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CBD dabs have different varieties among which one is CBD wax. The CBD dabs are manufactured similarly. CBD is cooked down in each one till a concentrated CBD dab is produced which offers ease in use. CBD shatter is a type of CBD isolate on which we have already shed some light earlier. Terpenes are added in the variant which is available in the form of isolated crystals. Thus, similar to CBD isolate, CBD shatter offers you pure Cannabidiol. The difference is that some elements have been added to it to enhance the flavor. To summarize it, when CBD isolates are infused with Terpenes, CBD shatter is produced.


CBD Wax & CBD Dab & Shatter

What is a Dab?

Potent and highly concentrated cannabinoids are referred to as dabs. These are available in various forms including 1:1 ratio, THC and high CBD. The purpose of dabs is to enable imbibition of a high amount of a specific cannabinoid rapidly.

You will come across various types of dabs with each manufactured via a unique method and provided with different features. Let us provide you with some examples

Wax: these dabs having a high concentration of cannabinoids, somewhere around 65%. Owing to their somewhat firm texture, wax dabs cannot be molded.

Shatter: similar to a dirty piece of glass, this variant of dab shatters under pressure. However, this is the option for those looking for the optimal dose of cannabinoids as this can easily be called among the strongest of dabs found on the market.

Sugar: resembling sugar in powdered form, this variant of dab is grounded to produce a powder that you can use in a variety of ways such as by adding in your meals.

Dabs, irrespective of which type, are usually provided with a sticky texture and have the appearance similar to a piece of resin.

However, looks can be deceptive. These substances offer you the purest possible concentrate of THC or CBD. They are usually brown or yellow owing to the process of extraction and refining they go through for conversion of dab from cannabis.

What to Expect

If you want to feel CBD effects rapidly, dabbing is what you need. People usually feel calm and relaxed after the experience. Some even suggest that dabbing can be useful in dealing with nausea. Others think that it helps them to fall asleep. In my opinion, it helps one to sleep since it takes away the feelings of anxiety that often engulfs one when they lie in bed, thus, enabling one to drift off easily.

The medical benefits offered by CBD are being studied. FDA created quite a stir last month by approving pharmaceutical using cannabis for the first time, wherein a purified form of CBD oil can now be used for the treatment of epilepsy. The cannabinoid is also found to be useful for treating autism, and chronic pain. It can also prevent brain disease in cold age and protect against some types of cancers.

What is CBD Wax?

Using CBD wax with caution owing to its potency is essential. Also called CBD shatter wax, crumble, live resin and bidder, CBD wax is available is crystallized or solidified variant of CBD extract. A CO2 extraction method is used for the extraction of CBD. Processing of the oil to form wax is done once it is extracted. It is profoundly concentrated. CBD wax can be used to treat a lot of ailments. However, it is found to be particularly useful in alleviating pain.

Most people prefer to dab CBD wax. Dabbing involves inhalation of a substance using a CBD wax pen or a dabbing pen for the purpose. This method has acquired quite a bit of popularity within a short span. While caution is advised while dabbing, you get rid of the pain instantly owing to it. It is advisable to increase the dosage of concentrate gradually while dabbing. The dabbing method is also used by people when they have to use medical marijuana. The process is the same. However, CBD has minimal traces of THC.

The Different Types of CBD Wax

Those new to the CBD industry might find it surprising that products labeled as CBD wax are rare to find. You usually see them labeled as CBD Budder, Wax and CBD crumble.

To make things clear, these labels indicate the form of the CBD wax. The CBD wax and the process we follow have the edge over others. The Terpenes are not added and are instead present naturally.

Since we use chromatography to make wax, you will not find traces of THC in the wax we produce. If you want to get something that is devoid of THC but is provided with Terpenes and other cannabinoids that have health benefits to offer, Hemp-based CBD will prove to be the right choice.

