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Flowermate is a brand whose mission is exactly what the name suggests. They aim to provide their users with a mild profound experience which is incomparable. They excel in herb blends. They are producing most efficient line of units. These units are designed in such that they cater the herb blends in the best way possible and provide a phenomenal experience to their target audience. Their devices are sleek, decent and economical. The mission statement of Flowermate revolves around the production if high-quality products providing an utmost experience.


Flowermate Review

The aim of Flowermate Technology is to provide you a profound experience. They have developed the most efficient line of units that manage to make the most out of the herb blends. At the same time, their devices are affordable along with being stylish. Take a look at the line of units by Flowermate and find something that suits your requirements. You have the option of choosing from more than ten products thereby ensuring that you get something that caters to your needs to perfection. The company has been giving a great deal of attention to dry herbs and concentrates for many years. Thus, they are pushing the envelope continuously. They have introduced quite a lot of innovative products including the V5.0 Pro and the Hybrid. The devices by Flowermate are profound in quality, portable and reasonably priced.

Dry Herb Vaporizers & Weed Vape Pens

  1. Slick

Offering you a great deal of ease in usage, this Slick device by Flowermate is among the most compact and sleek options that you will find in the line of products by the company.

Three preset temperature options are available including 420, 385 and 405°F. A black chamber made from ceramic forms part of the device which is capable of holding around 0.4g. It comes with a glass mouthpiece made from borosilicate. Haptic feedback is also present that gives you the indication that the device is ready for use by vibrating. The airflow moves upwards via the openings present at the top, offering you a pure and fresh taste every time you take a puff. The battery is replaceable and rechargeable.

  1. Aura

This is capable of enhancing your vaping experience significantly. Provided with a heating chamber made of ceramic, this unit features a complete temperature range that allows you to vape wax, herb, and oil as per your preference.

You can use this compact device for liquids as well as dry items. It is provided with a digital display that lets you know the performance of temperature. With long battery life, this device will impress you with its efficiency.


This stainless steel device is designed to offer you optimal portability along with minimal odor.

This is the first vaporizer by Flowermate technology that is constructed with glass and stainless steel. The device is provided with five modular compartments. Thus, it can be broken down with ease. You can transport it without having to worry about leakage. You also get a filtration module of liquid with the unit. Thus, the vapor is subjected to filtration to ensure that the harshness is decreased while the aromatic effects are enhanced.


This device offers you dual functionality and also comes with a Smiss SubX tank. One side features conduction based ceramic oven that can heat the dry herb effectively. Attachment of 510 thread connector is to be done on the other side. Thus, it offers you an innovative dry herb vaporizer that can also function as a box mod.

Its compact design makes it quite portable, and you will find that it has everything to cater to your vaping requirements.

On the side where the heating chamber is present, you find temperature range from 104 to 500F. 15 seconds are all that are needed for heating to be completed. The device retains its normal temperature within 10 seconds owing to the advanced sleep mode that it is provided with.

The side with 510 connector port makes the device capable of being used with the majority of tanks and atomizers with the lowest limit being 0.2ohm.

  1. V5 NANO

A step ahead from the previous versions, this device is an innovative product by the company in the line of aromatherapy technology units. It is powered by an 18650 battery that is removable and thus gives the user control over how long the unit lasts. It takes around 30 seconds to heat up, thereby ready for use whenever you feel like it. The compact size offers you complete discretion. It features a mouthpiece made from borosilicate that you can disassemble and keep separately within the device to ensure that storage is not a problem. It does not produce a lot of odor. Equipped with a large chamber, the unit has a separate airflow path that allows you to get a pure taste.


The Swift Pro by Flowermate offers you a sleek design along with the feature of full convection. The device provides you purer taste as the chamber gets heated air delivered to it.

Most portable vaping devices use conduction for heating. Catering to the requirements of our users, we have introduced a unit that uses convection for the purpose. The heated air is sent via a separate path to the chamber, thereby leading to the removal of carcinogens ensuring you get clean and pure vapors.

Thus, it is not the heated chamber but the heated air that causes the vaporization. It is up to you to decide whether you want the stainless steel chamber or the glass one. The unit offers you the temperature control within the range of 140°F to 446°F. Charging it is easy as you can use the USB port for the purpose.

  1. 0X

This is another impressive product in the line of series of V5.0S. It offers you the feature of expanded control of temperature along with a storage compartment where you can store the mouthpiece conveniently. Pre-packing tanks also form part of the unit make the tank all the more feasible. It comprises of profound quality materials and provides you with complete extraction.

