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The portable version of the vaporizers is compatible, easy to carry and provide an easier on the go experience. These devices have been evolving since they were introduced and have many more to offer rather than just the portability. These devices are able to harness a great amount of power in their little but discreet designs, have high capacity active batteries and due to their advanced heating systems and digital temperature control capabilities these devices are the number 1 choice for any vape lover out there. The handheld feature makes these portable vaporizers the number one choice of the users worldwide.


Portable Vaporizer

What is Portable Vaporizer?

The handheld vaporizers that are used for vaping purposes and can extend on the portability feature are called the portable vaporizers. They use special materials in their heating elements such as quartz, stainless steel, and ceramic. Ceramic is the number 1 choice here as it is more durable and heat resistant than the rest. Stainless steel is another option, the concentrate oriented vaporizers have coil or rod atomizers inside them.

The portable devices would have to be small, discreet and easy to carry in order to fully serve as the best portable devices there are. The temperature control feature comes as a new development among these vaping devices that makes them convenient among the user community.

What Do Handheld Vapes Offer?

It should be made clear that the handheld devices do offer a different experience from the desktop and pen-style versions of the portable vaporizers. The handheld vaporizers bring compactness, quality of the vapor and the portability feature on the table while the pen-style vapors only bring vapor quality and compactness to the user.

  • Portability

The most notable feature of any portable vaporizer should be its compactness and easy to carry functionality. Same like the DaVinci MIQRO that are both ultra-compact and provides relatable strength in terms of vapor production and quality feature. The Desktop vaporizers need to be plugged in all the times in order for use them but the handheld vaporizers consist of the rechargeable batteries that can be easily plugged in again and takes a few hours to charge again. This makes these handheld vaporizers a preferred choice among the portable vaporizing community. These devices can be charged within a few hours making them a dependable vaping source and with the installation of USB charging feature, these can be plugged into just about any power source and also allows charging at a faster speed. Commuters and people that are continuously traveling might prefer using the handheld vaporizers for their day to day business. All you have to do is light them up and then start vaping to an endless note unless the battery gives out and before that to happen you will have plenty of time to enjoy the extra amazing vapor quality along with fine portable experience.

  • Stealth

Another quality feature that these handheld devices provide is the stealth, that means due to their extra convenient compactness they can be carried just about everywhere. You can put them in your bag or slide them in your pocket and you are ready to go. Some of these handheld vaporizers are incredibly durable and compact that you can have them with you inside the pickets hidden while still enjoying large clouds of the tasty smoke. The Bluetooth enabled devices to allow you to conveniently control the temperature of the device while still in your packet and then you can enjoy vaping discreetly whenever you have the chance. These stealth enabled portable devices do allow you to enjoy concentrates and the dry herb mixtures while remaining anonymous.

  • Quality Vapor

The presence of high-end batteries, excellent heating element packs you an extra punch of flavor and vapor consistency than you can even imagine. That is why it is necessary not to let the small size of the devices fool you in any way. They contain high-powered systems that enable you to draw strong vapors out of it despite the small size, they contain ambient heating spaces, air passages, and more systems to ensure that you get the best of the vaping experience. These handheld vaporizers also tend to cool every vapor that travels through the mouthpiece directly into your mouth without altering the aroma, strength of flavor and consistency of the vapors.

Portable Vaporizer Heating Styles

There are basically two systems of heating for the vaporizers and that is conduction and the convection method. The choice of selection might base on the density of the vapor, aroma, and flavor that you need and finally the cloud size and consistency that you may need. A large group of the vaporizers uses the conduction method in which the herbs are being systematically vaporized inside the hot walls of the chamber and then the vapor can be inhaled by the user. But in the case of the convection method, an even supply of hot air is used to evenly vaporize these materials. While on the other hand, the hybrid units feature both heating styles for an even and consistent choice of these two heating methods.

  • Conduction

Those portable vaporizers that may use the conduction method are more affordable and are able to heat the materials faster. The main reason is that the herbs are in constant contact with the heating element and that will allow for rapid heating of the herbs. That will give you a steady vapor formation throughout your vaping experience.

  • Convection

In case of the convection based vaporizers, hot air is being flown over the herb or the vaping material and those evenly heat these herbs. This method is more useful as it minimizes the combustion of the material and gives a maximized flavor, aroma and other medicinal benefits to the user.

  • Hybrid

These are the devices that use both convection and the conduction method for heating purposes. They provide even heating of the herbs using the conduction method while giving you a perfect aroma, smell and flavor that can be harnessed using the convection method of the heating.

Temperature Control Explained

The handheld vaporizers use two distinctive sets of the temperature controls, some of them use the preset temperatures that contain 3 to 5 points that allow you to choose a more suitable temperature for vaping. While the precision temperature control allows you to choose the temperature range down to the very degree. Both of these temperature choosing styles have their own benefits but choosing what will work best for you is the right step to take.

  • Preset Temps

Those handheld vaporizers that use the preset temperatures are easy to handle as they contain a single button through which you can control your overall vaping temperature. The preset devices are mostly optimized for a variety of users and contain 3-5 temperature clicks and you can simply click next to choose the best possible temperature setting. This system is an elegant choice for anyone who is willing to start vaping right away without even messing with the controls.

  • Precision Temperature Control

Then comes the precision temperature controls these allow the user to choose the temperature value down to the most precise degree value. The up and down functionality allows you to choose between various possible temperature changes. Users can customize the temperature setting based on the flavor, size and density of the vapors. The latest precision control systems offer LED displays through which you can monitor your temperature values and the heating progress as well.

Care and Maintenance for your Portable Vaporizer

If there is anything out of the ordinary like your vaporizer is not giving the intended consistency of the clouds or there has been a decline in vapor production the chances are that your vaporizer needs cleaning. In order to bring your equipment back to the effective shape you need to implement proper cleaning practices;

  • The cleaning practices might vary depending upon the type of vaporizer that you use, it is advised to fully empty the vaporizer before starting cleaning.
  • Use of Q-tips is advised for effective cleaning of the air paths and to make sure that there is no blocking.
  • Alkaline-based solutions and the alcohol and acetate solutions are basically used for the cleaning as they will not harm the vaporizer in any way.
  • To avoid scratches on the outer body of the vaporizer it is advised to clean the surface with a clean cloth.
  • Before going to sleep every night you are advised to disassemble the device while it might seem a little harsh but it will ensure that the device remains in the best possible shape.
  • To clean the mouthpiece you should blow fiercely into the mouthpiece that will take care of anything stuck inside it.

Other Portable Vaporizer Tips

  • The materials of the vaporizer are extremely important, using ceramics can ensure that there is no excessive combustion while the glass pieces ensure that the flavor and aroma of the vapor are preserved. You need to make sure that the materials you use are effective in terms to be used for the mouthpiece, vapor path, and chamber of the vaporizer.
  • Inhale slowly and lightly to prevent the herbs from being stuck in the mouthpiece.
  • Cleaning your device will bring the best of the vaping experience there is hence, you need to make sure that you clean the device properly.
  • For the optimal vapor production, you need to grind the herbs into fine form.
  • If you prefer the best quality regarding the vapor production, aroma and perfect smell of the vaping then it is advised to use the desktop vaporizers instead of the portable devices. You might not be able to use them outside but you will get the best of the vapor production and a more cost-effective strategy.
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