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When weed is on the menu, this atomizer has a vape tank meant for vaping weed. Most of them have variable function, however, some of the features are common. All such devices heat the herb through a heat producing filament and they are provided power through vape mods attached to the device by regular 510 connections. In certain models, coil free system of heating is employed, whereas in others, normal coils are used. Many models allow customized temperature settings through varied wattage mods.


CBD Vape Tanks & Atomizers

If you want to vape weed in your vape tank, I'm afraid you cannot. Yes, there are numerous reasons why this cannot take place. However, the good thing to note down here is that a few other possibilities are available in the market through which you can vape weed easily. Vaping weed is a rather difficult task especially when it comes to e-liquid vape tank. Not all atomizers work well with weed which is why you need to be particular regarding where you are spending your money on.

There are numerous types of atomizers available in the market. If its your first time, it is a better idea to invest in something less expensive so that you can decide how much you like it. We bring you the list of atomizers available in the market today and what are their respective features to help you get the guidance you need.

What is a dry herb atomizer?

The type of vape tank that works best for weed is called a dry herb atomizer. Not every dry herb atomizer works the same way, each has a different attribute. A 510 connection is given to these dry herb tanks that are powered by regular vape mods. These make use a heating element located close to the chamber form where the herb is heated. The heating mechanism is also not the same for all types of dry herb atomizers. Some contain regular coils while some heat without coils. The digital system allows users to control the designated temperature they want the coils to progress in order to heat the herb.

The dry herb vaporizer tanks have some different attributes when put aside with the standard dry herb vaporizers. The thing about dry herb vaporizer tanks is that they cause the weed to come in direct contact with the heating element. If you are a beginner you might burn your weed in the early stages but after you get a hang of it, the atomizer will work just fine. There is a type of dry herb atomizer which has a battery inserted to it that's controls the amount of heat available around the herb. If you are looking for a decent alternative from the joints and typical bowls, dry herb atomizers are just what you need.

What is a wax dab pen atomizer?

This a special kind that works best for dabs. Wax dab pen atomizers appear similar to vape tank, however they replace the coil heads. Some work best without coils while the other utilize single, dual or even triple coils with ceramic or quartz. Mostly all the wax dab pen atomizers available in the market today work well with 510 pin that is available at the bottom. Ideal to work with most sub ohm mods. Users have the choice to purchase their special kind of draw. They can go for tight MTL draw or a much looser direct lung draw.

Another significant thing to note about wax dab pen atomizers is that they are compatible with a 510 connection and can easily work with a vape mod. Dab atomizers are fun to use. They are portable which makes them an easy carry option while travelling.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer tank

A dry herb vaporizer tanks works best if you follow these simple steps in the exact same order. A 510 dry herb tank will give you the sensational experience that you will not get over soon.

  • The first thing that you need to do is attach your atomizer with your mods 510 connector.
  • Next you need to make sure your herb is properly grinded or not. You can make use of a weed grinder to do so.
  • Fill the loading chamber of your dry herb vaporizer tank with the evenly grinded herb. Pack is nicely and avoid overpacking.
  • Get your dab tool and neatly pack the herb in the loading chamber.
  • It is a better idea to turn on your device while you do so. Go to the settings and change the temperature to your desired setting.
  • Press the fire button and while you do so, inhale content for around 3 seconds
  • By pulsing the fire button on and off you are able to monitor the heating very well
  • Users who want the vape to hit them harder, can increase the wattage. This increases the intensity
  • Take a few hits. To evenly heat the herb, gently stir the content with the dab tool
  • Remove all of the debris after the session. This will make sure you do not have a lot of clean alter
  • Grain alcohol is a good medium to clean the chamber

Dry Herb Atomizer vs. E-Liquid Atomizer

The thing about dry herb atomizer and e-liquid atomizer is that they do offer they same result, but the process is different. The design mechanism of both atomizers is different. Both handle the herb content in their own unique way. E-liquid atomizer holds the liquid content in the loading chamber. When the heating begins, it channels the liquid content towards the coil. This is assisted by an absorbent wick. On the other hand, dry herb atomizer holds the dry content in place. The temperature of the coil is raised to cause the content such as tobacco or marijuana to come in direct contact with the heating element. To say this short, e-liquid atomizer channels the content to the heating coil directly while the dry herb vape tank causes the heat to rise and move to the loading chamber where the content is available. Both accommodate the facility of getting connected to an e-cigarette mods, however the process is different.

How to Clean a Dry Herb Atomizer Tank

Have you heard about ABV before? If you haven't then you might have not cleaned your weed vape tank device before. It is important to clean our dry herb atomizer tanks well after every use so that they are able to assist us for a longer time. The vaporizer weed called ABV collects itself at the chamber. The mesh screens which are used to filter the vapour when you inhale collect small fragments during vaping. If you don't clean it up well, the performance of your dry herb atomizer tank can be altered.

Several atomizers come with cleaning kits that include a cleaning brush or a respective tool that could cater the whole cleaning process. Yes, the brushes and the tools are good for cleaning but if you make use of some acetone or alcohol as well the experience would be better. It is important to clean the coil along with the chamber with a brush that contains alcohol. Be gentle with the coil so that you don't alter its shape resulting into poor performance. Soak the mouthpiece along with the filter in alcohol diluted water. Repeat the same procedure with the coil and the chamber too. Leave these to air-dry. Give it time to dry itself properly.

How to Make a Dry Herb Atomizer

Making a dry herb atomizer is not rocket science. By taking note of some significant steps you can make your very own dry herb atomizers which are not too costly. Yes, the process requires some critical steps which cannot be carried out by someone who has no knowledge of vapes. If you have a rebuildable atomizer you can also use to create a stove-top style coil, but the ceramic chambers have restricted functionalities. The ceramic chambers provide direct contact between the content and the heating chamber. The time, energy and money that one spends on building one DIY dry herb atomizers is a lot more than just purchasing one.

Advantages of dry herb atomizers

  • Cost-friendly
  • Helps remain private
  • Easy to attach with the vape mod
  • Power regulation is easier
  • No tobacco, so no smoking
  • No use to carry a lighter or matchbox along

Disadvantages of dry herb atomizers

  • Hot to carry
  • Requires attention to manual for understanding
  • High maintenance


All the respective dry herb atomizers available in the market have their own perks. They come with multiple advantages that helps then stand out among their competitors. Portable vaporizer can be converted into any mod by the assistance of dry herb atomizers. The atomizers are easy to carry and are also easy to purchase. The intensity of their hit can be altered from the settings menu. The dry herb atomizers are ready to assist you for numerous years if you take a good care of it.

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