With long-lasting battery and powerful production of vapor, this unit is capable of providing you what you are looking for. Operating it is easy since a single button has to be used. Pressing the button five times would turn the device on. When you press it thrice, you can check the capacity of the battery while pressing it twice allows adjustment of temperature. Pressing and holding the button for about five seconds in stealth mode will turn the LED off, thereby offering you discretion.

  1. 0X MINI

An improvement on the highly impressive design of V5 Mini by Flowermate, this device is provided with a broader temperature control thereby providing you better control of your vaping experience.

You need to press the single button five times quickly to turn the device on or off. Clicking on the button twice will allow you to adjust the temperature. By clicking on the power button thrice, you can view the battery life of your device. The unit reaches the time of auto-idle after five minutes. Pressing the device five times quickly will reactivate the device with the same temperature that you had set the last time.

Air vents are present on the side of the dry tanks making them the ideal choice for loading at a rapid speed. A cotton wick is present in the wax tank which is highly suitable for liquid and solid materials. The pre-packing tanks by Flowermate are also included with the device.

  1. 0s PRO

With a wide range of temperature control and equipped with a digital display, this is among the most effective options you will find when it comes to portable devices by Flowermate. The device is equipped with a borosilicate mouthpiece that makes thick clouds with great flavors.

Anodized aluminum has been used for the construction of the external area of the device, making it appear sleek and stylish. It has the temperature control feature within the range of 104F to 446F. It also features an OLED screen where you can view the set temperature, the existing temperature and the battery life. The device can be charged while in use with the function of pass-through that forms part of the unit.

The device takes a mere eight seconds to heat up. It is provided with two lithium LG batteries with power 2600mah. These are rechargeable as well. The borosilicate mouthpiece made from glass allows you to extract pure flavor. The side of the unit features the buttons for controlling it. It can be activated by clicking five times. The device requires about four hours for recharging, and you can use it for nearly two and a half hours on a full charge.

  1. 0s PRO MINI

Most devices with full temperature control range tend to be bulky and thus cannot be carried around with ease. The V5.0 Pro Mini is an exception.

It has quite a flexible temperature control with the range being within 40 to 230C. It also features an OLED display. This unit is provided with the unique feature of functioning as a power bank. Thus, you have the option of using it to charge your electronic devices including your phone. It also has a separate airflow path, thereby offering pure vapor. The taste is further enhanced by the mouthpiece that is provided with that is constructed with glass.

  1. 0s

This is among the most affordable and efficient devices you will find. It is quite easy to use as well and offers you a profound vaping experience using a ceramic baking chamber along with diffused airflow for the purpose. The air jets have been increased in size leading to more airflow. The chamber design has also witnessed an improvement.

While it is portable, no compromises have been made on its power. Two lithium-ionized batteries power it. Thus, you can enjoy three hours of uninterrupted vaping session with ease. The temperature settings are color-coded with blue being the color for 385F, purple for 400F and red for 415F. Thus, you get better control of the temperature of the device. It has been provided with a sleek design. There are no advanced features to confuse you. Thus, these devices can be used by both beginners as well as advanced users will ease.

  1. 0s MINI

Flowermate has ensured that a unit is developed that offers you ease and convenience without compromising on style.

Albeit being compact, the device does not lack in power. You get quite a lot of vapor with this device. It is equipped with a ceramic heater that diffuses the material evenly. With the combined features of a conductive heating chamber along with diffusion of airflow, this unit offers you a performance worthy of praise.

It is provided with a built-in Samsung or LG lithium-ion battery. With a full charge, the device can be used for about two hours. The unit is auto-regulated to operate at medium or high-level temperatures such that combustion is prevented.

A lot of devices lead to combustion of dry herbs, thus destroying the key elements. This is not something you will face with this Mini device. It offers pure flavor with no traces of any harmful compounds.

Three settings of temperature are offered, 385F which is represented by blue color, 400F that is indicated by purple while red points to 415F. It features a glass mouthpiece that is screwed on the device. It can be separated and then stored separately, thus making it ultra-compact for storage. With long battery life and ease in use, this is undoubtedly a device worth considering.

  1. Ihit

Acquire the ultimate vaping experience with this portable Ihit desktop device by Flowermate.

It is designed for oil, dry herbs, and wax. Powered by 5000mah battery, this device offers you portability allowing you to keep it with you at all times.

