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A dry herb vaporizer can be referred to the size of a pen, however a little bigger but smaller than most of the portable vaporizers. They are pocket-friendly which means users can easily carry them around. They are basically electronic vapes that are used to enjoy cannabis flower. Since they are electronic they have an internal battery that is rechargeable. To heat the cannabis flower, dry herb vape pens make use of an oven that heats the content through conduction.


Dry Herb Vape Pen For Weed

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

If you are a fan of different kinds of herbs and other leaf items, dry herb vaporizer will help you take the best hit. These vapes are designed to cater dry herbs by heating the chamber through conduction until the vapor is produced. Moreover, if you investigate this vaporizer fully you will identify three major parts. These parts include, mouthpiece, battery and the chamber that controls the heating mechanism. The best thing about dry herb vaporizers is that they are compact and provide the discreet usage.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

Using the dry herb vaporizer pen is not rocket science. One has to take not of some important steps that can help you have the best experience. The sequence of the steps is as follows:

  • Carry out thorough cleaning of your oven as this will help get rid of all any residue that might impure the flavour. Switch your device to its maximum temperature before you load the heating chamber with your content.
  • The herb you are using must be properly grinded into a powder.
  • Start filling the chamber with your herb. Be very careful not to spill some amount out as it will waste a lot of your precious flavour. Fill the chamber to the max.
  • Choose the desired temperature and give it some time to heat up.
  • Initiate the process by sucking air from the mouthpiece. These small puffs will get your device working well.
  • After some time when the herb decarbs the hits will become bigger and stronger.

Most of the dry herb vaporizers available in the market come with automatic shut-offs. These make sure the heating stops at the right time before the content starts to burn. It is a good idea to know the shutting time of your vape so that you know if its set to a longer time. Typically, the session lasts no longer than 7 minutes. After you finish the first session the battery will turn off itself to cool down. If you are willing to have more all you need to do is turn the device again which will heat the content to the temperature you had selected it.

How to clean a dry herb vape pen

In order to increase the life of your dry herb vape pen it is a good idea to keep it clean and tidy. This will not only increase its life but, also its performance which is not something you should compromise on.

The dry herb vape pens make use of conduction heating. This process causes the dry herbs to collect themselves with the heating surface which will leave some residue in the oven after every session.

So how will you manage it? It is simple. To clean the heating chamber where you find some residue all you need to do is make use of a small brush. You can purchase it from any store. The brush will help you clean the mouthpiece as well along with the vapor path. Users can also dismantle all the part and wash them. However, if you are a beginner and you are not sure how the parts will be rejoined it is better to avoid this step. Many people also use alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner to get rid of germs.

Always try to clean your dry herb pen regularly. This will make sure you do not have a huge chunk of work left if you leave it for too long. Experts suggest cleaning your vape after every five sessions.

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