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There is not much difference between dry herb vape pens and wax vape pens as both mostly use the same technology to perform their function. The difference is that the wax pens are used for vaporizing concentrates instead of dry herbs. While dry herb pens use a chamber, the wax vape pens are provided with a heating coil. You can vape flower and herb concentrates and thick oils using wax vape pens. Take a look at the best wax dab pens that we offer and get your hands on one. The trademarks and patents for the best wax pens, oil and dabs are held by GALACBD.


Wax Vaporizers & Dab Vape Pens

A gadget that had little or no following just a few years back is gaining immense popularity all over the world, is a wax vaporizer. This is owing to the fact that wax pens have some amazing benefits for health. Many smokers are switching to wax vaporizers to enjoy herbal vapors and avoid cancer causing carcinogens inherent in cigarette smoke.

The demand is high and there is a huge variety of such ingredients available in the market. Where it gives you a lot to choose from, it also puts you in the dilemma of buying which one. It is smarter to research before settling for some specific product.

What is a Wax Vaporizer?

It is device that is used to convert concentrates to vapor. It is operated by a battery with recharging function. Most of these devices can be used in dual mode (by using different mods) for vaping other e-liquids and dry herbs. Wax pens and ordinary vaping kits differ in their camber for heating the material. Some of them are designed to consume specific concentrates which need heating up to a higher point.

It is important to understand that flavorful concentrates need lower heating. On the other hand, for denser vapor or clouding, higher heat is required. You can adjust the device temperature accordingly (where settings allow that).

What is a Wax/Dab Pen?

Dry herb and wax Vape Pens are almost the same owing to similar technology. However, wax pens vaporize concentrates (herbs, thick oils and concentrates of flower) and whereas dry herb vaporizers consume dry herbs mix. Another difference is the presence of heating coil in wax pens and chamber in case of dry herb vaporizer. Here is a list of important components of a wax pen:

  • Mouthpiece – A mouthpiece has no technical function except for serving as a connection between the device and your lips. They can come in variable sizes to facilitate user in varied flow of fume and temperature balance as desired.
  • Atomizer / Heating Coil– it is the part for vaporizing the content through a tool called dab, which is used to place the wax on the heating coil on the inner chamber side. Coils can be of many types and vaporize (through heating) the concentrate or wax.
  • Battery / Mod– They are usually the same in almost all types of vaping devices. They almost always carry universal connecting thread 510. This puts you in the position to choose any mod with freedom. Certain models with advanced configuration has the heat control feature for atomizer. Smart vapors are mindful of checking the heating range of the atomizer on custom settings before buying.

How does a Dab Coil Work?

Description of the process must have given you some understanding. Here is a summary. A user places concentrate or wax in the chamber for heating. Battery power heats up the chamber and wick. Wicks are made up of custom material and available in different styles. The wax upon heating turns to vapor with little or no residue

Basic Instructions for use

Operating instructions are usually different for different devices. Its always better to consult the manual before first use. However, you can generally follow these instructions for wax pen usage:

  • Collecting the Concentrate. They are available in ready to use form. Store it in a convenient place where you can access it easily for use on as and when required basis.
  • You need to place the concentrate in the heating chamber to use. Always use the dab tool for easy placement in the heating chamber. Once placed in the heating chamber, the concentrate is fit to heating.
  • The next step is heating the concentrate. You need to power up the device by holding the power button and inhaling deeply. The best technique in this case is applying the direct pull through your lungs for all wax vape pens.
  • After having enjoyed the vaping, you need to open the heat chamber and you will find all the concentrate vaporized. You have the option of repeating the process until you are satisfied.
  • Remember! Never leave the device without cleaning, after vaping. remove any leftover residue or it can dry up in the heating chamber and clog the device.

How Do Dab Pens Work?

Most users are confused by a myth that dab pens are complex and difficult to use. This is not correct. It is easy to learn the usage of these pens. You should have no problems in learning to use these amazing vaping devices. You have huge range to choose from (small, large, cheap and expensive). Interestingly, irrespective of the size and cost, they function in a very similar way. Here are some easy steps to help you in using them:

  • The coil of your device should be perfectly working

It is important to understand that the device coil must be in fully working and functional condition before you can use it. Ensure it so that you don't have to unload the heating chamber, just in case the coil is faulty.