CBD Oil Vape Pens & Starter Kits

  1. Compax portable oil device

With this product, you would no longer need e-nails or butane torches. Designed to offer optimal portability, this device manages to produce large clouds effectively.

With a sleek and compact design, this unit offers immense efficiency. It is equipped with a built-in 700mah battery. Heating up does not take long. You would not have to invest on torches or dab rings. With this device, you can extract maximum flavors without requiring anything else. The separate airflow path ensures that the cloud is devoid of any harmful particles and you get pure flavors. You can attach a mini Bubbler for enhancing the comfort and taste you get.

  1. S30 portable oil device

With this device, you get the opportunity of enjoying oil and wax whenever you feel like it. It heats up in a few seconds. A 30W heater forms part of this device allowing you to get what you need without having to wait.

This portable unit is powered by a 2200mah battery that allows for extended vaping sessions with ease. You would not need to purchase any butane torches while using this device. A mini bubbler is included to give your vaping experience a different touch.

  1. S50 portable oil device

With this device by Flowermate, you get the opportunity to enjoy your vaping without attracting attention. This is the ideal choice for those looking for something they can use whenever they feel like it.

The unit is powered by a 2200mah battery that ensures you can enjoy long sessions of vaping. It takes a few seconds to heat, thereby negating the need of butane torches. This is a highly efficient device that is also provided with a Mini Bubbler you can use for a unique experience.

At GALACBD, you can get various devices including the Aura kit, the V5.0 pro kit, the V5.0 kit, the V50s Pro Mini kit, and the V5 Nano kit by Flowermate.

  1. Flowermate V5.0s Pro Kit

This is one of those devices that can be used by both advanced users and beginners. Staying true to its name, the device is an improvement to the already impressive V5.0 device by Flowermate. With this device, you get the ultimate vaping experience you would not have thought about before. With flexible control of temperature, the unit offers you pure flavors. The option of customization is available as well. With this unit, you get everything that can be needed for vaping.

The device does not have any combustion. Thus, you will not have to bear the flavor of charcoal as you vape. Complete vaping will merely lead the herbs turning into dust. The device uses conduction heating to perform its function. Thus, you can be confident that you will get pure flavor every time you take a puff.

For those who do not want to deal with the smell of smoke all over the house or water stains, this device will take a lot off their hands.

  1. Flowermate Aura Kit

This compact vaping design of pen-style is quite innovative and reliable, not giving you much reason to complain.

Provided with a sleek design, the unit is powered by a long-lasting battery by Samsung/LG. It is reasonably priced and also includes the features of an LCD and adjustable control of temperature. It is provided with a heating chamber of ceramic along with a separate airflow path which ensures that you get pure vapor.

  1. Flowermate V5 Nano Kit

This portable device offers you the discretion you value along with the latest features and a variety of upgrades. Using both conduction and convection heating to perform its function, the device offers optimal efficiency.

It has an adjustable temperature setting range of 104F to 446F. The OLED screen display provides you with the temperature to the single digit precision. It is equipped with a black ceramic chamber that takes about 30 seconds to reach the temperature of vaporization. Once it reaches the temperature you have set, you are alerted by the vibration of the device.

Provided with a built-in 18650 battery, the unit can be used for a long time with ease. Since the battery is removable, you can purchase the 2500mah battery for a replacement that offers you a runtime of about 50 minutes. You can also recharge the device via the UBS port that takes a couple of hours.

The mouthpiece can be stored in the base compartment of the device. This not only makes storage easy but also protects the glass mouthpiece from damage. Solid aluminum is used for its construction, making it quite durable. With the dimensions of 3.5×1.75inches, you will find it quite easy to keep this device with you at all times.

  1. Flowermate V5.0s Kit

This device utilizes the system of non-combustion with the technology of conduction heating. It also features diffused airflow with a ceramic heating chamber. You are offered three settings of temperature. It is powered by two lithium-ion batteries that ensure that you can use it for about three hours without having to worry about charging.

Using medical Grade material for construction, the makers have ensured that this device provides you with healthy vapor.

  1. Flowermate V5.0s Pro Mini Kit

This device wins praise for its compactness, impressive performance, and the features that it is provided with. It features a separate airflow path, providing you with pure and clean vapor. The airflow is adjustable. A heating chamber made from ceramic forms part of the unit.

This non-combustion vaporizer offers you a wide range of control of temperature. To get a unique vaping experience, you can connect the unit with a water pipe adapter. You can use it as a power bank to charge various devices.

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