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If you are looking for the ideal vapor that works at high temperatures when put into comparison with Dry Herb Vaporizer, Concentrate Vaporizers is exactly what you need. Concentrate Vaporizers work with extracts. They do not need dry herbs. GALACBD is the only place where you can find your favourite vaporizer from the brand you want in the best price possible. We have all the exquisite collection of Vaporizer brands that include Yocan, Imini, Airistech, etc. Our collection does not end on Vaporizers. We have vape pens, Cartridges and Marijuana Grinder that will help you have the time of your life.


CBD Concentrate vaporizer

Due to the new laws passed by the US government, the usage and distribution of concentrate vaping has increased in the past few years and people are loving that. The dabs, also called concentrates has gained massive popularity by the local people that numerous brands are emerging with their own dab pens for wax, oil and shatter.

If you are looking for a convenient way to use your concentrate vaporizers, get your hands on "wax vapes" To get your dry product vape to work, less temperature would be required as compared to concentrate vaporizers. Vaporizers help us consume a good amount of concentrates that promotes a fun and healthy experience all together. The vaporizers that we provide our healthy and help provide the best flavour and smoke.

Why Choose Concentrate Vaporizers?

Concentrate vaporizers are the best thing for you. They are able to cater shatter, oil or wax which is why they are suitable to be used for numerous flavors. Providing the optimal consumption, you are looking for, concentrate vaporizers are well equipped with all the parts that help it serve better. The amount of heating method is regulated so that all the flavour is well inside the concentrate vaporizer ready to be consumed by the user.

Moreover, if you are still wondering whether concentrate vaporizer is something you should buy or not, know that they provide the best flavour, they are easy to handle and are relatively cheaper. They cost less than dried product vaporizer which is why they must not be missed at any cost. They have ample storage capacity for flavors too.

  • Concentrate Vaporizers – Benefits

There are numerous benefits of concentrate vaporizers that we cannot ignore. The first reason why you need to get your hands on this amazing vaporizer is because it contains all the active ingredients that will give you the fine flavour that was promised to you. The concentration of the flavour is high, stored in a small container. Get the best intense flavour as per your selection of botanical extract.

However, the choice is not limited to concentrated flavors only. If you want something diluted, you are welcome to do so. Chose the ideal vaporizer that adds to your lifestyle and stays with you on the go. Enhance your personal vaping experience just the way you want it to.

  • Concentrate Vaporizers – Top Picks

The Grizzly Eclipse: This type of vaporizer comes with multiple features. It is portable which means you are free to carry it around with you the whole time. This vaporizer will not restrict you into anything, you are free to use concentrate products or dried products. Moreover, the dual use makes it ideal for users to carry two portables with them along on a trip. Furthermore, this type of vaporizer provides an easy access to voltage and power controls. Manage the settings quite easily as it is ergonomically fit to use.

There are numerous vaporizers available in the store for you to enjoy. Concentrate vaporizers will help you have the powerful smoking experience. A little vapor will do just the trick you are looking for. Here at GALACBD we have the best vaporizer providing multiples specs and features you will not be able to resist at all.

A huge market is available of Wax vaporizers or concentrates vaporizers. The list includes dabbing wax and vaping wax.

What's a Wax Vaporizer?

There is a slight difference between dab pen and dab rig. Wax vaporizers are also known as dab pens that are portable and easier to carry. Wax vaporizers are most commonly used for wax or concentrates. With vape there are lesser things to worry about. When it comes to dab rig you will have to lug around a torch and take care while you handle the glass. When it comes to vape. The only thing you have to worry about is in which pocket it has to be kept.

The wax vape pen is portable and easy to carry as it does not have a lot of weight either. In a steel container the chamber coils and mouthpiece are kept in place. Special attention is given to the case as the vape pen gets heated the case need to be heat tolerant so that no damage is done to the hands. The selection of the type of plastic and rubber is made with a lot of care and attention. The loading chamber is adjusted accordingly through different types of techniques.

Temperature Control Setting

Managing the temperature inside the vaporizing chamber is important. It is an integral part as one has to be sure regarding the type of material use. Even distribution of heat must be carried out so that the content does not get burnt. To make sure the combustion and conduction take place as per required controlling the temperature settings is critical.

