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Vaping is all about your comfort zone and if yours happen to be your home place then its time that you switched to a desktop vaporizer. A desktop vaporizer is the best ever option that you can avail as it doesn't contain any batteries or charging issues and doesn't need to be fit inside a pocket. The volcano desktop vaporizers are still the best options available in the market.


Desktop Vaporizer

What is Desktop Vaporizer?

Desktop vaporizers are your conventional types of the vaping apparatuses, they were first developed as an alternative to developing weed. A typical desktop vaporizer is like a large scale oven that is used to bake weed inside and in turn, produces vapor. The vapor produced than can be easily inhaled using a rubber tube and using vaporizer sacs in which the vapor is temporarily stored.

Old varieties of these desktop vapors are mounted on the wall and run on A.C power while the modern systems are made portable and more durable as they can be carried anywhere due to rechargeable batteries. Weed smoking is more efficient and systemized rather than typical tobacco smoking with pleasant odor and flavor.

The desktop version of vaping facilitates the users with two methods of inhalation that are either they can use the whip or silicon tube or use a heat-stable balloon that consists of the vapor inside. Desktop vaporizers are certainly growing in many parts of the globe due to marijuana legalization.

If using pens and other portables were not enough for you to fulfill your quench for consistent supply of vapors then it is time that you shifted towards the desktop vapors. They come with many names such as table-top vaporizers, home vaporizers or desktop vaporizers. These vaporizers and larger and powerful and efficiently more expensive than your typical portable vaporizers and can range from $100 to even a $1000. But the quality of the vapors produced and the taste that it develops are worth it.

These units can't be carried out wherever you want them to be because they don't favor portability and the sole purpose is to provide consistent and more improved flavor hits. Although some of these come with dedicated casings and adapters that support the mobility to some extent. Recreational users might prefer portable vaporizers but the desktop vaporizers are choice of serious vapors along with various other people that do vape for medical reasons.

How to Pick the Best Desktop Vaporizer?

You can blindly choose any of the desktop vaporizers that are mentioned above but if you are hoping for a more knowledgeable and calculated decision then feel free to explore the contents of this guide and you will find what you are looking for.

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

There are probably only two main types of the desktop vaporizers that would be the whip-style desktop vaporizer and the forced air desktop vaporizer and they are also known as the balloon vaporizers. Both of these types have their own up and downsides so before you make a buying decision you need to assess both the types. There is another type emerging at the market known as the dual-action vaporizers that happen to be the hybrid of the both.

  1. Whip-Style Vaporizers

These whip style vaporizers use a medical grade piece of tube for the inhalation purposes and is an ideal choice for the people that are looking for a cheap, less functional and a hassle-free method of vaping their weed. For comparing purposes you can compare them to shisha or hookah but the functioning is completely different.

The overall build of these vapors is purely simple as they consist of a heating element and a long whip to take care of the emerging vapor. There are 3 distinctive parts of a whip-style vaporizer; at first, there is the mouthpiece that is usually made up of the glass, second comes the tubing that is made from medical grade silicone and at the end there is wand that is also made up of glass to store the herbs i.e. weed.

The overall functions that are being covered by a whip-style vaporizer are that it should allow a hands-free vaping experience and secondly, it should be made from a standard sealant to seal all the odor and flavor inside.

Still, to this day, many people refer to these as old vaping technology but many improvements such as the addition of the LED lighting, temperature control systems, and efficient technology has been introduced. It gives them a modern look and improves overall performance as well.

  1. Forced Air Vaporizers Or Balloon Vaporizers

Then comes a high-end type of the desktop vaporizers known as the forced air vaporizers or balloon vaporizers, they use a fan that propels the vapor from the bottom of the heating element towards a large balloon that collects it for the time being. Some dual functioning units allow you to directly inhale the vapors using a whip instead of collecting everything inside a large balloon. Hence the dual functioning because they contain both the whip and the balloon. Many desktop vaporizers would allow you to vape constantly but all of them lack the powerful vapor generation with careful packaging of the aroma and odor like the forced air vaporizers.

Analog vs. Digital Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers can be divided into 2 distinctive types depending upon the temperature control mechanism they act upon.

Although many conventional desktop vaporizers consist of analog systems to control the temperature unit that is why they are being constantly replaced by their latest and more developed varieties that use digital temperature control. There comes another problem using the analog desktop vaporizers because they come up with a variety of markings on them and through touching them can you only interpret what temperature level you are operating on. The digital vaporizers take the uncertainty out of the equation allowing you to precisely choose the temperature output that you need.

The biggest benefit of using the digital desktop vaporizers is to know your safety temperatures so nothing gets out of the hand. The combustion of marijuana takes place at the 420 F temperature so it is necessary the temperature you are operating on to minimize the risk of developing toxins.

Some of the advanced digital systems allow you to understand the current temperature level and the set value thus giving you a clear idea about where you are now and when the apparatus would be ready for you.

Is a Desktop Vaporizer Right for You?

You possibly can't go wrong choosing the desktop vaporizers as your constant vaping partner. These are affordable, highly functional and at the same time provides the most tempting hits of aroma and flavor. Whether you are a medical user, a student looking to save money or a conventional user trying to invest in something long lasting, desktop vaporizers are a way to go. These vaporizers are destined to prevent any health damage that you might sustain using the traditional smoking equipment.

You might be having a few problems right now deciding what is best for you because you need the best for your health and at the same time the prices are way too much right now. Some of them are $100 while some are above the $500 so how would you justify the investment here? Actually, it is very simple when you have made up your mind to buy the desktop vaporizers you are investing in your health and is a pretty good investment. Also, on the bright side you won't be smoking the weed you will be vaporizing and that is a huge development in terms of reducing the health risks.

According to research that has been conducted by the California NORML and MAPS that desktop vaporizers convert 46% of the herbs into vapors while typical vaporizers do only 25%. This is a huge development and a tempting justification that using the desktop vaporizers you can actually convert half of the herbs into vapors and use them while using the typical vaporizers you won't be able to do so. Think of all the money that you would be saving here in terms of preventing the wastage of herbs to the typical vaporizers.

The only possible reason that might be valid to hold you back is if you have decided to buy something that should be portable and easy for you to use on the go. In this case, you would have to buy the portable vaporizers because the desktop vaporizers can't serve the purpose here. Enjoy the best of your vaping experience using the desktop vaporizers.

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