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There are four components in all oil vape pens. They are; an atomizer, vaping oil, a cartridge, and a battery. The battery holds the power to transmit it in desired voltage to the atomizer. Technically, it has more functions than a regular lithium-ion battery. It holds the circuit that controls the voltage levels, provides power to vaping device control lights and power the adjustments feature in a device for solid vaping experiences. Battery transmit power to the heating chamber where a coil or ceramic plate is heated. This in turn, vaporizes the oil into vapor. In simplest possible terms, battery of a vaping pen is designed for power storage and its transmission to different parts for efficient functioning.


CBD Vape Pen Batteries

No vaping experience is complete without a CBD Vape Pen Battery by your side. The source of power for your juice tank or atomizer, vape pen batteries come in numerous kinds. These essential battery items are portable and can be fitted with any vape pen. However, some vaporizers require a particular kind of battery but for most the universal 510 threading works just fine. It is important to get a decent battery so that your vape works with reliability and gives great performance.


There are many users who are in the favour of using mobile vaping option. For them, vape batteries play a critical role. These are portable and help get rid of the trouble of seeking a socket to charge their battery. Vaporizers that are battery-powered devices are able to give much vapor and smoke.

There are several kinds of vaporizers available in the market. These vaporizer batteries are rechargeable and are charged through USB charger. Upon full charge they are able to work for around 8 hours. However, there are also some batteries which allow the facility of vaping while the battery charges. If you are into vaping, then you should get your hands on a decent personal vaporizer battery.

Vaporizer batteries are pretty useful. They allow easy combustion that keeps the user safe from toxins. The concentrate, e-liquid of natural herbs are evenly heated in a potent way that is safe too.


The kind of vaporizer battery you use depends upon the performance you want to get out of it. There are sleeker models that are easy to carry and there are slightly bulkier models that have an increased battery life. The storage capacity is not the same in all of them. Vaporizer batteries that promise to provide 1000mA for an hour, have a capacity of 1000mAh. However, the intensity of the pull also controls the power.

Moreover, the wattage and temperature controls are not the same for all the batteries. All have particular battery capacities to heat concentrates. There are numerous vaporizer batteries available in the market today which allows users the facility of adjusting the heat settings.

Other common features available include single-button power control, LCD screens, temperature controls, etc.

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