Therefore, it is important to note down the temperature your vaporizer works on. It is quite useful as it will prevent overheating. Triple use vaporizer requires event heating. The vapors with oily concentrates require more temperature like around 440F to 500F than others.

Different Types of Coil/Heating Methods

There is not one kind of heating element available in vape pens. For different kind of pens such as ceramic, titanium and quartz, the coiling and heating method is not the same. Moreover, the method used for heating is also not the same. Some required conduction while some requires convection. If you are using wax, then then convection heating is the choice where the wax should not touch the coils. The coils regulate the heat and manage it to provide conduction heating. The coils are made from titanium with a wrapping for ceramic, quartz or titanium. The most preferred method is where ceramic heating plates are used that are placed at the bottom of the base.

How a Dab Pen Works?

There is not a lot of complexity linked with Dab Pens. Dab pens comes with dab tool the dab tool has sharp edges on both sides which act as a metal picker. All you need to do is collect wax from the wax chamber and use it. Use this gently. Do not use a lot of force as it might cause damage to the coil. After that you are required to close the mouthpiece and select the temperature you want to use. Note that all pens do not require a lot of temperature, the temperature settings are not the same for all the pens. Most pens have a colour coordinated system that is easily managed.

If you are still having some confusion regarding the pen, look into the user manual. Click the button to activate the coils so that wax is heated up and you can turn the vapor inside. The heat will be regulated once you begin taking the hit. With every hit, the chamber will cool down from their respective coil temperature. Start taking the hits slowly and pace yourself.

The choice of tank is also yours. If you are using a vaporizer with 510 thread go for the battery chamber that has a universal thread. Moreover, turning the dab into e-juice is also not an issue. Begin filling the eliquid tank with the liquid and have a great time with your vape.

How to Load a Dab Pen with Wax

  • Your pen should be designed to work with oils and concentrates
    There are some pens that do not work well with flower concentrates. However, the pens we have are well suited to fit all.
  • Use a decent amount of concentrate on your dap tool
    Do not go overboard on your wax. Just take a small amount of wax which you can shape and heat between your fingers. A little amount of wax is enough. 0.1g of wax will do. It might take some practice but once you get a hang of it you will be able to use the right amount in no time.
  • Apply on the coil gently
    As mentioned before, do not force the wax on the coil or use it rigidly. Apply the wax on the coil wit patience, it might not come off easily but do not force it. The heating elements available inside the vape are delicate, being harsh can damage them.
  • Take care of the shatter while filling the chamber
    The way you keep the concentrates decides its productivity. Remember that if the concentrate is not too liable it will not be able to fit very well onto the dab. It is better if you break it up yourself and then load the chamber just the way you like it.
  • You are good to go!FUSCREEN
    With that your vape is ready! The wax or the shatter that you are using will melt as per the temperature provided and will start to dip down the chamber. Inhale and have the time of your life.

How to Pen with a Loose Herb

  • Pick the pen prescribed for loose Herb
    Many people ask this question. Before we answer this, it is important to note that not every vaporizer is fit for this purpose. Therefore, ask if the pen is the right type or not.
  • Make sure the herb is evenly grinded
    Having the right equipment will help you a lot. Do not just purchase your vape pen, get your hands on a reliable grinder as well that will help chop the herb finely. A heavy-duty aluminium grinder is the perfect option if you are unsure which one to buy. All you need to do is load it up and the rest it will handle itself.
  • Load the chamber and steady it
    First you would have to fill the chamber to the top. You can overfill it too and then make use of a loading tool to press the herb down. Pack it well so that the content does not move. By keeping the content in its place, you will make sure the heat is evenly distributed and the flavour does not come out too harsh. However, these instructions may vary from one compartment to another. Give yourself time, the first time is always the hardest.
  • Almost done!
    After completing the first two steps, you are good to go. The flavour is ready for you to give you big fluffy clouds.

