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To make amazing hits and clouds of vapor weed vaporizers have been in use for numerous years. Today we cannot disagree with the fact that weed vaporizers come in different forms and multiple features however, they have one common purpose. The purpose is to convert dry herb, THC oil or wax into vapor clouds. The best thing about vaping weed is that it has a very controlled amount of tobacco. Moreover, vaping is less harmful to health. It is easier to smoke with less odor that gives you a fun experience. If you are looking for the most efficient that could cater your dry herb and wax experience, go for desktop vaporizers. They are the best thing out there that are easy to use and maintain since they are smaller in size. The portable pen-style shape provides the sensational experience of vaping.


Weed Vaporizer & Herbal Vaporizer

What are weed vaporizers?

You must have heard about weed vaporizers before, here we bring you the details regarding what it does. In weed vaporizers the concentrates are not burnt. Even the herbs are not. It delivers a clear high by heating up the concentrates and herbs. No combustion takes place to active the ingredients used to make flavors. The process of convection and conduction begins when the butane torch activates and begin the heating mechanism. The result causes the THC and CBD to release. The power source of Weed Vaporizers is either battery or and AC supply. The choice of battery consumed depends mainly on the style of weed vaporizer you are consuming. The temperature that they reach is between 350-400F. There are many vaporizers which provide the facility of controlling the temperature promoting customization.

If you think there is a better option than weed vaporizers, think again. Weed vaporizers healthier for your lungs as well unlike smoking. They do not provide any harm to the mouth or throat. Moreover, it saves up your wee content as well. The reason people are loving this option is because it is not only healthy but also efficient and cost effective.

What forms of Cannabis can be vaped?

There is not restriction as to how Cannabis is to be used. One can use it as a dry herb or as a concentrate. However, there are two main forms of Cannabis mainly required for vaping.

  • Dry Herb. Dry herb is the name given to lose leaf, flower, herbal, dry weed or ground plant. It is basically the name given to weed available in its dry form. Dry weed is consumed by either grinding it, smoking it or rolling it into joints. To heat it up, people need to ground it first and then place it in a small oven or on the stove.
  • Items that fall in this category include extracts, shatter, THC oil, dabs and weed oil. However, the weed plant can not be smoked dry it be processed into concentrated extracts. The Cannabis Plant is the main area from where THC is extracted. The extraction can be carried out through numerous methods.

Different types of Weed Vaporizers

  • Vaporizer Pipe

Vaporizer Pipe is the name given to the vape that is somewhere between a vape and a pipe. It is not among the most popular choice. The pipe requires an additional lighter that users need to carry around. It does not burn or char the weed you are using. A vaporizer pipe is the same as vape pen with numerous electronic features added. If you are a beginner, vaporizer pipe might be what you need to start.

  • Weed Vape Pen

If you are looking for the ideal vape pen that is portable and easy to carry, weed vape pen is all you need. Looking for the ideal solution to vape in situation where you cannot? Weed Vape Pen to the rescue! A marijuana vaporizer is portable. All you have to do is start the vape pen by clicking on the power button 5 times. This will initiate the process. After opening the mouthpiece, users are required to drop your grounds up. Make sure this does not channel more than half in the chamber. The weed vape pen will allow air flow which will make hits and contribute to the clouds being produced. The process will begin after 3-5 seconds. Inhale from the mouthpiece and make clouds. The price range of weed vape pen is between $30 to $120. The best discreetness that you need to fulfil your vaping experience.

  • Portable Pot Vaporizer

Portable Pot Vaporizer is similar to weed vape pen. They are easier to carry since the size and weight is manageable. Users can carry these around in your bag. After switching on the power button, set the temperature as required which will begin the heating process. Not all portable pot vaporizers come with this option. The ground bud goes inside the chamber. Make sure you only insert buds and not nugs which will provide even heating and provide proper airflow. Once the bud is inserted, inhale. Portable vaporizers range between $50 to 400.

  • Desktop Herbal Vaporizer

Desktop herbal vaporizers are amazing. They have multiple features that come with a price. You can easily control the temperature and use it in the office or with your friends. Users have the option of using whip attachments or balloon. The choice depends upon you. Select your desired temperature by plugging it on your desktop device. After only 2 minutes the vaporizer will begin working and you are good to go. The price of Desktop Herbal Vaporizer ranges between $130 to $800.

Choosing the Best Weed Vaporizer

Buying the best weed vaporizer is something that will require a lot of time and attention. We will always recommend you look around before you purchase one. The weed vaporizer will stay with you for a long time which is why you need to make the right pick. The first thing that will help you decide is the form of cannabis you are likely to consume. Is it flower or wax? Think about it. Moreover, then decide the size and scale that you can cater. You can purchase something heavy or a compact model, the choice is yours. Here are a few different types of weed vaporizers. Check them out.

