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CBD Drinks

The number of different CBD products on the CBD market is continually growing each day, but if you are looking for the most convenient form of CBD, then you need to choose CBD drinks. Each customer prefers a different CBD product – some find it difficult to get the specific serving doze with tinctures. Others do not want to consume edibles nor vape. CBD can be used in different ways, and CBD drink is one of them. Shot bottles are convenient for daily usage, and they are perfect for people who are constantly on the go.

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Nowadays, almost everyone's pace of life is fast and chaotic. In the middle of the day, people need something that will energize them so that they can continue fulfilling the remaining tasks. So, instead of using sugary desserts or coffee as energy sources, try CBD drinks. These products are previously measured and filled shots that have an outstanding taste. CBD drinks will definitely provide you with the boost you need during the day.

You do not need to measure the correct serving size nor count the correct number of pills or drops. If you are looking for a CBD product with superb quality and a hassle-free experience, then the CBD drinks are ideal for you. The CBD drinks sold on GALA CBD have a delicious taste, and they are specially formulated to offer you the ideal serving size of CBD.

Have a look at our extensive collection of CBD Drinks, and treat your body with a healthy dose of tasty and high-quality CBD in the most convenient way. If you are constantly on the go, and if you are looking for a portable, delicious, and convenient way of consuming CBD, try CBD drinks.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an ingredient in hemp in cannabis that is not intoxicating. CBD products, such as CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD gummies, and CBD tinctures, are becoming more and more popular for managing stress, anxiety, pain, and several other symptoms.

Usually, whenever cannabis is mentioned, people think of getting high. However, there are special methods for extracting CBD and making products that do not have psychoactive effects. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound in cannabis that gets people high, but today there are a lot of products that are either THC-free or contain inconsiderable amounts of THC. These products are perfect for soothing some symptoms without getting high.

Besides CBD and THC, there are numerous other ingredients in cannabis that are highly beneficial. These ingredients are called cannabinoids. Extensive research is being done, and so far, the results point out that cannabinoids are very helpful for a number of ailments.

What Is CBD Used for?

Despite using it for treating anxiety, CBD has proved to be highly beneficial for treating insomnia – it helps the person easily fall asleep and have a long, uninterrupted sleep. There is a broad range of CBD products to choose from on the market, including CBD Drinks, CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD Topicals, and CBD vape.

How Does CBD Work?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in human bodies is comprised of cannabinoid receptors, which usually interact with the CBD molecules. The interaction between CBD and ECS is extremely helpful for maintaining the well-being of people.

The main purpose of the ECS is to regulate different functions in humans, such as mood, sleep, memory, appetite, and sensation of pain. CBD and other cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system simulating natural compounds, known as endocannabinoids that are created by the human body.

What Does CBD Do?

When CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors, it affects their activity, and it also triggers the production of natural compounds, known as endocannabinoids, in the human body. But CBD does not only influence the activity of ECS. It also interacts with serotonin, opioid, and dopamine receptors. The fact that CBD interacts with a number of different systems in the human body shows that CBD actually has the potential to open new possibilities in medicine and psychiatry.

A lot of people consume CBD on a daily basis because it might improve the performance of their ECS.

What Are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks are drinks that contain CBD, and they are a tasty and energizing way of consuming cannabidiol.

These drinks are infused with CBD, or cannabidiol, an ingredient found in Cannabis sativa which is not intoxicating. The Farm Bill legalized the kind of CBD that is extracted from industrial hemp, which contains inconsiderable amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound of cannabis that has psychoactive effects.

How Are CBD Infused Drinks Made?

CBD drinks are not made by simply adding a precise amount of CBD tincture in liquids. The process is a bit more complicated. A number of modern bars and coffee shops add CBD in the drinks they serve at the counter. But the process for making the CBD drinks that are sold online and at dispensaries is more complicated and sophisticated.

Most of the CBD extracts come as oils, and it is well known that oil and water cannot be mixed. That is why the drinks and water that are used for making CBD drinks are mixed with CBD that can be easily dissolved in both water and other liquids. By using advanced technology, the CBD particles are fractionated in microscopic nanodroplets. Then, they are enclosed in an emulsifier and added without any difficulty in liquids.

