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cbdMD CBD PM Tincture 30ml 500mg 1pcs:0 US
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cbdMD CBD PM Tincture 30ml 500mg 1pcs:0 US
cbdMD CBD PM Tincture 0

cbdMD CBD PM Tincture

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CbdMD CBD PM Tincture is a CBD oil product made from premium hemp extract. Shop it from GalaCBD with confidence.


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Ingredients: USP Grade Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract( Aerial Parts) | View Report

cbdMD CBD PM Tincture Instructions


There is a sense of urgency in the CBD market right now as new brands try and find a foothold. As with all fresh and exciting markets, new brands appear regularly, but CbdMD is one of the more established names and has a reputation for quality products and great service.

CbdMD uses US-grown hemp that is of the highest quality and is grown in controlled conditions in an ideal location. CbdMD also has all of its products 3rd-party laboratory tested. cbdMD also has an in-house laboratory and has formulated its own CBD oil.

CbdMD has plenty of choices for the CBD user, and this product – the CBD PM tincture – is a popular one.

Ingredients in the PM Tincture are pure broad-spectrum CBD oil, MCT oil, and a special blend of herbs to aid sleep. There are no artificial ingredients in this product, and it is THC-free.

The PM Tincture is designed to help the user sleep. It comes in one bottle size – 30ml, which provides 16.67mg of CBD per 1ml.

Pros of the CbdMD CBD PM Tincture

  • THC-free
  • USA grown hemp
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Superior broad spectrum CBD
  • High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties
  • ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness


  • Capacity: 30ml
  • CBD Strength: 500mg CBD Per Bottle
  • Contains: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD, Melatonin, Valerian Root, Passionflower Extract, Cascade Hops, Chamomile Flower, Lemon Balm

What's Included

1 x CbdMD CBD PM Tincture

More About CbdMD CBD PM Tincture

The quality of CbdMD products is not in doubt. The use of quality hemp, strict quality control processes, and third-party testing ensures some of the best products in the CBD market. That they also have their own laboratory and perfected a unique strain of CBD oil for use in all their products, which guarantees further quality.

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