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BBTANK has been in the market since several years. They ensure high-quality product delivered to their large pool of clients through fast delivery. They provide economical rates with special services. BBTANK is a project of Shenzhen Babyton Technology. They are dedicated to produce CBD/THC/Hemp oil vapes and has been in business in several years.


BBTank Review

Being in the industry since several years, the Shenzhen Babyton technology has won over its clients with the quality they maintain, the rates they offer, the special services that is characteristic of them and the fast delivery that they ensure. The company specializes in the production of CBD, Hemp, and THC oil vapes and employs over 500 workers. Its production lines amount to 36. Thus, it is capable of producing as many as 100,000 pieces of cartridges in a single day. Priding to be the top manufacturer of oil vape in China, the company offers all the services that include developing the product, producing it followed by delivering it after packaging.

You can get your hands on the BBTank voltage key box mode, key box mod, and the key flask mod at GALACBD.

BBTank Flask Mod

Provided with an exquisite design, the BBTANK flask mod is quite portable owing to its compact size. Equipped with a built-in 200mah battery, it uses the standard 510 thread battery making it compatible with most cartridges. The unit can also be charged through USB. A magnetic connection forms part of the device that ensures that you can connect a magnet adaptor with the atomizer easily.

BBTank Variable Voltage Key Box Mod

With a compact design, this Variable Voltage Key box mod offers you a high level of discretion. It features three adjustable voltage settings along with temperature presets thereby making it sure that you get the performance you are looking for.

Made to look like a key box of a car, the attachment of slim oil of the unit is placed where you would typically insert the key in the key box. The unit is opened by pushing the button facing front that triggers the 510-thread, similar to a key box.

It offers more versatility as you get control of the output of the voltage. The previous BBTank operated on 3.7V, but this one provides you three options ensuring you can adjust according to the consistency of the oil.

Pressing the power button thrice after unlocking the device will allow you to change the output levels. Pressing the button five times unlocks the device. When the power setting is changed, the LED indicator also changes its color. When you opt for the lowest voltage setting of 2.7V, the green light is lit. The output of 3.1V which is the medium setting gets you the blue light while at the maximum output of 3.6V, the indicator turns yellow.

These box mods are powered by 350mah battery that lasts for a long time and is capable of supporting quite low attachments of up to 1.2ohm. Thus, the device can last for days without you having to recharge it. When you do run out of charge, you can use the USB charging port for the purpose. Ensure that prior to using it for the first time, you charge it to full. All that you need to do is connect the mod to a device compatible with USB. The red light on the LED lets you know that charging has commenced. It turns green when the battery reaches its capacity.

BBTank Key Box Mod

If you want a device that would not attract a lot of attention and can be used during travels, this is one to look at. Provided with an authentic and innovative battery design, this unit looks and works similar to a key box of a car, thereby offering optimal discretion.

It features a connection of 510-thread. You can flip it close to accommodate the attachments in the device. If you want to commence heating the oils, all you need to do is press the front button, and the connector opens up along with the attachment.

An authenticity sticker features at the unit's back lets you know that you have purchased an authentic BBTank item. Since we pride on being a trusted seller, we buy all the producers from the manufacturers directly.

Once you find the heating attachment ready to use, pressing the button five times will switch the device on. It takes a mere two seconds. The power button which is present on the side of the unit can then be used to heat the oils. When you have used the device for 15 seconds continuously, the device will cut off automatically thereby protecting it from being overheated.

Below the single button, you will find a LED light indicator. It turns red to let you know that the device is functioning properly. The LED also flashes when you lock or unlock the device, in case of low voltage and when it needs recharging. When the battery runs out, you can charge it via the USB port. It will reach its full capacity in about four hours. The red light turns up on LED when charging commences. It turns green when full capacity is reached.

A key ring also forms part of the device that allows for convenient travels. This device can support a lot of attachments, some of which rated quite low with the minimum range being 1.2ohm. The long-lasting lithium-ion 350mah battery provides 3.7V output for a long time.

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