CBD isolate is a form of CBD that contains large amounts of CBD. This is a crystalline form of CBD which has a high bioavailability (the amount of CBD that is absorbed in the bloodstream). CBD isolate can be used for producing CBD drinks. Nevertheless, water-soluble CBD is much better for making CBD drinks than the CBD isolate, because the CBD drinks and CBD water made with water-soluble CBD are fit for consumption for a longer time. The main reason for this is the fact that the oil in the CBD isolate will separate from the water after a certain period of time.

In the process of making drinks with infused CBD oil, water-soluble oil is used.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Just like the name indicates, water-soluble CBD is actually water that contains fully dissolved CBD. Nonetheless, the process of making water-soluble CBD is not simple at all. This process includes dissolving a CBD isolate into a naturally obtained oil, which is usually uncolored and unflavored.

Then, the oil is being broken down into nanoscopic droplets by using nanotechnology. Those droplets create a stabilized additive that does not affect the consistency, color, and taste of the liquids in which it is completely blended.

The CBD molecules are fractionated in microscopic particles that fully enable the CBD to dissolve and bind together with water molecules.

The CBD becomes a hydrophilic substance once it is mixed with and dissolved in water. This increases the bioavailability of ingested CBD, i.e., the specific amount of CBD that is being absorbed by the body.

CBD isolates have high bioavailability, and that is why they can be used for making CBD drinks. However, water-soluble CBD is a more preferred and a better ingredient for making CBD-infused drinks.

What Are the Benefits of Using Water-Soluble CBD for Drinks?

Using water-soluble CBD is more beneficial than using any oil-based CBD products because water-soluble CBD has much higher bioavailability. The oil-based CBD most often ends up in the fatty tissues of the human body. On the other hand, the water-soluble CBD in CBD water and other CBD drinks is easily absorbed in the bloodstream. This way, the onset time is increased, and the effects are felt for a longer period of time.

If you have decided to make CBD drinks at home, it is better to use water-soluble CBD than mixing CBD oil tincture drops in liquids. In water-soluble CBD, the CBD has already bound with the water molecules, so all you need to do is pour it in the liquid or water, and you are ready to go.

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is an innovative technique for lowering the size of things to nanoscopic dimensions.

For example, the diameter of the molecule of CBD is approximately 4440 nanometers. So, when a company uses nanotechnology to reduce the dimensions of the molecules down to the dimensions of nanoparticles, they reduce 4440% of the size.

The size of the molecules is being reduced to the size of nanoparticles because if the size is small enough, the human body will easily break those nanoparticles into even smaller particles, and it will process them into beneficial compounds that can interact with the ECS (endocannabinoid system).

Why CBD Nanotechnology Functions Effectively?

According to numerous CBD retailers that sell nano CBD products, the reason CBD nanotechnology functions effectively is the fact that smaller particles of the CBD molecule are easily carried throughout the bloodstream. This way, all of the CBD nanoparticles will get to the liver.

A lot of research has been conducted in this specific area, and the conclusion is that the nanoparticles of CBD work perfectly because of their lipophilic properties.

As a matter of fact, there are two different types of molecules: hydrophilic and lipophilic. The hydrophilic particles can easily attach to water-based molecules, while the lipophilic particles can naturally attach to lipid-based molecules.

Also, there are some molecules that can act as both hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules. They are like magnets with two ends – one of them is hydrophilic, and the other one is lipophilic. Thanks to these specific properties, this type of molecules can have the role of a bridge for molecules that cannot normally connect.

When talking about CBD, this is a very important aspect since cannabinoids are lipophilic and hydrophobic. To put it simply, CBD molecules tend to push away the water molecules that are trying to bind with them. This represents an obstacle to consuming CBD because the human body functions by using a hydrophilic system.

That is the main reason for the low bioavailability of cannabinoids. They cannot easily connect with the molecules of water, and the greatest part of them becomes useless because it cannot be processed properly. This can be seen when the bioavailability of CBD is examined once it is suspended in coconut oil.

