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The most effective tool to vape CBD e-liquid is a pen share imitating vaping device. It is called vape pen. They can be divided into disposable and refillable categories. Such CBD vaping devices that can be refilled are available in different styles but they are preferred by advanced users. In comparison, disposable vaping devices are low priced and easy instant way of CBD vaping.


CBD Vape Pen Starter Kits

CBD vape pens are vaporizers that are pen shaped. They are designed for use with CBD Vape juices. They are usually broken down into two main categories including the refillable kind and the disposable kind. A refillable vape pen is one of the most discrete products on the market. The disposable counterpart however is a convenient way that you can pick up a product and start vaping with CBD immediately.

Are CBD starter kits unique products?

A number of top quality vape companies are looking for a market that can deliver quick vaping products for their customers. Pens are usually used with traditional e-liquids. The pen style system and the liquids that they come with do offer a large range for vaping.

At the top range of dry herb vaping, vape starter kits rarely get sold. These products are mostly designed for quick solutions with e-juice.

What is a refillable CBD vape pen?

Refillable CBD vape pens are pens that can be filled with any type of vape juice that contains CBD. These devices usually have an external tank that is directly attached to a rechargeable battery. They can provide a convenient and discreet pen style vaporizer that much smaller and lighter than the average tank and battery combination. The devices are usually great for a direct lung vape and they can deliver a very tight draw right into the lungs.

A refillable pod vape is another option that can be found in this market. They are popular options for vaping with nicotine and although they aren't exactly pen shaped, these are mini vapes that can be used to vape CBD and other items with ease.

Defining a disposable CBD vape pen:

Disposable CBD vape pens are products that contains an atomizer, battery and an area that's preloaded with a CBD vape juice. These devices are usually built to last for roughly 100 draws from the device before it has to be thrown out. The juice inside will dry up and the atomizer is also built for short term use.

A disposable CBD vape is an alternative to buying the pods or cartridges. They don't require any extra investment, and external battery or any type of pod system to use. They are devices that are activated from a draw and this means that they can produce a vapor without having to worry about buttons or controls.

The advantages and disadvantages of pen vapes that refill:

A refillable CBD vape pen does require the purchase of a device as well as some extra liquid to get started. They are usually empty when you get them and you will have to fill the device to get started. The good news is that they are also much more effective as a first-time investment because they offer reliable costs. CBD pens are a little less convenient than disposables and a bit bigger making them less discrete. They do require a bit of knowledge to operate and refill.

What refillable vape pens offer is the chance to customize your CBD vape juice and the airflow and power options with your experience. Whether you would like a direct lung vape or a draw that is closer to a cigarette, you can find great results with these pens.

The direct lung settings on these sub ohm devices are perfect for getting a lower CBD strength and they can often deliver more vapor in every puff. MTL delivers higher amounts of CBD and it often takes a little more puffing in order to get the same effects that you would get from concentrations of the Cannabidiol in larger devices.


  • Cost effective
  • More adjustable airflow options
  • Perfect for different vaping styles
  • Efficient method for delivery
  • Better clouds
  • Form factor for discreet use


  • A small investment is required
  • They do take some study with a learning curve
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • Less discreet than smaller disposable units

The advantages and disadvantages of disposable pen vapes:

These disposable pen style vapes remain one of the most practical ways that you can begin vaping with cannabiol, especially for the first time. They don't often offer the same variety of strengths and flavors but they are quite inexpensive. The other great advantage with these devices is that you can be using them right out of the package. They come in a prefilled and disposable format so you don't need to purchase any liquid or refill the device. You just vape it around 100 times and then throw it out.

These pens are not as cost-effective or reliable as some of the vape pens you might find on the market. They also don't contain the same amount of CBD that you might find versus the price. With the cigarette style draw called mouth to lung, they are easy to master but they come with almost no custom options. The low output means that you have to vape often to get the best results or a proper dosage of CBD.


  • One of the most affordable ways to start vaping
  • No maintenance required
  • No refilling required
  • Very discreet and super lightweight


  • Much less cost-effective than any refillable
  • Can be a limited selection of CBD juices
  • No options for direct lung
  • Non-adjustable for use
  • Produces only small clouds

Vape tank or cartridge?

If you are choosing a refillable starter kit, you will want to decide whether you would prefer to fill the tank or use the cartridge-based system.

The nice part about having a tank on board is that you can refill it with a liquid of any strength or flavor and it's very likely to be cross compatible. We would recommend using a dedicated unit for each type of vape juice as atomizers are quite cheap and different juices may require specific configurations.

Cartridge-based systems can be easier for quickly changing of flavors. Cartridges can be refillable or common disposable formats. The cartridge forms often have higher concentrations of CBD compared to E liquids that you would use for refilling.

Most pure CBD e juices are left unflavored to deliver a better delivery of healthy cannabinoids without any additives such as flavors or chemicals.

What to look for?

One of the top things to look for in a starter kit is the power level. E liquids in these smaller devices don't require a massive amount of power and any CBD vape pen that offers 3.7-4.2 volts should have no problem heating the liquids. There are some major differences in quality between a low powered vape pen and some of the higher quality customizable vape pens.

Most of the portable starter kits have a very small range for power meaning you won't have much adjustment for your pen for blowing larger clouds.

By saving a little bit more and spending on a more powerful device, you can get something that has more flexibility for battery life and temperature range.

If you are just a casual vaper, the starter system is probably your best bet to get going. If you're going to be using a vape daily you're going to want to invest in something that has a little more power.

Mods can be another way that you can enhance the power and customization for your vape. XEO Void box mods are a quick way that you can get started with CBD vape kits. Adding a mod can require a little more maintenance for your vape, but it's one of the only ways that you could start using a higher VG e-liquid to enjoy some better flavors and some much larger clouds.

These mods have lowered significantly in cost over the last few years and it's one of the most ideal ways that you can upgrade your device even if you've just purchased a starter kit.

Buy a starter kit that works for you:

When you are considering the purchase of a starter kit, the end decision often comes down to the price. Each manufacturer will have some variances in the level of quality that they can deliver and the prices that they offer for their devices. Some of the big names in the business often come with the best reputation for vaping with CBD.

Be sure to check into some online reviews before you make a purchase as this can give you an idea of any warning signs for a device or issues that other users are having.

When you're performing research you're going to want to look into factors like the longevity of the atomizer and the battery life for the device as well. If you plan on using your vape pen a few times a week or even daily, you're going to want a battery that can last you. Looking at a device that is compatible with high-strength CBD e-liquid is important too. Getting more bang for your buck with the potency of e-liquid will ensure you can conserve battery life while getting more of the health affects. Whether you're choosing a disposable with potent CBD the liquid inside or a capsule with e-liquid, check the dosage of CBD that it comes with.

CBD vape pens are competing in an industry where it's often difficult to build a strong reputation. There are manufacturers that have established themselves as leaders in this industry. Remember that manufacturer reputation goes a long way in helping you make a great decision for a vape product.

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