Benefits of a Wax Pen Vaporizer

  • From discreet to quick ones, the benefits of a wax pen are many. There are a lot of people who prefer to use discreet dab pen over a dab rig and there are millions of reasons why.
  • Discreet: This is one of the major reasons why people are beginning to use dab vape for wax as it will help you get away from complex situation. Considering the fact that smoking is not accepted in many communities dab vape does not give a lot of odour. Moreover, you can smoke it any place you want dues to the less tobacco.
  • Eliminate Toxins: There can be no denying the fact that smoking causes a lot of harm to your body. It is harmful to your organs. On the other hand, vape is safer as it burns the toxins away. From smoking users are exposed to a lot of toxins. Vapes heats the content well enough which kills all the toxins and makes sure the product is fit to be consumed by the user
  • Health: We cannot ignore the fact that people are very health conscious, more than they were before. Everyone aims to be healthier. This is why, we bring you vaporizers that will help you have a great time by taking care of your health too along the side. When you use a dab rig, the wax is burning at 900℉ which burns the wax away.
  • Quick and Fast: No one has a lot of time filling up the wax nail and burning it with a torch. Wax pens help lessen the work and minimize your time. You just have to fill your vape chamber and you are good to have a great time ahead.
  • Portable: The best part about wax pen is that you can carry them around in your bag and use it any place you want. Take a nice hit during the office break or going back home from work. It is easy to carry and will always be beside you just whenever you need it.
  • Cost effective: A wax pen will be fun and easy to use along with saving a lot of money. The only thing you might have to spend your money on is by replacing the atomizer. The atomizers are not too hard you can purchase them at a very fair rate. On the other hand, dab rigs are usually made from glass which is why you need to pay special attention when handling them.
  • Flavour: A vape pen that is concentrated is semi-controlled. It is important that you take not of the heat that is coming from the coil. A dab rig has to be heated strongly until the coil burns but a concentrate pen does not need that effort. You can play around with the power settings to select the best option.

Wax Pens and Dab Vapes

The best way to make full use of concentrates and essential oils is by consuming them in Wax Pens. Vaporizers get the maximum content from the concentrates which is healthy and a smooth process. The wax pens are durable. They are compatible in making sure your experience is worth it. Whether you are using Grenco Science G-Pen or Arizer V-Tower, wax pens will make you want to purchase another one in no time.

With the help of dabbers just simply add your desired wax or dab in the chamber. Fill it t the top and turn on the heat. The heating effect will produce a great thick flavour that will enhance the taste and its effect. The compartment will hold your content in its place. The material giving the flavour can be either oil, wax, shatter or anything. Regardless of what you are adding, these vapes will deliver the exact result you are willing for it.

Moreover, an important feature of wax vaporizers is that they are available at a far lower price. They do not accept extra attention and money then dry herb vaporizers. Unlike dry herbs, oil and concentrates do not require a lot of space to be kept. They will give more flavour. When used the right way by providing authentic heating element a little amount of concentrate will go a long way!

Furthermore, we cannot miss out on the fact that they size, and weight of these pens is ideal. They do not require a lot space. It is easy to keep them somewhere. They are not fragile. If you do not want people to watch, you make use of your wax vaporizer you can switch it easily.

Wax Pen Starter Kits

Wax pens are used for legal herbal concentrates to vaporize e-solid gels and herbal wax concentrates. These wax pens atomizers are perfect to be sued with thick oils and wax concentrates. However, they are not suitable for tobacco or e-liquid.

A Wax Pen Starter Kit will provide you with all the things you need. Get the perfect wax pen that is ideal to work with your wax. It will contain an atomizer that is suitable for the job. Moreover, the Wax Pen Starter Kit will come with a rechargeable battery. Th kit has it all

If you do not want to expose yourself to a lot of smoke, wax vape pens are the best. The smooth taste provides a cool vapor that is not harsh at all. Several kits also contain a dry herb atomizer so that the legal herb method can selected of your choice.

Types of Concentrates used for a Wax Vape Pen Starter Kit

The choice of concentrates depends upon what you purchase. The most common concentrates include, honey, Budder, Essential Oils and a lot more. The Atomizer Coil used in Wax Vape Pen is not the same as it had titanium coils unlike the common silica wick coils.

Many options in a Wax Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

Similar to e-juice vaporizer there are numerous choices linked with wax vaporizers. A good Vaporizer Pen will provide you a good battery time where you do not have to worry about its charge. Numerous flavors available for your wax that will give you the best hit you could have asked for.

