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iBuddy Review

A Chinese company that has become a well-known vape brand in the world. iBuddy is a company that had been established, in the year 2015 and had always strived towards providing their customers with high quality service that caters to their every need and requirements, and products that are par excellence. iBuddy has given immense importance to solidifying its relationship to become a stable and strong one with the domestic distributors and overseas distributors that it has. This effort into trying to consolidate the relationship has been prevalent from the company's end from the very beginning, and iBuddy has cooperated immensely with them to ensure that this relationship prevails. In order to help their customers have efficient and quick support, iBuddy has established various call-centers all over the world. iBuddy has become one of the forerunners in the industry of vaping, owing to their ceaseless efforts to create better business and also their immense creativity that has enabled them to make groundbreaking progress.

iBuddy has been able to achieve the high standards of quality that it ensures owing to a professional and innovative R&D team, as well as strenuous quality control, which conducts regular quality checks, in order to guarantee that the final product is of the highest quality possible. iBuddy also collaborates constantly with various researchers and designers from abroad, in order to develop products that are completely new, and bring to their customers healthy substitutes to cannabis. Although a young company, iBuddy is growing at a staggering pace and all of this progress can be accredited to their stellar work ethics and practices.

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