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This is a e-cig company that was founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated engineers. The sole purpose was to design e-cigs that are fun and easy to use. Shenzhen SunZip E.S. Technology Co. Ltd is also based in Shenzhen China. It is basically a devoted company which works to product high quality electronic cigarettes.


Vapmod Review

A group of enthusiastic engineers is behind this e-cigarette company. Based in Shenzhen China, the Shenzhen SunZip E.S. Technology Co. Ltd. was established back in 2010. As the company continued to grow, two secondary companies were opened up, one is the Dongguan Icloud Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., while the other one is called the Shenzhen Bettle Technology Co., Ltd. SunZip now has a couple of production bases, a research center along with three offices for sales.

The long term focus of the company is on sales, research, and development of the e-cigarettes and the e-juices. The results have been impressive so far as the company continues to cater to the requirements of the customers.

They maintain profound standards of quality and ensure that their services do not give their clients a reason to complain.

You can get the following Vape mod products from GALACBD.

  1. Vapmod Magic 710 Express Mod

This device by Vapmod has everything that you can ask for. Offering you discretion, this device features 510 thread connection. The unit is powered by a battery with capacity of 380mAh and provides the output of 3.5V.

This mod device does not feature a button. Instead, it incorporates a system activated by a draw. The battery of the unit offers a constant output of 3.5V while the atomizer resistance lies with the range of 1 to 3ohm. You can charge this device via the USB port. It features a magnetic adapter connection compatible with cartridges of diameter up to 11mm.

You will find a LED light of red color near the base. This light indicates that the device has begun to charge. When the charging is complete, it turns off. Several protective measures are in place such as protection against over discharge, overcharge, over current, over-voltage and short circuit. It is quite reasonably priced.

  1. Vapmod Magic 710 Starter Kit

With the smart chip that this unit is provided with, your vaping is always protected. It features a 510 magnetic thread connection with the diameter of the cartridge up to 11mm. Powered by a 380mah battery, the device can be charged within an hour.

  1. Vapmod Rock 710 2-in-1 Starter Kit

This dual device is compatible with both oil and wax. Featuring a 510 thread connector, you can use it with both CBD oil cartridges and wax atomizers. The device can store the atomizer as it is flipped. It is powered with a 650mAh battery that can be charged via USB port. It has been given a leather panel that gives it a luxurious feel. The voltage levels are adjustable with four options. You can check the status of voltage on the LED indicator.

  1. Vapmod Rock 710 Express Mod

Provided with an innovative folding design, this device can be used with wax atomizers as well as oil cartridges that are refillable. You get the option of choosing one of the many colorful designs that the unit is available in. The options of polycarbonate finish and bonded leather are offered. The compact size provides you discretion. Leakage is not something you have to worry about. The voltage is adjustable. Four levels are offered and the LED light colors according to the voltage you select. It turns white for 2.5V, blue for 3.0V, green for 3.5V and red for 4.0V. The smart pre-heat mode allows the device to heat up in 15 seconds. Powered by a 650mAh battery, you can also recharge the device which would only take one and a half hours. In open position, the unit can work with cartridge of any length.

  1. Vapmod Vmod 2-in-1 Starter Kit

This compact kit looks quite like the iPod owing to a key switch that it features. Provided with a built-in battery of 900mah capacity, it takes about 15 seconds to heat up. The option of adjusting the voltage with three settings is available. Several protective measures are present to make your vaping safe. A window is present from where you can check the level of e-liquid. It is available in five colors.

  1. Vapmod Vmod Express Mod

Powered with 900mah Li-Ion battery, this unit has quite a lot to offer. It lasts for a long time allowing you to enjoy long uninterrupted sessions of vaping.

The mod features the standard connection of 510-thread. The connector is present within the body thereby offering you optimal discretion. Attaching the adapter with the oil attachment followed by dropping it in the port of the device completes the connection. The unit is capable of supporting cartridges with a diameter of up to 11.5m. Compatibility is not something you need to be worried about.

It features a control key which is to be used for operating the device. Clicking five times on the button turns it on and also locks it so that safety is not compromised. Clicking it thrice allows you to control the voltage output.

The LED indicator changes color according to the setting of voltage you opt for. It turns green at 2.6V, yellow at 3.3V and red at 4.1V. Once you decide on the setting, the unit will adjust to it automatically every time you turn on the device unless you change it manually.

A preheat mode also forms part of the device. The cartridge is warmed at low output, clearing any clogs that might be present inside. Pressing on the single operating button twice will do the trick. You will notice the LED light flash red for about 15 seconds. You can cancel the process for which the button has to be pressed once. You can get it in any color you want.

  1. Vapmod Xtank Plus Tank

Constructed from the profound quality of Pyrex glass and stainless steel, this device features a ceramic coil of honeycomb with a resistance of 1.4ohm. Thus, it offers pure flavor. You can purchase it in silver color, and it is compatible with the Vmod Starter Kit 2-in-1.

  1. Vapmod Xtank Pro Tank

The unit is designed to work with the Magic 710 and the Xtube 710 battery. With a capacity of 0.5ml, it is equipped with a ceramic coil with a resistance of 1.0ohm.

  1. Vapmod Xtank Wax Tank

Constructed from the profound quality of stainless steel, it is compatible with the Vmod 2-in-1 Kit and is available in silver. This device features the dual quartz glass coil to offer you an impressive experience in vaping.

  1. Vapmod Xtube 710 Express Mod

Powered by a 900mah battery, this device can be charged through a USB port quickly. A preheat function also forms part of it. It is provided with a rubberized finish. This along with the compact size makes it quite a comfortable unit. It is operated using a single button. Several protective measures are in place to allow safe vaping. Four levels of voltage settings are offered, and the color of the LED indicator changes according to the voltage setting.

  1. Vapmod Xtube 710 Starter Kit

This portable device is powered by a 900mah battery that can be recharged. It is capable of providing you with a powerful hit and features a single button allowing smooth operation. Four levels of voltage settings are available. A preheating chamber also forms part of the device. It needs nearly 90 seconds to heat completely. It is provided with the standard 510 thread connector and is available in five colors.

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