How to choose from the Best Wax Vaporizers?

  • Budget: The first factor to note down is this. The prices vary as one vaporizer does not cost the same as the other one. Some vaporizers have less features while the others have a variable voltage battery, numerous atomizers, etc.
  • Portability: Where you are planning to consume most of your vaporizer holds importance as to what you need to buy. If you work from home, get one that comes with high end desktop vaporizer. If you happen to have two jobs, get a portable wax pen.
  • Efficiency: The vaporizer that you use must produce a good amount of smoke from a small dab. This will highlight that it is efficient.
  • Battery Life: No one wants to feed the trouble of having to charge your vaporizer multiple times. Get one that has a stable battery life. Keep it compact and purchase the best one with good battery life.
  • Temperature Control: Selecting the battery that gives you an option of controlling voltage and temperature is a good idea. This is because not all concentrates will operate at the same level and temperatures. Select the vaporizer that gives you the option of controlling temperature.
  • Different coils: Having your vaporizer come with more than one coil is a plus! Beginners can use one coil to try and test the application of wax and oil without damaging the rest.

Dabbing Wax vs Vaping Wax

There is more than one way in which wax concentrates are used. One is the process of vaping and the other in comparison is dabbing. Vaping and dabbing make use of ingredients of wax and other kinds of concentrates. Vaping and dabbing have their own pros and cons. Both of these are considered to be a decent option when it comes it vape however, vaping is regarding as the better option. Many people still prefer dabbing due to multiple reasons. The first reason being the hard hits and intense flavour is gives you.

  1. Vaping Wax:

Vaping with wax is always the easier option. It is popular and is carried out much more conveniently. People all over the world are looking forward to quit smoking and begin using vaporizers. People want to avoid combustion and make use of their favourite flavour by taking numerous hits. Through vaping people can vaporize almost anything. It's not even something hard. Many of us will be able to get a hang of it after first two tries. Most of the vaporizers have the same options but it is always a good idea to understand the different types available so that you know about all the styles available.

Below are some of general directions for vaporizing your top mostloving wax or shatter by using multiple types of the wax pen vaporizers:

Identify chamber of loading of the vaporizer that is suitable to be used by vaporizer.
Take out some piece of the wax from the container and put it on the chamber through our dab tool.
Next you must shut the chamber of device and start the process of vaporizer.
Start inhaling from the mouthpiece until the wax starts to vaporize and finished itself.

The steps involved in the usage of wax and vaporizer are not too complex. All you need is to take care of some simple steps that would help you help do the trick. There are several options that comes with portable wax vaporizers that provide heating options where users can select their choice of temperature.

Below are some really helpful tips for handling the concentrates:

  • Do not use anything other than silicon. Silicon containers are able to handle concentrates easily. Do not damage your clothes or your wooden desk when handling concentrates, it will ruin it and the stain will not be able to come off.
  • Get a dabbing tool or a dabber. If your vaporizer kit does not come with a dabber get one yourself. It is a one-time investment which would help you a lot later. The dabber will help put the wax in place. If you think you can do the dabbing process with your fingers you are mistaken. isopropyl alcohol is not something you want to get on your hands.
  • Remember that there is a good difference between dry herbs and wax. Both of them are not providing the same options this is why it always better to carry out your research before you finally decide which one is for you. The material coating will stain your hand, try avoiding that. A pro tip is keeping the coating upright so that it does not make your hands sticky.
  • Concentrates usually require higher temperatures than dry herbs. You should not even keep the temperature low as it would alter the taste you are looking for. Handle the product with care. Let the temperature exceed as it will bring out the best flavour.
  1. Dabbing Wax:

There is a massive difference that lies between dabbing and vaping. Process in which the metal surface is heating to an extent until you inhale those fumes of concentrate you have selected is termed as dabbing. The vaporized material makes everything heating which results into active fumes. We call it dabbing when in fact the process is a little different. The process of dabbing requires numerous key elements where the "nail", the metal surface is heated.

If you have not witnessed the process before, dabbing involved a blow torch and dab rig. Dab rigs are wider however the other parts are the same. The nail is held strongly so that it does not move, and the fumes are produced easily. This part is covered and is connected with a process which involves the inhaling vapor. If you have ever seen bong loading, this process is no different.