The digestion of coconut oil is slower compared to other foods because the coconut oil usually gets trapped in the gastrointestinal system. CBD is mixed with coconut oil because this way, the body has more time to extract the CBD from the oil. This process is known as Intestinal Lymphatic Drug Delivery, and it is elaborated in the study conducted by Ji-Ho Park and Hyeji Ahn. They explained that mixing CBD and coconut oil has positive results because CBD is easily accepted and used by the human body.

Nevertheless, everything changes once the size of the CBD particles is being reduced.

According to scientists' observations, when CBD molecules are broken down into nanoparticles, they do not act the same as when their size is larger. Nothing can be specifically defined yet because the subatomic area is confusing and different. However, it is a fact that when CBD molecules are reduced to nanoparticles, they easily bind with water and lipids.

Esposito conducted another study about the nano CBD which was published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. According to this study, when CBD molecules are broken down to nanoparticle size, they can surround themselves with nanostructured lipid carriers. This way, the lipid-tolerant particles are being converted into completely lipophilic particles.

This is the production method used for the CBD nano products that are available on the market. Reducing the size of CBD particles to nanoparticle size does not make them instantly perfect – it simply means that they are covered with a lipophilic coating, such as Rimonabant, AM251, and URB597.

This is what converts CBD from a particle that cannot be accepted by the body to a useful particle that the body entirely accepts and integrates in the ECS.  

Various Kinds of CBD Drinks

There is a broad range of CBD drinks available on the CBD market, including coffee, tea, water, beer, wine, coconut water, cocktails, energy water, and fruit juices. Some of the CBD drinks, such as CBD Coffee, CBD Water, CBD Tea, and CBD Syrup, are introduced and explained below.

CBD Coffee

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee is a mixture of coffee and CBD (cannabidiol). This mixture can contain various other ingredients, and it can be prepared as ordinary hot coffee, cold brew, and other different kinds of drinks. There are some cafés that offer CBD-infused drinks. Usually, after the coffee is brewed, they add CBD oil drops to it. On the other hand, coffee brands add CBD, usually CBD isolate, directly into the coffee beans.

CBD and Caffeine: How Caffeine Affects CBD?

One of the frequently asked questions regarding CBD coffee is about the interaction between coffee and CBD. People are usually confused about this specific combination because coffee is considered a stimulating substance, while CBD is a tranquilizing one.

You might come across some comments that CBD infused coffee is not the greatest kind of CBD drinks, but those comments are usually made by people who do not know all the facts.

We all love the smell of coffee early in the morning and the magical power to provide us with the energy we need to start the day. But those are not the only properties of coffee. Caffeine might sometimes cause insomnia, difficulties in digesting food, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and it might raise the blood pressure as well.

CBD infused coffee is a great product indeed because the CBD might remove all of those probable negative effects of caffeine, such as relentlessness, stress, anxiety, insomnia, heart issues, bowel problems, and several other issues. So, if you are both a coffee lover and a CBD enthusiast, then the CBD infused coffee is the ideal product for you.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Coffee?

There are several different reasons why people adore the unique combination of CBD and coffee. First of all, it can successfully diminish the nervousness and stomach ache that usually appears when drinking caffeinated beverages. People usually drink caffeinated beverages to wake up easily and be more attentive throughout the day, but sometimes caffeine can be too strong for people – it can make a person feel extremely nervous, tense, and irritable. CBD can make your cup of coffee less strong, soothing, and relaxing.

CBD infused coffee is perfect for adding CBD to your daily routine in a natural and subtle way. Instead of taking a specific number of CBD oil drops in the morning and the evening, now you can consume your daily dose of CBD by enjoying your favorite caffeinated beverage.

It is more likely to remember to prepare yourself a cup of coffee in the morning than to reach for the bottle of CBD oil. Your old habit of waking up with a cup of coffee will remain, but it will be enriched with a highly beneficial compound – CBD.

The effects of CBD last longer when CBD is ingested than when it is inhaled. When inhaling CBD, it quickly enters the body, but it also quickly exits.

