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Dazzvape Technology is another hardworking technology that produces products designated for vaping. They aim to maintain the quality and standard of vaping products. They are in Shezhen, China. Dazzvape covers a large variety of vaping items that include dry herb, vape pens, wax vaporizers. It also specializes in wholesale and private label manufacturing.


Dazzvape Review

Established back in 2017, the Dazzvape Technology has its base in Shezhen, China. The factory specializes in the design and manufacture of products of vaping. They maintain quality and offer excellent services to their customers.

At Dazzvape, you can find all the accessories for vaping that you need including the different types of vaporizers such as the concentrate, dry herb and portable vaporizers.

At GALACBD, you can find the CBD mod, Dazzvape coils, and the Dazzvape wax kits.

Dazzvape Wax kit

  1. Dazzvape Acus Wax Pen Kit

This is quite a portable device that is designed to ensure that it hearts and not burns the oils. You can inhale this mod device from the top as well as the bottom. A preheating function forms part of it. To make vaping safer, it also features a lot of protective features. For instance, it has protection against low resistance, low-voltage and short-circuits. The device also cuts off after 12 seconds automatically. You can opt from any of the five colors it is available in.

  1. Dazzvape Melter Wax Pen Kit

This vaporizer kit has an atomizer in the form of a glass tube in place that enables you to watch as the vapor makes its way to the holes in the form of clouds. The triple Titanium Quartz coil is a part of the kit that offers a pure taste. Provided with a built-in battery of 1400mah capacity, it allows for long sessions of vaping with ease. The airflow system is adjustable to get you a profound experience in vaping. Concentrates of two types can be stored in the container.

Dazzvape Coil

  1. Ceramic Dip Coil by Dazzvape

Both the steel and the ceramic dip coil have been designed to be a part of the Acus Wax vaporizer set by Dazzvape. Both are capable of providing you with a profound vapor quality.

  1. Dazzvape Acus Steel Dab Coil

You can select the type of coil you want along with the quantity via the menu that appears in the drop-down format.

The replacement coils by Dazzvape Acus are compatible with only concentrate vaporizers of Dazzvape Acus line.

  1. Dazzvape Ceramic Donut Coil

These are designed specifically to be compatible with the Melter Wax vaporizer by Dazzvape. This is kind of an optional coil that you can use according to your preference. The vapor produced is clean and high in quality.

  1. Dazzvape Triple titanium quartz Coil

Wrapped around the rods, the design is resistant to puttering thereby enabling you to enjoy a great experience of vaping. It is compatible Melter Wax vaporizer by Dazzvape.

Dazzvape CBD Mod

Dazzvape U Key Mod

This highly compact device is operated via a single button. It is powered by a 350mAh battery with the feature of direct output of voltage. The bottom area of the unit features which tells you the current output level. They are marked with readings of 2.8V, 3,2V, 3,6V and 4.0V. The atomizer resistance of the device is within the range of 1 to 3ohm. You can charge it via a USB port. Since it has 510 thread connection compatibility, the device has been provided with a folding design that needs to be pressed for opening. High-quality zinc alloy along with ABS material and leather has been used in its construction. It is excellent to take on travels.

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