Ultimate dabbing experience;

  • Initiate the heating process where the rig must be heated to an extent until it becomes red hot. Nail of rig will turn super-hot which is what the concentrates need to become active.
  • If the bit that is heating up has domed covering, there is one added step that you need to do. Close that dome container and let it cool down for 10 seconds. Letting it rest is very important as it gives the content their respective time. If you are using titanium, 10 seconds would be enough. If you are consuming quartz, then 45 seconds are ideal.
  • Next you are required to make use of the dabbing tool whose significance we have mentioned before. Open your concentrates container and get a decent amount of the content. Put it on nail and then move your tool so that the concentrate turns into vapor. Be very vigilant as you carry out this task.
  • Put the mouthpiece inside your mouth and inhale. This will begin the process and the concentrate will start to work as soon as you start to inhale. If you haven't done anything like this before, hold on and repeat the process. Do not overdo it, be patient.
  • Exhale out the content. While you exhale make sure you observe on the present hot rig which will be burning.

Just a little patience is all you need. This is in fact an advantage that comes with dab rig. It has a mutable nature which you can get very well from "the rusty rig of nail or nail rig." The waterpipe with space-age has to be used as prescribed so that the result comes out as good.

There are many users who crave variety. If you are also among the ones who want to have a whole collection, then there are many nails upgrades. You can try quartz, ceramic and titanium rigs. All of these are available with us that you can try on your own. A dab rig is critical to use. Make sure you use it very well so that you don't hurt yourself. If you haven't vaped before then you might handle the rig under the supervision of someone who has decent experience.

Remember to take safety precaution. They are essential. Do not be too carefree as it might put you in great trouble. After using the vaporizer for some time, you will be able to get a hang of it which will pave way into a better situation where you will have a stronger control.

  1. Main Differences:
  • When it comes to dabbing and vaping there are certain differences that are quite prominent. The major different being learning curve. The thing about vaporizer is that you don't have to do much about it. All you need to do is set the concentrate and you are done! The rest will be handles by the vaporizer itself. On the other hand, dabbing is rather tricky. There are numerous things that you have take into account so that you don't mess anything up. Dabbing provides the open flame which is why extra safety measures must be taken. When working with dabbing users especially the ones who are new must take safety precautions.
  • The next major difference is the portability. A vaporizer is portable. It means it can be carried around in the backpack super easily. On the other hand, the dab rig is super hard to move. Yes, you can have mobile rig of dab but it will add to your cost. Moreover, even if you pay for mobile rig it will not be able to compete against the portability of vaporizer. The vaporizer is easy to carry around as it adds to the convenience. One thing we cannot ignore about vaporizers is that they can easily hold a lot of charge. The have the ability to carry the charge for numerous hours. With vaporizers by your side you will not have to face the trouble of low battery while you are having a good time with your friends.
  • Dab rigs give huge hits. And if you are thinking which one will give you bigger hits, the answer is dab rigs without any question. Dab rigs give you mind-blowing hits that are totally awesome. There are people who go crazy for these. Dab rigs will give you the experience of a life time. The quick gratification combined with the intensity THC will give you experience you will not be able to get over anytime soon. On the other hand, a vaporizer lets you enjoy the vaping natural experience with intense flavours. The flavors will just not leave your taste buds. Giving you totally natural experience that has no comparison in the vaping world.
  • Dab rig require more temperature than the wax pens vaporizers. Wax pen vaporizer requires less heat, less consumption. It is important to note down that the temperature Wax Pen vaporizes at it between the 450 degrees fh. The temperature for dab rigs is much higher. Dab rigs require a heating level that reaches up to 800-1000 Degree. That is a lot! And that's why, it is always prescribed to use dab rigs with care. It is important to actually wait for the dome less nails to chill first before you are able to take down the dab.

Should I be Dabbing Wax or vaping?

The whole article has stressed upon the difference between dabbing and vaping. Both of them hold their significant value which cannot be ignored. Try both of these methods to know which one gives you more thrill and adds to your fun. If you like to carry it around, then the choice of purchasing a vaporizer is ideal. However, if you are a fan of big hits then go for the dab rig as it will melt your face and give your incredibly big hits that you are looking for.

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