When a person consumes CBD via the mouth, it takes more time for the CBD oil to be absorbed in each part of the digestive system. Moreover, it takes longer for CBD oil to leave the human body. This way, it works more efficiently and profoundly in healing the person's body.

The longer the CBD oil remains in your body, the better – it will have more time to heal, fix, and soothe you.

How to Prepare CBD Coffee?

CBD Coffee can be brewed just like traditional coffee. Feel free to use the CBD coffee grounds in your French Press, percolator, or pour-over just like you use any other type of coffee. The ratio between CBD coffee grinds and water should be the same as the one that you are accustomed to when preparing a regular cup of coffee. It is advisable to use cold, fresh water in order to preserve and improve the flavor of the CBD infused coffee while brewing it.

Why Should You Drink CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee provides users with the best things from both coffee and CBD. For instance, Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee comes with an amount of caffeine that will energize you and a natural mixture of CBD, CBG, and several other cannabinoids that are highly beneficial for your entire body. Coffee is comprised of numerous antioxidants, and people around the world adore this beverage for all the benefits of caffeine it offers. Drinking CBD coffee will provide you with a unique experience of a calm mind and a refreshed and energized body. Let your day begin in the best way possible. If you are looking for CBD coffee, then you should definitely try Hemp Flower Coffee from Green Roads.

How to Consume CBD Coffee?

There is not a specifically determined rule for consuming CBD coffee. You are the one who determines which way is the best way to consume this drink – you can either prepare the CBD coffee by yourself at home or use some of the numerous brands on the CBD market. If you think that brewing CBD coffee would be time-consuming for you, then you can buy CBD coffee from the nearest coffee shop that serves this type of drink.

CBD Water

What Is CBD Water?

The most popular CBD drink currently is CBD Water. The brands that produce CBD water claim that they reduce the CBD molecules to nanoparticles by using nanotechnology. This advanced process enables the body to absorb CBD easily. The results from the limited research conducted in this specific area suggest that the human body easily absorbs CBD particles that are lipid-based.

Nanomaterials are extremely tiny – one nanometer equals one thousand-millionth of a meter. The original size of CBD molecules from CBD oil is too big to enter the body cells easily. On the other hand, the nanoparticles help CBD enter the body efficiently and without any difficulty. Some users prefer this method of consuming CBD rather than consuming the traditional form of CBD.

Bioavailability is very important because it determines whether CBD will be efficient or not. For example, if you get your daily dose of CBD by eating CBD edibles, approximately 90% of the CBD can be wasted due to low bioavailability. On the other hand, when using CBD water, each particle of CBD is used by your body, and you need to use lower amounts of it in order to feel the beneficial effects.

The Benefits of CBD Water

As explained in the section above, CBD water increases bioavailability and enables the CBD to be absorbed easily and fast. There are some types of CBD water that contain antioxidants, too, which are beneficial for improving your immune system. Some of the benefits of CBD water are reducing muscle pain and helping people recover in a shorter period of time.

When it comes to flavor and taste, there are not any. Actually, you will be drinking mineral water infused with CBD. Usually, the maximum amount of CBD that brands add to the water is 50mg. The optimal dose of CBD is still undetermined because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD. However, it should be emphasized that CBD water will not get you high, i.e., it does not have any psychoactive effects. A bottle of CBD water will refresh and energize you.

Brands That Produce CBD Water

Although CBD water is one of the newest products on the CBD market, there are already some leading brands, including:

CBD Living Water: This company became the most popular brand for CBD water in a very short time. CBD Living Water uses nanotechnology to create microscopic CBD drops, which are then infused in a 7.4 pH water.

CBD Naturals: According to this company's claims, a team of doctors creates their CBD water. They also emphasize that engineered nanomaterials have already been used for traditional food and drinks.

Canna Nano: This is an eco-friendly company that purifies the water they use in the production process in a natural manner, i.e., they replicate the processes of evaporation, precipitation, and condensation before infusing high-quality CBD into the water.