  • Don't forget to load the vaping concentrate / material in the heating chamber

Only load the vaping material into the heating chamber once you are sure that the vaping device is in fully functional condition. Load the vaping material into the heating chamber as soon as it is conformed.

  • Temperature selection is vital to your vaping session

As soon as the heating chamber is loaded with the vaping material, select the operating temperature in accordance with your vaping mood and desire. Setting lower temperatures would mean more flavored puffs and higher temperature settings would produce denser cloudy puffs.

  • Start inhalation after holding of the firing button

After you are done with your desired temperature setting, hold the firing button down and take a deep puff to enjoy a delicious hit.

Benefits of Wax Vapes

Wax vaping is so much more fun that you can imagine. There are numerous benefits of dab pens and vaporizers. Here are just some of the benefits of vaping that you can enjoy on every day basis:

  • Enjoy better health

Cigarette smokers are getting increasingly wary about cancer causing effects of cigarette smoke. Wax pens are getting increasingly popular for this reason. It is way healthier to smoke herbaceous vapor from a wax pen since it doesn't carry tar, smoke and ash. All such toxins that arise from burning are absent in wax pen vapor. It simply means, wax pen vaping is free from carbon monoxide and similar undesirable side effects.

  • It is cheaper and saves your money

For those seeking inexpensive and cheaper alternative to smoking, wax pens are a great choice. You will just have to make an initial investment in buying the device. There are many devices available in the market who are not expensive and still deliver top quality results.

  • It is quite easy in usage

They are very easy to use. A firing button simply operates the device. You can easily open it to load the material. In certain models, devices allow you to set custom temperatures for a unique vaping experience of your choice.

Buying A Wax Vape or Dab Pen

It has been several years that wax based vaping devices are available in the market. However, they have started gaining popularity just recently owing to use of latest technology. Manufacturers are producing better models with newer features. New flavors with tastier formulations are also being marketed. The vape cloud production has also substantially improved. Wax vaping is all set to be the future of vaping.

Here are some recommended models of vape pens for your choosing. The recommendations are based on market research and device testing. Models with different features and price range are included in the list.

  1. Puffco Plus– it is an amazing vape pen that enjoys compatibility with most concentrates in the market. The design is sleek and simply gorgeous. The device carries ceramic heat chamber with no heating coil to avoid exposure to any sticky substance or metal parts in the chamber. Coil less chambers are known to deliver cold and superb quality vaping experience. The device is priced optimally to be user friendly.
  • Pros
  • Owing to its expanded flow of air, Puffco Plus allows you to get a bigger hit with every inhalation.
  • Inbuilt controls for temperature settings allow you to customize device temperature. The settings are coded with colors for easy understanding. This allows you to set the temperature without much hassle.
  • Session mode feature setting allows you to vape continuously without breaking a vaping session.
  • Cons
  • The heating chamber is somewhat narrow and under-sized for heavy vaping lovers.
  1. Yocan Evolve Plus – There are many striking features of Yocan Evolve Plus that makes it a device of choice for most users. The best thing about this device is its compatibility with a wide range of vaping mixes that includes concentrates and waxes alike. It is very cheaply priced for its amazing attributes as it carries in inbuilt silicone jar and dual quartz coil for better heating.
  • Pros
  • It has been designed to resist clogs and oil spills.
  • The device carries an extra-long-life battery which is chargeable with any ordinary USB cable.
  • Cons
  • The device is not backed up by a warranty. This aspect is available with certain other devices in the same price range.
  1. Roil Gen3– when it comes to pocket carrying and portable use, nothing beats Roil Gen 3. It is specifically designed for using isolate powders and wax derived from botanical sources. Carrying a high-quality ceramic coil free atomizer, this device is ultra slim and light in weight. Served with an exclusive mouthpiece, it is powered by a 65mAh powerpack that allows variable heating and quick heating. The device is best for sweet flavored dense vaping.
  • Pros
  • The device is backed by a smart battery with "on the use charging" feature with built-in last use memory.
  • It is supplied with base-station accessory tray made with silicone for convenient storage of your accessories like papers, lighter, and just about anything else to provide a great vaping session.
  • Cons
  • Wax tanks supplied with the deice are disposable. You will need to replace them periodically.
  1. Boundless CF-710– This device is extremely popular for its innovation and striking features. This extremely portable device is equipped with a tip mounted heating mechanism that is ideal for flavorful hits. The device is equipped with a potent 900mAh lithium-ion battery with a life of over one hour of sustained use with a single button operation. It is great for home as well as travel kit carrying owing to its super sleek and compact design features.
  • Pros
  • The battery can last for many days with just one charging. This makes this device ideal for outdoors.
  • Ceramic atomizer with quartz coil system makes it perfect for custom settings.
  • The device allows you long usage timings owing to a very potent battery backup.
  • Cons
  • The device temperature control system is not very accurate.
  1. Source Nail XL Vaporizer Sig 2– when you need an e-rig to double act as an e-nail on a vape pen then Source Nail XL Vaporizer Sig2 is your best bet. Interestingly, it can fit seamlessly with more than thirty different models of atomizers with a vast array of settings to control the temperature (200°F-700°F). such versatility allows the user to choose and set a temperature setting that goes ideally for a particular flavor or aroma. Other than being portable, it is fit to go with 3, 4 and XL Series source atomizers.
  • Pros
  • The device can heat very quickly
  • Equipped with dual battery system for versatile operation Sony VTC4 2100mah 18650 battery & removable source volt max battery)
  • Extremely fluid flow of air for better and solid hits
  • Cons
  • The box is somewhat box like. This may turn off a few users.

