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The use of CBD to alleviate various ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and pain has acquired rapid popularity. CBD enables on to feel calm. It promotes the feeling of tranquility and peace. Derived from the cannabis plant, this compound ensures that you acquire the beneficial effects of CBD without worrying about the effects of THC which can be psychoactive. While you can take CBD oil in multiple ways, most people these days seem to prefer vaping. Also called CBD e-liquid and e-juice, CBD vape oil is produced when the formulation of CBD oil is done for use in vape pens. Some simply enjoy vaping while others like the ample flavors CBD vape oil is available in, making it a preferable option instead of the use of traditional tinctures. Let us provide you with some information about the CBD vape oils considered best in the market.


CBD Vape Juice & E-Liquid

What are CBD Vape Oils?

These days, people prefer to use alternative options for regular cigarettes. These include vape pens, E-cigarettes, and vaporizers. Traditional cigarettes allow the entry of harmful chemicals such as butane, tar, and acetone to your lungs which can be quite dangerous.

Vaping is less dangerous as while the users get their dose of required nicotine, the rest of the ingredients are far less harmful.

Even the marijuana community seems to consider vaping a better option to acquire the effects THC offers. Vaping devices are compact and thus offer discretion while providing you with an efficient and yet clean way of getting your desired results.

Vape oils are rapidly becoming prominent. While the delivery system in these is more or less the same as weed pen or e-cigarettes, the vape juice is devoid of nicotine and harmful effects of marijuana. It merely makes you relaxed, using CBD oil for the purpose.

CBD Vape Juice Explained

CBD vape juice is available in various styles. Also called vape oil and e-liquid, the vape juice offers you a wide range to select from. However, there are some factors you should pay heed to before making your purchase.

  • Flavor: it depends on the taste you prefer. There are many choices, and you can select the flavor you like. You also have the option of choosing the primary base for your vape among propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.
  • CBD concentration: the concentration of CBD in vape oil varies considerably. Some products have as much as 500mg of the compounds; others merely have 25mg of it. It is advisable to opt for a low concentration in your initial days of vaping and increase it gradually.
  • Consistency: the vape juice needs to be consistent and have the same look in the whole mixture. At times, the CBD compounds and remaining ingredients might separate. Ensure that the vape oil you purchase is well-mixed. This will ensure that there is consistency in the amount of CBD you acquire during vaping.
  • CBD isolate: you will find CBD vape oils that are called pure CBD. These are the ones made with an isolated formula of CBD. Isolate CBD is created when the other cannabis compounds are extracted, till only pure CBD is left. It is highly concentrated.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: you will find variants of hemp vape juices wherein the juice is infused with different compounds extracted from hemp plants. These include Terpenes and similar other cannabinoids. At times, a low amount of THC is also added. These formulas might be beneficial as the combination of ingredients might offer significant effects. Whether you should opt for full spectrum CBD or isolate CBD is something that depends on what you prefer and what your body finds suitable.

What's the Difference Between CBD Vape Juice and CBD e-Liquids?

Let us now elaborate differences that lie between the two.

The process used earlier was quite straightforward and simple. You merely had to purchase the extract and place a couple of drops of it under the tongue. That's all. However, things have now changed. CBD can now be consumed in a variety of ways which can be quite confusing.

Also referred to as CBD e-liquid occasionally, CBD vape juice is basically the CBD oil that is developed to make it compatible with vaporizers.

Pure CBD oils are available as bottled products that use propylene or vegetable glycol as a base. On the other hand, agents for thinning the compound are added in vape juices to provide them with adequate viscosity that would make the juices compatible with coils that CBD oil vape pens use. The CO2 extraction method is used by these cartridges, and you can replace them with other varieties of e-liquid as per your preference.

CBD vape juice, extracted from cannabis is often used in the states that have imposed recreational laws on the use of marijuana. You can even purchase pure CBD isolates in these states which imply that the mix would be devoid of any other cannabinoids.

