harmful for the environment. Moreover, there are not any volatile chemicals or toxins in the products obtained with CO2 extraction.

Tested by Third-Party Laboratories

In order to establish that products meet the requirements for quality and safety and get the COA (certificate of analysis), products have to be analytically tested. These tests are usually carried out by third-party laboratories.

How to Use CBD for My Pets?

Using CBD for your cats and dogs is very easy and convenient because there are different types of CBD products available. The most usual type of CBD is CBD oil. This product is packed in a bottle with a dropper and you can add it to your pets' food and treats, put it directly in their mouth, place it on the pet's paw so that it can lick the oil, or rub it directly to the skin behind the ear. Of course, there are several other CBD products that you can give to your cat or dog, such as CBD capsules, CBD biscuits, and CBD balms that are applied topically and penetrate the skin very fast.

What to Pay Attention to When Giving CBD to Your Pet?

You need to pay attention to several details if you decide to give CBD to your dog or cat.

Lock the CBD in A Secure Place

Dogs have the ability to find a lot of things. If they find CBD products or other products made from hemp, they will probably consume large amounts of them. This can be a problem, especially with CBD edibles, such as CBD dog biscuits. To protect your dog and keep it safe, it is best if you keep all CBD, especially THC products out of their reach. The ideal thing to do is to lock them in a secure place.

Keep CBD Away from Regular Treats

Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. However, you should always be careful about the amounts of CBD your dog consumes. If you keep your CBD and regular treats together, then a guest or a kid can give too much CBD to your pet. That is why you should keep CBD away from regular treats and tell your guests whether it is OK to give CBD treats to your dog or not.

Is CBD Recommended by Veterinarians?

Even though CBD products are safe for pets, there are some veterinarians that do not recommend them. On the other hand, there are some veterinarians that believe CBD is beneficial for pets. After the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC is legal in all American states.

Your veterinarian might belong to the group of veterinarians that are hesitant about using CBD products for pets. However, it is always a good idea to consult him or her about everything regarding your pet's health, including CBD usage.

Local Stores That Sell CBD for Pets Near Me

Franchised stores, like PetSmart and Petco, sell CBD products for pets. You can also find CBD and hemp products in other local pet shops. Our recommendation is to buy CBD products for your pets online. Online companies can answer all of your questions, and they can offer more information about the CBD products they sell. For example, there are more products to choose from at GALA CBD, and the prices are usually more affordable than the prices in local stores.

Purchase CBD Products for Pets at GALA CBD!

GALA CBD offers the best CBD products for you and your pets as well. We believe that everyone deserves the best. You do not need to look for local stores near you that sell CBD products for pets. Check out our wide selection of different high-quality CBD pet products for affordable prices at GALA CBD!

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