  1. Method of Vapor Delivery

There is not just one type of cannabis and dry herb vaporizer available in the market. The vapor clouds vary in all these. Look:

  • Pulled-air vaporizer: This is the type of vaporizer that requires pulling vapor through a whip. The whip basically has three parts all of which are connected to the machine. The pulled-air vaporizer has a wand along with a glass piece that will keep your herb in place. Then there's a tube that has to be heated causing the flavour to pass.
  • Forced-air vaporizer: In this type of vaporizer, internal fans are used which cause the marijuana vaporizers to produce big hits. The internal fans placed at the bottom channel hot air over the herbs that cause the flavour to be produced. The flavour moves into the balloon bag which can be removed if desired for additional pleasure. There are additional forced-air vaporizers that comes with different levels of power. These levels correspond with the fans, changing the fan level gives the ability to control the density of the vapor.
  • Multi-function vaporizer: There is a special kind of vaporizer that makes more of whip or forced-air delivery to cause air flow. These units are regarded as multi-function or dual-function.
  1. Conduction Versus Convection

The vaporizers heat the weed in two ways. These two ways are conduction and convention. Both ways are super effective in heating the weed to produce vape hits. Here is how you can know more about these two ways.

  • Conduction

This is the type of heating method where the material comes in direct contact with the source that is providing heat. The concentrates or weed are in contact with the heating element. Users are required to place their dry herb directly on the heating source which results into easy and effective vaporization.

The thing about conduction process is that it is easier and faster. Moreover, the conduction process is simple and easy to carry out. Conduction vaporizers have a less complicated mechanism. The vapors are small since the items used in this process are not many as compared to those used in convection. They are less obtrusive. You can take them along with you wherever you go.

On the other hand, one thing to note about conduction is that one has to be super vigilant in order to prevent the weed from burning. There are some people who like it at their respective precise temperature. In Conduction the temperature controlling feature requires a lot of attention. There are often some concentrates like cannabis material that work best at their optimal temperature. One must be careful with conduction vaporizers to make sure the content does not burn.

  • Convection

Convection is the process which involves heating the concentrate or the herb by channelling hot air around it. This causes the material to produce substances which contribute to the flavour. The content is not burnt as it is only surrounded by hot air that activates the flavour inside it. This is how a convection vaporizer works.

People who are more concerned about their dosage always look forward to use convection vaporizers. As these do not burn the material they keep the terpenes in the cannabis taste super great without overheating the flavour. They provide a very controlled mechanism to regulate the amount of temperature.

However, the negative aspect of convection vaporizers is that they have a complex mechanism. There are numerous items being used inside which cause the vaporizer to become heavier. Convection vaporizers are not portable. They are heavy and also expensive.

Both types of heating mechanisms provide an active source of heating. They help users get the best of their respective flavors in the best way possible. The choice of heating method depends upon what the users want. People who prefer something lighter and portable would always look forward to buying conduction vaporizers. On the other hand people who want a more controlled heating mechanism should get their hands on a convection vaporizer.

  1. Temperature Controls

If you are a beginner and you want to know the ideal temperature that would get the best out of your flavour, you should know that there is no exact answer to this. It all depends on the type of concentrate you are consuming. The strain you are smoking along with the vapour clouds you want are two important factors that decide the temperature of your vaporizer. If you are a smoking a CBD that non-psychoactive the ideal temperature varies between 160-180C.

Moreover, not all kinds of terpenes have the same boiling temperatures. The boiling points differ. If you need your terpene to give you a hit with sharp focus the ideal temperature is 160C (320F). This is not the same case with every other terpene, e.g. linalool which boils at 197C (388F). This is the best temperature for linalool to provide users with stress-relieving effects.

Furthermore, the temperatures also control the buzz. Having lower temperature means the effects will be milder. You will be extracting less of the cannabinoids. High temperatures will result into a greater buzz giving a more euphoric feeling. According to a recent study it was highlighted that Volcano vaporizers set at 170C were only able to produce 24% of its cannabinoids. When the temperature reached 230C. the number of cannabinoids released reached 77%. This is the major reason why most people prefer to purchase the vaporizer that gives them the option of temperature control. Controlling temperature helps control the effects. An important feature that medical users and connoisseurs look for.

  1. Size and Features

The next main factor that helps you pick the ideal vaporizer for your needs is the size and number of features available in the vape you are purchasing. If you are ready to devote yourself to a bigger vaporizer that comes with numerous features, then you can purchase a larger weed vaporizer. However, if you need something that is more compact for you to take to your office or university, purchase a smaller model. The smaller model will leave you at the compromising end since some features might be unavailable. Vaporizers that are larger in scale have multiple features such as display screens, cooling effects, temperature controls, etc which allows users to have a better control over their vape.

  1. Price

Nothing can be purchased without this factor taken into consideration. This is the question that you need to ask yourself. Are you looking forward to just try the vape? Or are you willing to make a long-time investment? When you answer these questions making the decision will become easier. If you several dollars to spare, you might get your hands on the Mercedes of desktop vaporizers. They are super cool and come with multiple features as well.

If you are not ready to spare a lot of money you can still get economical budget-friendly items that provide the basic features. The basic features are worth the mild experience that you are looking for. You can start off with something economical with basic features after which you can jump into something more extravagant.

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