What About CBD Vape Juice – Is It the Same as CBD Vape Oil?

Remaining up to date with technologies and terminologies of the CBD industry is certainly not easy. It can be quite confusing. If you are wondering whether CBD vape juice and CBD vape oil are the same, they are with some minor tweaks.

CBD vape oil, as has been explained, refers to any product containing CBD that is compatible with a CBD vape pen. The point to remember is that the CBD oil you take orally and the one you inhale via vape pens are markedly different.

The two methods of consuming are quite different. In one, you place the oil under the tongue, ultimately swallowing it. In the other case, the viscous liquid is inhaled in the form of vapor. The CBD eventually enters the bloodstream in both the methods but the mechanisms are not the same.

Thus, keep in mind. An oral CBD tincture should not be inhaled. Similarly, you cannot administer a CBD vape juice sublingually. The result might be potentially dangerous.

What to Look Out For When Purchasing CBD Oil?

Irrespective of the type you need, you can use some techniques and tips to make sure that the oil you get is well-made, safe and will offer the results you want. There are five things that you will need to keep in mind when looking for vape liquids.

  1. The Milligram Catch

Milligram catch is something you need to give quite a bit of attention to while buying CBD oil. This tactic is employed by companies looking to confuse the users regarding the amount of CBD their products contain.

For instance, if you find 350mg written on a bottle, you cannot be sure that it means that the bottle contains 350mg of CBD. It could mean that the oil is 350mg. There is a considerable difference between the two.

As we have mentioned before, CBD oil can be made with a variety of ingredients, pure CBD being one of them. While buying CBD oil, ensure that you understand the amount of CBD it contains. The label should have the information clearly in the form of a percentage.

You can always call the company to clear any doubts. If they fail to offer you a satisfactory response, it would be better to look for other options.

  1. being Transparent with customers

It is easy for anyone to claim that their product is the best one available on the market. Deciding who to trust is challenging. It is a third-party whose word you can count on. The market for CBD oil is not really regulated and thus filtering out good CBD oils from the bad ones can be a difficult feat.

Reputable brands are aware of this. Thus, they use the services of testing labs by a third-party for review. Therefore, if you are contemplating on opting for any brand for CBD oil, ensure that they have had their products tested by a third-party lab. The company should be open about the results of the lab and should have no qualms on sharing it with the customers.

  1. marketing strategy and promotions

Another vital factor that you need to consider when opting for any brand of CBD oil is their marketing strategy. The advertising tactics a company uses is quite revealing about the kind of business they run.

For instance, if any company prompts you to share your details like number or email address, you should be alerted. More often than not, your mobile or email box will be flooded with their promotional stuff that are of no use to you. This is the reason, MarijuanaBreak never expects you to share your details.

A company with profound reputation and reliability will not have to go overboard with promotions. They will give their customers the freedom to browse through the shop, consider all the options and then make a purchase. Some companies even offer you an opportunity to contact them in case of any query. They would not expect you to rush into buying anything.

  1. The enticement of free samples

It is indeed tempting to get your hands on some free samples. However, more often than not, this is a trap. Your credit card ends up being overcharged for these seemingly free samples. We have often heard stories shared by our customers about how they got a free sample from a particular brand. However, the brand charged them for the bottle later and that too without taking permission from them.

You might also be contacted by some CBD oil companies to inform you that you will be receiving a free sample. However, you need to pay for shipment. If the company is reputable and reliable, you should not have a problem with sharing the details of your credit card.

But if the company is unknown, you need to be cautious. A company dispatching a free CBD oil bottle should not have any problems affording the shipping.

  1. The Extraction Process

The quality of the CBD vape oil is determined by the extraction process. While different methods can be used for extraction, it is recommended that you buy products that use the CO2 extraction process.

The process of CO2 extraction makes use of CO2 for extraction of active cannabinoids from the plant. The right pressure and temperature need to be set owing to which CO2 can function as both liquid and gas leading to the CBD being extracted from the plants effectively.

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