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ShenZhen Dakon Technology Co. Ltd. Is the master of vaping related products. It is the company that has been exceling in this filed for numerous years, gaining the respective experience they need to progress. They are working effectively in CBD preheat batteries, atomizers, disposable vape pens, CBD oil cartridges, etc. It was 2014 that the company came into being. It was a brainchild of likeminded engineers who wanted to manufacture better working products to help user in all the ways possible.


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The company ShenZhen Dakon Technology Co. Ltd. is a master developer and designer when it comes to vaping related products. They are a company that specialize in CBD preheat batteries, CBD oil cartridges, atomizers and disposable vape pens capable of burning CBD. The inception of the company can be traced back to a group of enthusiastic engineers, who had always been interested in creating Ecigs, and in the year 2014, the company was finally formed. Being a company, that has a very powerful and efficient R&D facility, production techniques and ability to market their goods effectively, the company has been successful in covering all main markets that lie in South America, North America, Southern and Northern Europe and many more.

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