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VapeEZ Review

VapeEZ operates from its headquarters located in Shenzhen. The company is ISO certified and apart from having a factory and workshop in the mainland of China, also have an R&D department. Having been in the vaping industry since the past seven years, the company has been behind the designing, Development, manufacturing, and distribution of a lot of useful products.

The aim of the company is to provide the users with easy and stylish vaping without compromising on quality while not backing from innovating.

Their production plaza spreads across 200,000sq.meters. They have a team of highly competent individuals, all of whom are highly skilled at their job. Thus, their research, development, quality control and sales teams are all those that one can rely on.

VapeEZ currently has a staff of nearly 60 in quality control while the personnel of R&D amount to 40. Their production staff numbers to 500 as they produce 16 lines of production. Using their skilled staff and the latest technology, they produce nearly 36000,000 pieces without any compromise on quality.

You can get VapeEZ Chill Mod, CHILL cartridge, EZ2.0 Mod, EZ2.0 cartridge, the EZD1 kit and the EZD2 kit at GALACBD.

  1. VapeEZ CHILL Cartridge

Using technology to its full potential, VapeEZ offers you a vaping pen that you will find highly impressive. The battery life of the device is quite long, and it also features the option of adjusting the temperature settings with three options available. You can acquire pure flavor from the concentrates via the device. The design with power button ensures that children do not use the device.

  1. VapeEZ CHILL Mod

This highly compact device is capable of providing you with a profound experience in vaping. Equipped with a built-in 350mah battery, it also has the option of charging via USB port.

  1. VapeEZ EZ2.0 Cartridge

This device is compatible with the EZ2.0 Mod by VapeEZ.

  1. VapeEZ EZ2.0 Mod

Provided with a simple and yet elegant design, this unit is powered by a 300mah battery. You can charge it via USB. It also features a window which allows you to check the level of e-liquid whenever you want. It is provided with the design of air switch that offers you ease in usage.

  1. VapeEZ EZD1 Kit (Disposable)

This disposable device has been designed keeping CBD in mind. Powered by 300mah battery, the unit manages to offer optimal production of vapor. It has been given the structure of Supcell that ensures that you get the flavor you want till the very end of battery life.

  1. VapeEZ EZD2 Kit (Disposable)

Using the technology of Supcell ceramic, this portable device is capable of leaving you impressed with the taste it offers, combining power with flavor while offering impressive performance, it makes every puff memorable. The design of air switch is appealing to look at and also provides convenience and portability. Using it is easy. It is powered with a 260mah battery.

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