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cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 4 Pack(Relax  Romance  Rise  Restore) 1pcs:0 US
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 0
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 1
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 4 Pack(Relax  Romance  Rise  Restore) 1pcs:0 US
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 0
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 1

cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs

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cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs are made from premium quality CBD hemp extract. Feel free to purchase it from GalaCBD. Low price guaranteed.


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Ingredients: USP Grade Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract( Aerial Parts) | View Report

cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs Instructions


A fast-expanding market, CBD products are increasingly in demand as consumers learn of the acknowledged benefits of this extract of the cannabis plant. As with all fresh and exciting markets, new brands appear regularly, but CbdMD is one of the more established names and has a reputation for quality products and great service.

CbdMD uses only high-quality US-grown hemp that is grown under controlled conditions for the highest levels of purity. CbdMD also has all of its products 3rd-party laboratory tested. These tests check for contaminants in the oil – which can be present in the soil and watercourse – and for potency. The brand is unusual in having its own laboratory in which it has created a blend of broad-spectrum CBD oil that is used throughout the product range.

By choosing broad spectrum, cbdMD has created a range in which all products contain the important cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds of the plant but ensured that the THC content is removed. Each product is therefore THC free, this being the psychoactive element in the cannabis plant.

Among the more innovative products is the range of cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs, which we are taking a look at here.

It should be said that not all CBD companies offer a bath bomb option, but cbdMD has gone out of its way to ensure it caters to all users. Dropped in the bath, the CBD and other entirely natural ingredients provide a soothing and enjoyable bath that will have you feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready for what lies ahead.

There are six products in the range, these being: CBD Bath Bomb Resist with Lavender; CBD Bath Bomb Rise with Eucalyptus; CBD Bath Bomb Rejuvenate, also with Eucalyptus; CBD Bath Bomb Romance with Frankincense; CBD Bath Bomb Restore which includes a blend of natural ingredients, and CBD Bath Bomb Relax, also with Lavender.

Each bomb contains 100mg of CBD oil content. CBD Bath Bombs are also available as a multi or 4-pack, making them a perfect gift. The effects of CBD in a bath are reported as extra-rejuvenating. Each 'flavor' includes added natural ingredients plus Epsom salts and the pure broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Pros of the cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs

  • USA grown hemp plant
  • Vegan
  • 0% THC
  • Non-GMO
  • Superior broad spectrum CBD
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Support daily wellness routine


  • Capacity: 50g
  • CBD Strength: 100mg CBD Per Bath Bomb
  • Contains: Broad Spectrum CBD, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Essential Oils and Fragrances, Food Coloring

What's Included (Multiple Options)

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Resist

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Rise

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Rejuvenate

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Romance

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Restore

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Relax

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb 4 Pack (Relax, Romance, Rise, Restore)

1 x cbdMD CBD Bath Bomb Multi Pack (Relax, Romance, Rise, Restore, Resist, Rejuvenate)

More About cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs

As one of the more established brands in the CBD market, cbdMD is a trusted name and one that is proud of its guarantees of quality. Although not permitted to advertise or promote CBD oil as a medicinal product – the FDA has yet to ratify it – the customer testimonies point to these Bath Bombs adding a relaxing element to a bath and being good for the skin.

With 3rd party testing a routine and only using hemp grown under controlled conditions, this product is one that we can recommend you try at a particularly good price indeed.

cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 0
cbdMD CBD Bath Bombs 1

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