Summary on CBD Water

CBD water is a very convenient way of taking your daily dose of CBD. This product enables CBD to be absorbed in your body in a more efficient manner. Moreover, it is a perfect alternative to CBD oil for those of you who do not like the taste of CBD tinctures. And most importantly, it is refreshing.

However, the price of CBD water is much higher than the price of CBD oil. If you decide that it is worth the money, then do not think twice – get it and enjoy it. It needs to be mentioned that there are still some concerns about whether using nanotechnology for food and drinks is safe or not. Nowadays, CBD water is being sold by a few reputable firms, and it's not difficult for you to choose from.


What Is CBD Tea?

There are several different forms of CBD tea. Most often it can be found in tea bags, but it can also be made by adding a few drops of CBD oil to a cup of tea. Since the CBD oil cannot be naturally dissolved in water, you should use some kind of fat along with the CBD oil in order to improve its absorption. There are a few different kinds of fat that you can use, such as MCT oil or butter.

There is not a better way to start the morning than with a cup of tea. If you are a CBD enthusiast, you can now add this beneficial compound to one of the most adored breakfast drinks around the world.

Preparing CBD Tea

If you have decided to brew your CBD tea by yourself, then adding a specific dose can be a little tricky. Each person needs a different dose of CBD. Dosage usually depends on your personal needs and the goals you want to achieve. When using CBD for the first time, it is recommended that you begin with a small amount and then gradually increase as your body adapts to it. The recommended dose of CBD for people who use CBD for the first time is from 1mg to 5mg.

If you want to get the best results, then you should use natural and organic products. You should always pay attention to the ingredients used in the production process.

The Benefits of CBD Tea

CBD tea has become one of the most popular forms of consuming CBD. The combination of botanicals and herbs and high-quality CBD is extremely beneficial and healthy.

The combination of tea and CBD is ideal for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The active ingredients of cannabis, especially CBD, and the therapeutic spices and herbs, create a one-of-a-kind remedy for the whole body.

CBD Syrup

What Is CBD Syrup?

CBD-infused syrups are relatively new products available on the CBD market. This is a unique combination of sweetened syrup and CBD, along with several other ingredients and different health supplements.

CBD syrup is a tasty, convenient, and enjoyable way to get your daily CBD dose. You can consume only syrup, or you can add them into other drinks.

There are some other ingredients added to CBD syrups, too, such as lemon balm and melatonin that have calming properties, improving the sleep quality. Whether you are using the CBD syrup on its own, or you add it to another drink, you should take them at bedtime so that you can fall asleep easily.

Benefits and Effects of CBD Syrup

The benefits of using CBD-infused syrups are the same as the benefits of other CBD products. CBD is highly beneficial and helpful for a great number of symptoms and conditions, including pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea, migraines, digestive discomfort, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

The main goal of CBD syrups is to help you fall asleep easily and to have a long and uninterrupted sleep. That is why they contain additional ingredients with specific properties.

It has been proven that CBD might improve sleep quality. According to a 2017 research by Kimberly and James Sottile, which is conducted on the benefits of cannabis when it comes to sleep, CBD has great potential to treat insomnia.

Moreover, a study has been done at the University of Colorado on the effectiveness of CBD capsules that contained from 25mg to 175mg of CBD in treating sleep issues and anxiety. Seventy-two adults participated in the study. CBD improved the sleep quality of 67% of them, and it reduced the symptoms of anxiety of 79% of the participants.

The results of this study suggest that CBD improves sleep quality by reducing the symptoms of anxiety. It has been scientifically proven that anxiety is the main reason for different sleep issues, including insomnia.

CBD Syrup and Lean

What Is Lean?

Lean is also known as purple lean, purple drank, sizzurp, lean drink, and dirty sprite. This drink is a combination of fruit-flavored candies, soft drinks, and cough medicine.

The cough medicine used in the lean is actually a prescription-strength cough syrup, and it makes lean's safety questionable because it contains an opioid drug – codeine.

CBD Syrup Is A Healthier Alternative to Lean

There are certain risks related to drinking lean. On the other hand, CBD is a harmless and beneficial compound that people can consume every day.