How to find the best Wax or Dab Vaporizer Pen for your Needs

The choice of an ideal wax pen will depend upon your understanding of its features and various components / operation features. The available choices are huge and you can opt for many models depending upon your preferences.

The details mentioned below will help you in deciding upon the best wax vape pen for you.

  • Types of Atomizers – Atomizers and heat chambers can come in many different configurations. Depending upon the type, they carry wicks made from different materials and provide varied experience when employed with different vape devices. Here is a list of most commonly available atomizers.
  • Wicked – They share a common feature with sub ohm vape pens as they carry coil based with wick material. They are better suited for fluid/liquid concentrates owing to their single/double wick configuration. The wick absorbs the concentrate and vaporization takes place when user pulls on the mouthpiece of the device.
  • Wickless – This style of atomizer is most commonly found in wax vape pens. It is recommended for thicker concentrates with solid formulation. These devices carry a quartz or ceramic rod for providing the heat to vaporize the surrounding liquid. These vape pens are made up of two types of materials, quartz or ceramic. The design can be triple, single or double rod feature. Heating will depend upon the number of rods.
  • Flat Ceramic Dish– These are one of the latest types of wax vape pens and similar to dry herb vape pens in basic construction and design. The pen employs a design where a ceramic dish is located over the coils. The coils provide heat to the ceramic dish. The e-liquid placed over the plate is heated up and vaporized. It is known to be the best heating mechanism found in wax vape pens that produces nice and flavorful vapor.
  • Batteries / Mods– Just like atomizers, you can choose a number of batteries for your chosen wax vape pen. The reason being, most of the wax vape pens come with a universal 510 threaded battery connection. Any battery that carries 510 connected threads can be fitted with the wax pen carrying same battery fitting configuration. You just need to ensure that your pen's heat chamber complies with the battery temperature range.
  • Wax Pen Batteries– you will most likely find a 510 threaded battery with the kit of the wax vape pen that you buy from a shop. They are always the best for your device since they are designed for your chosen device according to temperature settings. You will mostly find batteries within 900 – 1300mAh power output range.
  • Variable Voltage Batteries – These types of batteries are popularly called "Mods" and meant for advanced vape users. They usually carry 510 threaded connection to allow them a smooth fit with most of the vaporizers available in the market. They are configured to allow custom settings for voltage, temperature and wattage through manual selection. The best feature in mods is that they allow customization of vaping experience. However, all this complexity can give rise to a few risks and issues. Unfortunately, you will not know when you cross the designed temperature and heating limit on custom settings. All smart users know the temperature limits before altering them manually.
  • Magnetic Connections – In the past, it was common to have 510 threaded connection on all wax vape pens. However, with changing trends, it is more common for the wax vape pens to carry magnetic mod connections (at least for tips). With these types of connections, you have an easy access to the heat chamber without disassembling the device. Devices with magnetic connection are still equipped with 510 threaded build.

There is no denying the fact that dab pens and vapes are best available vaping device at present. They are built to be friendly for the user with little or no understanding of previous use. This may sound far-fetched in the beginning but it is easy to master this art in a short time. Being easy to use and portable, wax vapes can be used anywhere with ease. You just need to buy a wax vape pen and start enjoying the ultimate in vaping luxury. Start it today and feel the difference.

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