  • CBD Crumble

Have you ever seen Feta cheese? CBD crumble has a texture similar to it. Indeed, it also crumbles like feta cheese which is why it is referred to as CBD crumble. Production of this form of wax makes use of pre-purged oil. Since it has more moisture, the pre-purged oil is thicker and heavier. It is the use of this oil that gives the Crumble its unique texture and flavor.

  • CBD Budder

This form is called Budder since it has the consistency of cooking butter. When the high temperature and air pressure is used during the process of purging, CBD Budder is produced. While being quite potent, it has a fluffy and waxy texture.

What is CBD Shatter?

This is perhaps the purest cannabidiol you can expect to find. Being completely devoid of THC, CBD shatter is ideal for those who have to take drug tests as part of their profession now and then. Keep in mind that those CBD oil products that have traces of THC can lead to your drug test being positive.

A rigorous filtration process is used for the manufacture of CBD shatter which is available in the form of small and white rocks. Following the filtration process, the remaining CBD isolates are infused with Terpenes to produce shatter. This brittle compound can provide quite a lot of health benefits that CBD offers without the risk of THC. You can use these without any worries.

CBD Wax vs. CBD Shatter: What's the Difference?

Many are unable to understand the difference between CBD shatter and CBD wax. It is quite easy to explain.

The extraction and filtration process of both is the same. However, high maintenance is required in the setting stage for CBD shatter. It needs protection from heat changes and light. CBD shatter cannot be disturbed physically during the phase of setting. If this is not ensured, the transparent surface becomes opaque owing to crystal formation leading to changes in texture. The CBD shatter thus takes the form of CBD wax.

CBD shatter and CBD Wax are not very different when it comes to potency and purity. CBD shatter might be purer compared to CBD wax owing to lack of intrusion as it sets. If you are concerned about which one of these would be a suitable one for you, you can seek the assistance of a doctor. Give each one a test to find the one that suits you better.

Choosing CBD Shatter

The flavor and effects of CBD shatter differ according to the variety of Terpenes used. It can be quite tempting to select the combination which offers the best taste. However, you need to ensure that you get your desired impact and thus the Terpenes used should be in accordance with that.

Let us take a look at some Terpenes profiles the CBD shatter is infused with:

  • Caryophyllene:
  1. It has a peppery and spicy aroma to it and is found in cloves and black pepper.
  2. It is quite suitable for those struggling with depression or anxiety.
  • Myrcene:
  1. Found in basil, mangoes, and thyme, this one has a fruity aroma to it.
  2. Cannabis is enriched with it. It works as a mild sedative and thus helps one to sleep. It is also a muscle relaxant.
  • Limonene:
  1. This form of Terpenes is extracted from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.
  2. It is the most suitable choice for topical treatments since it increases skin absorption.

How To Use CBD Shatter?

You can use CBD shatter in a variety of ways. For instance, it can be added to food or drinks. Dabbing or vaping is also an option. If you are creating your own CBD oil, it can work as a base.

A kind of setup is required to dab the shatter. However, you get rapid results. You will need some tools such as a dabber, torch, rig, and nail. Some other accessories for dabbing can also make the process easier. You will find it beneficial to do some research on the whole method. Since it gets hot, it is vital to be cautious while using the method.

If you want to add CBD shatter to food, pay attention to the temperature prior to adding it. The benefits you get with Terpenes might reduce if they are exposed to more than 100C of temperature. Timing plays a crucial role when you use CBD shatter as an ingredient in your cooking.

High quality of kitchen scale should be used while dabbing or vaping CBD shatter since the shatter has to be broken down to 10mg doses. This will ensure that you can adjust the doses later if you do not get your desired results. It is recommended that you start with 10mg. However; it might be a good idea to take a look at the information regarding dosage that your product is supplied with. You should also take the effect of the shatter on your body into account. You can also consult a cannabis doctor to find out more about the suitable dose of CBD shatter and how it should be ingested.

In case of any other query, visit your physician to find out more.

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