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Airistech is a manufacturer of vaporizers that has been in this field for quiet some time now. They are a professional company that has been working over some time that they now have a hold on multiple aspects such as production, R&D, sales and services. Airistech is the ideal place where you can get a hold of numerous items such as Wax Dab&Dip, vaporizer pen battery, Dry Herb Vaporizer pen, etc. Numerous technology items available for you always.


Airistech Review

Being a professional manufacturer of vaporizers, Airistech is a force to reckon with in the industry. They handle all the aspects of the industry including production, and R&D, along with sales and services. Their factory, which is spread across an area of 2500sq.meters, specializes in manufacturing of concentrates, CBD oil vaporizers, and dry herbs. Their team constitutes highly qualified and competent engineers and designers. Their sales and marketing teams are also quite experienced in their field. Within a short span, Airistech has attained great heights of popularity. They enjoy a profound reputation in the market which has won them the loyalty of their customers.

The types of products offered by Airistech include:

  1. Dry Herb Vaporizer

These products are designed for vaping of herbs. The herbal vaporizers compose of lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries. A heating chamber also forms part of these devices. It is in the heating chamber that the dry herbs are heated until they produce vapor. A vaporizer for dry herb constitutes of three main components, the heating chamber, the battery, and the mouthpiece. Dry herb vaporizer pens offer you discretion which the desktop vaporizers lack. These can conveniently be used at any time without having to worry about drawing attention.

  1. Concentrate Vaporizers

These vaporizers have acquired popularity in the last few years. Although still lagging behind vapes of dry herbs, they do enjoy substantial following. These include a variety of desktop and portable vaporizers that are designed for vaping the sticky extracts and concentrates like wax, honey, and oil. The concentrate vaporizers function at high temperature compared to the dry herb vapes since the oils and waxes need high temperature for vaporizing.

  1. CBD Oil Vaporizer

These bear a lot of similarity in their build with other vaporizers out there, irrespective of the product used. They constitute three components:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery
  • Tank

Vaping power is provided by the battery. The capacity of the battery can vary between 650mah and 1500mah. It is the capacity that determines when your device needs to be recharged. You will also find some batteries with the feature of temperature control. This feature gives you the control of fine tuning the temperature during a firing which prevents burning of the oil.

The oil is put into the tank where the heating element is present. This heating chamber is typically a coil constructed from different materials of wire such as titanium or SS. The heating element is responsible for heating up the tank contents to create vapor.

It is via the mouthpiece that the vapor is makes its way to your lung after being drawn in via the tank. You will find quite a lot of options in the mouthpieces of oil vaporizers, and it is up to you to decide what you prefer. For those looking for a cool vapor, a wide mouthpiece is recommended. The narrow ones work well for those who want warm vapor.

These are the vital components of most of the vaporizers available. One exception is the corded desktop vaporizer which requires plugging for operating. Three variants of these vaporizers can be found

Desktop Oil Vaporizers

While being quite similar to portable vaporizers in their mechanism of action, these vaporizers do not offer the same level of convenience owing to their large size. Desktop vaporizers are mostly preferred in those sessions of vaping where there are multiple people involved. Both cordless and cordless versions are available. Manufacturers seem to be more inclined to invest their time and effort in creating dry herb vaporizers equipped with heating chambers which would be compatible with the various types of oil. The mouthpiece is usually not present in desktop vaporizers. Instead, they are provided with a balloon for inhaling or a hose that connects with the heating chamber directly.

Cigalike Oil Vaporizers

Cigalikes are what you can call the first generation of vaporizers. They are quite similar to cigarettes in terms of looks. Powered by a low capacity of battery, these units house the oil in cartridges. While they indeed are a practical option, their popularity is on the decline. The reason for this is that you do not have any way to find out what are you vaping. Changing cartridges is quite easy, but there is little chance of you finding out what is in the cartridge. Instead of pure oils, a lot of the cartridges comprise additives. They can also include the Propylene glycol, an agent that serves to decrease viscosity. The oil is thus vaporized more rapidly.