The popularity of lean is decreasing, while CBD syrups are becoming more and more popular. CBD hemp syrups are most popular among the hip-hop community, and among youth in general, because they are a safe and healthy alternative to lean, and they provide the same calming effects.

Additional Information on CBD Syrup

CBD Syrup Concentration

CBD syrup, similarly to CBD oil, can come in several different concentrations. For instance, one brand might offer a 60ml bottle of CBD syrup that contains 500mg of CBD, while another brand might offer a 60ml bottle of CBD syrup that contains 60mg of CBD.

That means that some CBD syrups might be more potent and effective than others. But remember, high concentration and quality are not related. The quality of CBD syrup does not depend on the concentration of CBD solely.

CBD Syrup Flavors

CBD syrup has sugar added to it, and it usually has fruit flavor, such as strawberry and grape. Most of the consumers choose CBD syrup over CBD capsules because of the delightful flavor.

CBD Syrup Nutrition

There are large amounts of sugar in CBD syrups. Usually, high-fructose corn syrup and different sweeteners are used. CBD syrup does not contain a lot of calories, but if you are paying attention to your sugar intake, make sure to read the label and check all the ingredients.

The Price of CBD Syrup

The price of CBD syrup is most often higher than the price of CBD oil. The cost of per mg of CBD can be determined if the price of the specific product is divided by the content of CBD.

CBD syrups contain more CBD than CBD oil tinctures. Besides CBD, CBD syrups contain a lot of additional ingredients, and that is why they are additionally processed in order to remain shelf-stable. So, if the CBD syrup contains melatonin, then you will pay for this ingredient as well.

The Advantages of CBD Drinks

Benefits of CBD Drinks

CBD infused drinks have a great number of benefits because CBD, in general, has a great number of benefits. The popularity of CBD is increasing on a global level, and the benefits of CBD are often discussed. Some of the benefits of CBD drinks include pain relief, reducing anxiety, inflammation, depression, and improving heart health.

Bioavailability of CBD Drinks

The bioavailability of CBD is a very important factor because 60% of the human body is water. Bioavailability can be defined as the proportion of a substance that enters the systemic circulation. According to recent research, the bioavailability of CBD in the majority of CBD products is around 4%. That means that the other 96% are practically useless.

The effects of CBD when being ingested are improved by using water-soluble CBD. Water-soluble CBD is used in CDB drinks only, and that is why these products have a shorter onset and more durable effects.

Why Choose CBD Drinks

Advantages of Using CBD Drinks

  • A very convenient method of using CBD.
  • According to CBD enthusiasts, drinking CBD offers more durable effects.
  • There is a broad range of enjoyable flavors.
  • There is an extensive range of different CBD drinks to choose from.
  • If the brand offers the test results of third-party laboratories, then you will know the exact amount of CBD in each serving.

Although the industry of CBD beverages is relatively new, it has become very popular worldwide because CBD drinks are proving to be the most convenient and the best way to consume CBD. CBD has been a best-seller because this natural health ingredient is helpful for the overall health of the body. This year, the most liked products have been CBD-infused (sparkling) water, CBD energy drinks, CBD coffee blends, CBD herbal tea, CBD cocktails, CBD products for recovery and better performance, and CBD kombucha brews.

How to Select CBD Drinks?

Since there are a lot of different types of CBD drinks, selecting the right CBD drink for you might feel a little complicated. In order to select the best CBD drink for you, it is advisable to pay attention to the following requirements:

Reliable CBD Brands

It is usually a good idea to buy your CBD drinks from brands that have a good reputation on the market. Usually, those brands are transparent, and they offer products with the highest quality. Our lists are comprised of reliable CBD brands only.

Natural / GMO-free

The products with the highest quality are the ones that are made of completely natural and GMO-free hemp that is grown on US soil. When natural ingredients are used, less processing is required, the extraction process of the final product is less complicated, and the final product is safe with few to no side effects.