CBD Oil Vape Pens

CBD Oil vape pens are easily the most preferred variant of vaporizers. These are quite powerful and since they are compact, offer discretion as well. Equipped with high powered batteries, these vaporizers also have the feature of temperature control thereby enabling you to acquire maximum performance. They are also found to be better in production compared to cigalikes. No specific cartridge has to be used, and it is up to you to decide the oil you want to load the tank with.

GALACBD shop offers you all these CBD Vape products

Airistech Airis Mystica 2 Mod

Being an improved version of the Mystica mod with 510-connection, the Airis Mystica 2 is provided with a compact and ergonomic design. The port is 12mm more extensive and is equipped with magnetic adapters. Thus, more types of cartridges are supported by this device. This device has a sleek design and is quite compact. Therefore, you will find it quite convenient to use it at all times without attracting attention.

It is powered by Li-ion battery of 450mAh capacity and also features the control of the variable output. Thus, the device is capable of handling every attachment that you opt for without affecting the results. The mod features three voltage settings, which can you control via a single button. Clicking the button five times in two seconds will switch the device off and on. To adjust the voltage, you need to click on the button thrice at rapid speed. The power light indicator on the LED will alert you with the setting wherein it turns green at 3.4v, BLUE AT 3.7V while the red color will indicate 4.0V. To start the preheating cycle of the device, the power button has to be clicked twice.

Airistech Airis 8 Kit

Airistech has introduced the dipper into the market which offers you portability and convenience while vaping wax. Manufactured by the same team that was behind the original version of Airis, this dipper is provided with quite a lot of improvements in design. The dipper offers you a convenient way of dabbing without having to use a torch or glass rig for the purpose. With the latest Quartz Crystal Atomizer that forms part of the product, you have the opportunity of preloading the dipper and get the powerful hit you are looking for.

Airistech Airis Quaser Kit

Being the ideal kit for starters, the Airistech iris Quaser kit is provided with a slim body and designed in the style of a pen. Powered by 350mah battery, the device features three voltage settings. It makes use of the technology of Quartz cell to get you the big clouds you want along with pure taste. The surface area is increased by the fritted quartz coil thereby leading to spread of heat evenly. The mouthpiece offers optimal convenience.

Airistech Airis Turboo Mod

Provided with quite a compact design, this device looks somewhat similar to a car key. Equipped with a 450mAh battery, the device can be charged via USB. Since it is provided with 510-thread connection, you will find it compatible with a majority of the atomizers available. The unit has three voltage settings, ensuring that it caters to your vaping requirements to perfection. It also has the function of fast heating, and you can find it in four different colors.

Airistech Herbva Nokiva Kit

This Kit by Airistech is one of those dry herb vaporizers that offer you portability. Being roughly the size of your palm, this device is powered by 2200mah battery. Thus, you can enjoy long sessions of vaping with ease. You get the option of choosing one of the two mouthpieces, the flat one or the longer glass one. The device features an OLED display which will get you all the information you need. This mod device can operate within the range of 300 to 435°F of temperature. Thus, you have more freedom of selecting the temperature that you deem fit. It does not take long to get to the temperature you need, merely 20 to 30 seconds. You get pure flavor owing to the heating chamber constructed from ceramic that forms part of it.

Airistech Herbva Viva Kit

Being one of the premium dry herb vaporizers, this kit is powered by 2200mah lithium-polymer battery. Thus, you can enjoy your vaping for a long time. 20 to 30 seconds is all that the device needs to reach to the temperature you want. The temperature can be adjusted via the button of +/-. The healthy heating chamber of ceramic offers you the purest flavor you would love.

Airistech Herbva X Kit

One of the latest three-in-one vaporizer kits as you can use wax, dry herbs and oil with it.

Features three inset bullets, which are replaceable and can be easily removed

Has a profound quality of sleek metallic body with an impressive finish

Provided with a glass mouthpiece that offers great taste

Features five settings for temperature

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