Test Results by Third-Party Laboratories

In order to make sure that you are buying reliable and authentic CBD products, always choose brands that offer products tested by third-party laboratories. Usually, these brands are transparent and publish the test results on their websites. These results are used to confirm that the amount of CBD in the products is the same as the amount written on the product label. They are also a guarantee that the products do not contain any pesticides, heavy metals, or molds.

Active and Inactive Ingredients

Make sure to double-check the label of the products, because it contains all the active ingredients (the ones that contain CBD), and the inactive ones. This way, you will double-check the quality of the product that you are buying. Try to buy completely natural products that do not contain any artificial ingredients.


Choose a product with a potency that is in accordance with your needs. Some brands offer products with numerous different potencies, and others offer only one or two. We tend to mention brands that offer products with several different potencies.

Different Prices

Our lists are comprised of products with different prices in order to make sure that everyone can find a product that fits their budget. The price of the products usually depends on the CBD strength, volume, serving size, and the amount and type of additional ingredients.

Our lists contain all the necessary information for you to choose the products that best fit your needs and desires.

Where to Buy CBD Drinks?

There are multiple locations that sell CBD drinks. Since the popularity of CBD products has increased a lot in the last few years, you can find them in natural grocery stores and in mainstream stores in states where CBD is legal.

It is advisable to buy CBD products from reliable companies. When buying CBD for the first time, always look for online CBD brands that can offer you additional information about every single product. Trustworthy suppliers are crucial for finding high-quality CBD products that will meet your needs.

How Much CBD Drink Should I Consume?

Each person processes CBD differently. Also, the endocannabinoid system of each person is different. The cannabinoid receptors and amounts of endocannabinoids produced by the body differ from each person.

That is why every individual should experiment with different serving sizes in order to determine their ideal dose. Several other factors should be taken into consideration, such as whether CBD drinks are consumed with food or not, the time of the day when the person consumes CBD drinks, and whether the person that consumes CBD drinks is active or not.

If CBD drinks are used for medical purposes, then it is recommended to start with a small amount and gradually increase it to the minimum dosage that proves to be effective. If this dosage is surpassed, then there may not be any additional benefits, and the effects might be decreased. The reason for this is the fact that CBD is a biphasic compound, i.e., the effects of the compound change over a specific amount. Another biphasic drug is alcohol – if it is used moderately, it can be relaxing and inspire happiness. But once the ideal amount is surpassed, alcohol can seriously damage people's health and have toxic effects.

On the other hand, CBD is not an intoxicating, toxic, nor addictive compound. Nevertheless, if a person consumes too much CBD hemp, some negative side effects might appear, such as lethargy and drowsiness. That is why you need to select a dose that will be high enough to provide you with some positive effects but not too high in order to avoid the side effects.

If you use CBD drinks for non-medical purposes, then it is up to you to decide when you feel the effects that meet your needs. The amount of CBD in most of the CBD drinks is from 10mg to 100mg. If you drink an entire CBD drink that has 50 – 100mg of CBD can make you experience lethargy and drowsiness.

What Is the Usual Amount of CBD in CBD Drinks?

The amount of CBD in CBD drinks depends on the manufacturer and the product type. For instance, there are from 10mg to 25mg (sometimes more) of CBD in a 16oz bottle of CBD water. There are a lot of CBD products available on the market that contain 4 – 30mg of CBD per serving. Larger bottles, which have 0.5l of CBD drink, are more expensive (approximately $10) because they contain more CBD.

A 12oz bottle of CBD soda usually has 20mg of CBD. The amount of CBD is similar in CBD-infused coffee and CBD-infused tea – there are around 20mg of CBD in a 11oz container.

Some people prefer to make their own CBD drinks in order to control the CBD content and make it ideal for their specific needs. If you are one of those people, then you need to buy water-soluble CBD to prepare your drinks at home. You can also find powdered CBD formulas on the market – you just add the CBD powder to your favorite drink and you are good to go.

How Long do the Effects of CBD Drinks Last?

When consumed via CBD drinks, it usually takes 4 hours for CBD to be metabolized, depending on the consumer. The intensity of the effects is the highest 45 minutes to an hour and a half after consuming the CBD drink, and that intensity begins to decrease after 2 hours.

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